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  1. That's just not the case, especially in Glasgow. You haven't got a clue.
  2. Milankovitch

    Specials & Tasers

    A firearm isn't PPE for an AFO. Their body armour would be PPE as would eye protection, hearing protection etc.
  3. Milankovitch

    Specials & Tasers

    Given the basic premise of the entire topic is that forces should be obliged to issue a Taser to Specials because it is PPE, it isn't just a semantic argument to waste a bit of time on a Saturday afternoon. It is key to the point being made by Samuel Bache because whether something is considered PPE or not has an impact on the obligations placed upon employers about the provision of such equipment.
  4. Milankovitch

    Specials & Tasers

    The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 don't apply to offensive weapons, that is explicitly stated in the regulations. Forces refer to it as PPE but legally speaking it is not PPE so the same duties are not imposed on them as they would be with PPE. Your body armour would be considered PPE, a baton would not be. A baton, handcuffs etc are covered by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 instead.
  5. Milankovitch

    Specials & Tasers

    No, it isn't PPE.
  6. Milankovitch

    Specials & Tasers

    If your Father is a H&S Executive he'll be able to tell you that offensive weapons cannot be classed as PPE. The thinking behind this is that something designed to hurt somebody else isn't really suitable as PPE. A Taser is not PPE.
  7. Milankovitch

    Attitudes towards Special Constables

    Attitudes to Specials vary massively across Scotland depending on what the legacy force was like. Some forces (D&G, Northern) only gave Specials a very limited amount of training whereas others offered a bit more. I have found that the more Specials can do in an area, the more appreciation there is towards them. In some areas Specials are basically professional corroboration who don't really do much in the way of policing themselves (arrests, submitting reports etc) whereas elsewhere you are expected to get stuck in and do your bit which is infinitely more rewarding in my opinion.
  8. I think they can. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/23/section/6
  9. I've seen plenty of people running in that kind of get up...
  10. Milankovitch

    How did you know you were ready?

    I received a tap on the shoulder one day and next thing I know I'm jumping out of planes, drinking martinis and driving fast cars...
  11. Milankovitch

    October 2014 Photo Competition Voting Topic

    Still time to vote folks!
  12. Milankovitch

    New laws of particular interest

    I'd like to see a drugs dog trying to justify a search. "0952 - Sniffing passengers on the tube during drugs op. Grounds: wanted my tennis ball."
  13. Milankovitch

    Home Office Notebook

    The handwritten notes are kept on the system but the transcribed copy would normally be submitted to the Fiscal. You can also go back and load up the information from a given incident onto the device should you require it for court etc.
  14. Milankovitch

    Home Office Notebook

    Our PDAs don't do any hand writing recognition on them, it is all done when you sync it to a computer. A desktop/workstation has the benefit of a lot more computing power than a mobile phone which generally produces much better results. You still have to proof read what the software thinks you have said but then again if you were typing up the statement you would be doing that anyway. To be honest Radman, I think your mind is made up and no amount of persuasion will work as you are clearly set in your ways. I hope that one day you get the chance to use one of these devices to see if it might change your opinion rather than inventing all sorts of imaginary problems for why you think they won't work.