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  1. ammo1234

    INPT or Response

    That's not the case in all forces, in fact I don't think that's the case in the vast majority of forces. There are response roles, neighbourhood, investigation departments not to mention a wide range of other specialist roles such as intelligence, operations. As for shifts, response do a 24 hours pattern but neighbourhood teams in some places do work into the night as part of their normal shift pattern. As a PC I preferred response, due to the greater variety, pace and more dynamic nature of the role.
  2. ammo1234

    NPPF - Sgt exam, Study materials...

    Police Pass online tutorials are very good, they literally talk you through the legislation and its a good way of learning if you don't do as well absorbing information from reading books.
  3. ammo1234

    How old were you?

    22 when I joined, average of my class was about 26/27
  4. ammo1234

    SC Ranks and Insignia

    Cool, I wasn't aware of that
  5. ammo1234

    West Midlands PC 2015

    Lol! I meant did you find it useful etc, I've been WMP for quite a while!
  6. ammo1234

    SC Ranks and Insignia

    oh ok, I was looking at the ones that say UK rank insignia not the COLP ones , the one with 20300 as the collar number?
  7. ammo1234

    SC Ranks and Insignia

    Sgt's still have their collar numbers below the chevrons .. think the initial epaulette pics have them the wrong way around.. pics look really clear though!
  8. ammo1234

    Statement Writing

    A CPS lawyer I spoke to about this very thing, felt it was pointless putting I am PC/PS .... from ... station etc. They wanted 'This statement is in relation a 'theft matter (insert whatever) at ... that occurred on .... . Basically it meant they knew it was a statement for their job and they then wanted the 5 part statement after that. The same was taught to me in training, that it is just a waste of your time saying who you are etc. Exactly the same with specialist officer statements that tell me about all the gucci training they have in laser guns, in car camera, driving grade, dog handling etc but don't describe the offender or where they recovered property from!
  9. ammo1234

    West Midlands PC 2015

    How was your enrolment evening?
  10. ammo1234

    SC duties throughout WMP

    I think on most LPUs the Specials are being placed under the direction of CAPT supervisors so that they can be deployed as necessary. The ones that come to work shifts with Response, normally have it arranged on an individual shift basis.
  11. ammo1234

    Help (feeling left behind)

    Most definitely the easiest way of doing it. The admin team for your nick/borough will surely be the ones to arrange things like your locker/radio/cs etc. Sort it with them.
  12. I've not known of any special so/do or s/sgts s/insp to be called by their rank by regulars. On the response teams, when a special turns up to work with the team, they are posted to work with a PC and with the exception of the parade where postings are read out -(PC Bloggs with S/Sgt Miggins) everyone just calls them by their first names. Never been an issue with it that I've been aware of.
  13. ammo1234

    Body Armour - How do you get rid of the smell?

    Once you've cleaned it out by wiping out the plates, if the design allows, store the armour daily, so the inside is open to the air. (old west mids one went on over you're head and then velcroed around your waist, so you could turn inside out to store)
  14. ammo1234


    We don't take radios home, bit of a no no..
  15. ammo1234

    Custody Officer Assistant (COA)

    They are not the same as DEOs, they are in some respects like a PCSO is to a PC, same family different role. They are a non confrontational role and there are certain things they are not allowed to do, can't remember what exactly! I know that DEOs can book on and COAs can't but there are some other tasks they don't do too.