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  1. SpecialSpecial

    Come outta the closet, you boys and girls

    Yes i can vouch for that, a very youthful looking 40-year old :lol: Sorry Lee, 28 it is :grin: So can we honestly say that this is the entire Grampian Contingent? 7
  2. SpecialSpecial

    Come outta the closet, you boys and girls

    I refute that! Even with my limited grasp of Francais! I know of the above and: Leemurf45 (intake after me); A Div Shandy (don't know who they are); Very_Special_Andrew (my intake) A Div Come on folks :lol:
  3. SpecialSpecial

    Paying Specials

    Woo - Just got paid my money :grin: Goodbye overdraft :lol: Matt
  4. SpecialSpecial

    Paying Specials

    Sorry but i have to disagree with this, i think it has done exactly what it was designed to do as Whopper said - it increased hours of duty, training, retention and increased the numbers of new specials. The money i get through the scheme will be most welcome, the way i view it is that it may encourage those who have thought about the specials to actually join up. It would be the last little bit of encouragement many needed to send off the application, and i don't see how it could attract the wrong sort of person. Those who put in the effort to make up their required hours must have some sort of drive behind them before they would put themselves forward for the scheme; A £1000 is not going to make someone join just for the money, there are far easier, safer and normal ways of making that sort of money :grin: Matt
  5. SpecialSpecial

    What I Did On Duty

    Rank: Special Constable Length of service: 9 months Location: Grampian - Aberdeen Planned duty hours: 15:00-01:00 14:45 - Arrived at FHQ, booked out CS and radio, got kitted out and caught up on daily info's on the computer. 15:30 - Duty Sgt informs me that i will be doing a constant supervision and that he will try to find a cop who has paperwork to do and take over from me (heard that one before) 22:15 - relieved of my constant supervision by a regular from the nightshift, returned my kit and trudged home feeling totally dejected. :lol: Matt.
  6. SpecialSpecial

    Paying Specials

    Fair enough, i can see what your saying MattD. I agree whole-heartedly with your point to. Matt:scotcop:
  7. SpecialSpecial

    Paying Specials

    I'm a student at the moment and i have to watch every penny i spend so that i can afford to pay my rent in me bedsit,pay the electricity bill, gas bill buy food e.t.c. Admittedly i don't have kids and a wife to support but to say that money isn't a worry or an issue is inaccurate(for me anyway). Sorry that was a bit ! I'm with Grampian as a special and we started a 'Recognition Award Scheme' in April which i signed up to, the money we get next March/April will be a great help. As terri said if we got paid then i would give up my part-job and would be quite happy to be out as much as i could manage. Matt
  8. SpecialSpecial

    Introducing New Members

    My name's Matt, i'm 20 and have been a special with Grampian since Feb of this year and am really enjoying it I get out every week in between my lectures at university and my part-time job, i have an appliaction to become a regular ready to go! Matt.
  9. SpecialSpecial

    Paying Specials

    Grampian Specials get £1000 after gaining 45 points, you get a point for every four hours you are on duty. Some of these hours have to consist of training, community/ anti-social behaviour related tasks and various other bits.