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  1. Patient

    Handcuff Citiziens Arrest.

    With one click of the cuffs, you hit the ratchet right on the button and lock tightly,,,, but dare you raise that in public!!!! Still true though,,, MoP carrying cuffs??? harumph Not only the county forces, the Met can be very vociferous too
  2. Not so much what I do in my spare time but in my 'dead' time; by dead meaning whilst my wife and son are doing something else. For example, they set off for school at eight, I go to the gym, meet the wife on her return at 9.30 am. I teach for the FA both law and child protection and referee and assess too(loads of writing on the latter), sometimes at night (son goes to bed at 1930) so I dont miss much of him there. Ditto for going to Specials but I do like the 14-2200 shift (with timings, all my ending shift times are ish,,,,). I also work shifts as well, I take TOIL instead of overtime which releases me for police work. Take my leave during the school holidays where I can and get a lovely balance whilst having a full life, keeping fit and helping my community out. Strongly supportive wife helps too.
  3. Patient

    Restricted Occupations

    Trouble is, they are, is this the up to date version? Some common sense appears to be applying nowadays to the benefit of the community.
  4. Patient

    What I Did On Duty

    Cracking night(amongst many others); 1800 on duty with reactive; first call to a serious injury RTC, clear from that and go back to the nick for a cup of tea,,,, one sip and another A grade ABH in a DV situation, woman getting hurt; one into custody after a bit of a tug, the pain on pain off on handcuffs works although the door handle came away in my hand, honest guv. Go to the hospital to finish statement, hear on the radio, colleagues need assistance, 8 miles but we offer up,,,,,,, Blues down to there, very distressed woman, we relieve colleagues who had caught lots of CS. Smelt a bit like my mum's nail varnish, held the DP's hand while we put cuffs to the rear and then found myself with a similar sized skipper who announced, 'backwards, into the van mate', she was a big girl too. Spit hood on and get into the wind to get rid of gas. Had to drive as colleague's eyes were watering a bit. Back to the hospital to finish statements and seize some clothing for a GBH,,,,,,,,,, Back to the nick to bag it all up and do some paperwork, six hours had passed since that sip out of a cup of tea and this time, we will enjoy one. Ten hour shift just flew; happy days, good well motivated people, good jobs done, some nasties taken off the streets, cant wait till the next shift. Be safe.
  5. Patient

    Restricted Occupations

    Not always, I know a colleague who has become a Detention Officer (in a police station) and is still serving as a Special, doing well at both jobs too.
  6. Patient

    PS.com photography club?

    In the gym I sometimes sweat like a Royal Marine doing a spelling test, does that count? Lovely pics mind
  7. Cant dispute that in its simplist form but that was not the original question, if my memory serves it was what was the law regarding civilians and handcuffs. From there we have jumped left right and centre as snippets of information have been released where even a pen may be an offensive weapon; thank goodness some of the people on here arent policing the City of London, their detection rate would soar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for the first two hours until they were required to resign. (nicked someone in Yorkshire for putting a tablet under his tongue, took him in for E by Gum!!!!) sorree Cuffs R Us do a nice line but I digress.
  8. For the Crown to establish why and which has been the main thrust of most arguments and if any solicitor advised his client to cough that one they should look at other careers. However, I think the case rests there with Matt and Matt's comments. Be safe.
  9. A bit clearer now the story has come out, how much easier would that have been if it had been post number one? Still, stimulating debate is good for the body and soul. Straying off topic, was it wise of a member of police staff to consider policing PPE issues when there was a reasonable chance of alcohol (or other mind bending substances) being consumed? Would she have assumed someone carrying a gun was from an ARV and approached them and laughed? Still not convinced that all the facts are presented; wonder if a MOP had complained that the outcome would have been the same. As a professional trainer for 29 years on firearms, tactics and unarmed combat, I would suggest that the possibility of the student not taking in the correct procedures might have had something to do with the broken wrist, there may also have been an issue of not confirming student knowledge too. Pens and a PND for OFWEAP was being slightly tongue in cheek and sarcastic but then I cannot answer for everyone, who knows what pressures people are under? The subject in question was a scenario painted with very few salient facts, only released toward the end which then became clearer. I would have loved to have been in on the interview just to see what really happened.
  10. mmmmmm H&S where? dont remember that from OST nor being told to be very careful with DPs (using minimum force though) as to damage to bones; actually used the cuffs to assist with pain on - pain off to get compliance, would be very grateful for your written guidance on that please. Nothing wrong in law for someone to carry handcuffs. Nightclub door folks carry them with the intention of using them most nights but dont get locked up. By that reckoning a pen can be an offensive weapon, did he get a PND for that to keep the stats up? Typical though, as ever, the whole facts are never given so it is so hard to judge.
  11. Not the business of the police to enforce fashion. He did not need a lawful reason to carry them, no more than carrying a wallet. If he was foolish enough to threaten someone with them then that starts a different thread altogether. I take it that your comment 'the type that can cause serious injury' has been properly documented to the Health and Safety people to evaluate?
  12. It doesnt matter, he doesnt have to say. It is for the Crown to prove any case but as ever, we dont know the full circumstances of this case so there may be more to it.
  13. Patient

    Parking Opposite A Driveway

    Will keep this in the same topic; Up in Stoke at the weekend I parked on a road just down from my daughters house, correctly etc. The guy opposite, whose car was on his drive, just drove it out, double parked and blocked the road, as in just left his car, facing the wrong way alongside mine.
  14. Patient

    Paying Specials

    0I think your idea has much merit and should be investigated, regular officers are frequently outsourced and costs pulled back, the best example is football matches. It would be interesting who and what would turn up though, in my experience, a sniff of loot brings out the strangest of things in people. A good idea that should be staffed up for consideration.
  15. Patient

    Restricted Occupations

    the old fashioned view is that in a time of emergency, a sailor is required elsewhere ie, on a ship, if we have any left of course,,,,,,, (same for fire and used to be nurses too) I suppose a soldier isnt much use down Union Street when they should be in Basra either,,,,,