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  1. mcguire247

    Dealing with idiots

    I had a similar experience during training and managed to get through it all and am now an attested Special. Although this recruit had a really poor attitude I'm about to mention it doesn't sound quite as bad as your one. The recruit I had turned up late most weeks,complained about the standards of which we were expected to adhere to,didn't get round to picking up his uniform for the duration of training,was warned about his conduct and basically alienated himself from the whole class and even trainers we hadn't even met yet had heard about his reputation. The bad news is that he managed to get through it all and attested with us. But to put the icing on the cake he hasn't gone on borough he moved to NZ a week after attestation and he had told us all this only a few weeks into training. My advice is to keep well away from him,sooner or later he'll only alienate himself from his classmates and it won't take long if he carries on with his behaviour to catch the eye of the trainer's who will address the problem and they'll report it too! Good luck
  2. mcguire247

    Total victim care question KEE1

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this already but the reason is is that the Met finished bottom in TVC in the country and the commissioner is full on to improve this. Hence being included in the exam.
  3. mcguire247

    When do they contact references?

    I can concur with that. My personal references haven't been contacted and I'm in Week 10 of training. Also got my work reference only a week before start of training.
  4. mcguire247

    no more CS exposure in training!

    That's a shame. Probably the highlight of my training so far.
  5. mcguire247

    no more CS exposure in training!

    Maybe it's possible to phone someone at Hendon and ask if its ok to drop in on a day they are doing the CS exsposure if you really want to find out what it's like?
  6. mcguire247

    personal licence holder

    I am a personal licence holder working in the nightclub industry and I'm due to start training next month. So you should be ok.
  7. mcguire247

    Recruitment centre

    Oh! Right! That would probably help! Its the Metropolitian Special Constable role. London Met
  8. mcguire247

    Recruitment centre

    Hi all, Recieved an email about training starting in February on the 20th December and was told to respond within 5 working days. So I assumed that the 5th working day would be on 28th. I've been now trying to get in contact with the recruitment people since,all I get is an answerphone. Surely by now they should be back on normal open hours but still can't get through. Anyone in the same boat or know who else i should call? Thanks
  9. mcguire247

    First Entry

    Just looking to do the volunteer role at the minute,two 8 hr shifts a month I think is the norm. And then.... who knows?
  10. mcguire247

    Vetting Concern

    Thanks for the advice. Who is the best person to notify? Would it be HR?
  11. mcguire247

    Vetting Concern

    Thanks Giraffe, I was hoping someone would say that,wasn't sure if I was over reacting. I'll definitley make an enquirie as to why this happened. Also thanks to the other replies very much appreciated.
  12. mcguire247

    Vetting Concern

    I'm in the process of waiting on vetting checks to confirm a start date for the Special Constable training. But something I found out today concerned me a little. Basically staff from the Met rang my place of work to check on some details through my application which was fine,although I wasn't at my workplace at the time and so the staff member at the Met had decided to tell a member of staff (The Caretaker) where I work, that they needed to clear up some details through my Police Special Constable application. So imagine my surprise when the Caretaker at my workplace filled me in with the conversation he had with the caller. I was fully aware that someone might need to get in contact with me at work and obviously I let my boss know that I had applied as a role as a Special and he may get a call regarding this but why did they have to go into details about my application with anyone who was to answer the phone ie the Caretaker, they could've just said that they will try my private number they still could've said they were calling from the Met. I hadn't told anyone at my workplace apart from my boss I was applying as a Special now a few days have passed probably all the staff are talking about me applying behind my back. Would really appreciate any feedback.
  13. mcguire247

    First Entry

    'ello 'ello 'ello there, This is just a quick 'up til now' post to get me on my way in my journey to become a Special Constable. Back in July of last year I saw an advert in the Evening Standard from the met looking to recruit Special Constables. Normally when you get close to the back of the Standard you just brush past the last few pages ,but for some reason the ad grabbed my attention.I never really thought of becoming a police officer I just thought what an amazing opportunity it would be to take on the role of a Special Constable. So went on line and filled out the application and within a few weeks got an invitation to a Day 1 Assesment day on the 23rd September. Studied really hard for the five competencies and felt really prepared for the interview and written test.The day itself was a little daunting especially after passing through the gates and into the massive grounds which is Hendon. A week later i was informed by email that I had passed the written exam but narrowly missed the mark expected for the interview, I was disappointed but determined to brush up on the areas i fell short on and eventualy got a date for another assesment which was the 18th January. After a few weeks of waiting to find out how I did I emailed HR and was told I had passed and a date for Day 2 would be in the near future......woo hoo! Succes! Day 2 for me on the 27th March was less nervy and was more focused on the physical aspect which I was fine with rather then going over in my head what I was going to say regarding life experiences etc...... Passed the medical and fitness test and now just waiting to hear how the vetting is going then hopefully soon on to training to actually become a Police Special Constable.....fingers crossed.
  14. mcguire247

    Day 2 Assesment Tomorrow

    Hi Cleo Day 2 went well for me, I passed the fitness test and my medical seem to go very well so expecting to hear something regarding training by the end of April. Everybody seemed to find the test easy enough apart from one person who had to pull out of the bleep test during the warm up...... You do get tested for lung capacity, and on the what to wear criteria i just wore gym clothes and so did most people. Ray
  15. mcguire247

    Day 2 Assesment Tomorrow

    Hi Cleo, It was quite a while actually,3 weeks after day 1 I decided to email HR who said I passed and will contact me with a day 2 date in the near future. Day 1 was on the 18th January and only got the email for day 2 assesment on the 14th March so thats about 8 weeks. So you should hear something in the next week or two Regards