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  1. Southyjd

    MOD Police Recruitment

    Filled it out....still thinking about if to send it or not. Pay is an issue
  2. I just rang BTP and I am starting my application with them...well already in the process of doing it now. Multiple scenarios have delayed it but now with this one final step stopping it I have just had enough. Especially when I know I can do the fitness test easily!! The guy I spoke to at BTP couldn't believe how long its been and just said as long as you pass everything you will be in much quicker than that. All I want to do is start!
  3. Over 2 years now since I first sent in the application (Sep 2011) and all I am waiting for is a fitness test and its being cancelled every time. Meant to be tomorrow and they have now cancelled again and this time until Autumn 2014!! If that's true it would be 3 years! Can I have another application in with another force with this one still going? Im guessing not. On that subject what if it was BTP as they do allow you to have a Home Office app for regulars at the same time. Anyone else waited this long? Losing the will
  4. Southyjd


    Awesome! I am on the January intake and if a space pops up i will start this September instead. How many hours are you doing OJB?
  5. Lots of thinking to do.
  6. Good Afternoon Thank you for your recent application to become a Police Officer with British Transport Police. We appreciate the time, effort and consideration that you have invested in completing your application. However we regret to inform you that following the short listing process, you failed to meet the necessary pass mark to be progressed to our assessment centre stage. The reasons for this may be: Answers not being relevant to the question Answers being too brief or lacking in detailed information about how you were involved in the situation that you described. Lack of evidence regarding appropriate research about BTP Unfortunately due to the volume of applications received we cannot offer individual feedback on applications or the opportunity to appeal this result. We understand that this will be disappointing news for you and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience throughout this campaign. We would welcome further applications from you in the future. You will be eligible to reapply for any future campaigns that have a closing date after 1st October 2013. I would like to wish you success for the future, and thank you for your application with BTP. Kind Regards Recruitment Team British Transport Police Gutted!
  7. Here's hoping, Not heard anything yet either. I want it i want it i want it!!
  8. Southyjd

    SC update

    Did anyone else get an email yesterday about SC intake for this September? I was at the AC early last year.
  9. Here you go http://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php?/topic/136305-btp-pc-recruitment-march-2013-campaign/ Think this is maybe what i was thinking of. Man flu present. Not thinking straight.
  10. I think it has and have been going through all my emails to check but i cant find anything! It could be my mind playing tricks but i swear i saw something about it going down to £19k. Hopefully im wrong. Will keep looking
  11. i know im not too old to apply and my age can be a bonus but where i could be potentially with my career i have to make a decision. In a year or so wage and career ladder will be much different. choices choices
  12. I do. Its different for some people i know but im 28 this year and have been trying for a while now. Having to start to think that im going to have to stop trying and continue in IT and app development.
  13. Still under review.......waiting some more.
  14. Do not think its been said but Nottingham are open.
  15. Southyjd

    how long!?

    I applied to Gloucester in September 2011, Ac was in Feb 2012.....now still waiting after passing AC. loooong time to wait