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  1. Thanks for the responses both, really interesting and helpful. I think I'll still go for it in that case, seeing as there's still over a decade of career potential at the site - plus I've been reading about the local MP pushing hard for new facilities to replace Dungeness B when it retires. Still see it as a bit of a gamble though as there's no other sites in Kent at present. It will be a 1hr drive each way - that's not excessive really is it?
  2. Hello, I'm in the CNC application process (Dungeness) but I've noticed that the site is due to be decommissioned in 2028. I know this is a fair way off at the moment, but what happens to CNC officers there after that point? I want a long-term policing career but don't think I would want to up sticks and leave the county in just over 10 years with all the family upheaval that could entail... Any helps appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. wiggum86

    BTP student PC recruitment - May 2014 campaign

    Pretty sure I read that results will be communicated from 15th June onwards - which is admittedly a little odd, being a Sunday. Hopefully we'll have news soon anyway Anyone know whether the free travel concession covers the high speed service from Kings Cross to Ashford? This would be incredibly helpful
  4. I live in Yorkshire and am very likely to be doing the same thing! Although I have family in London whom I visit regularly anyway, so seeing them twice a month would be a bonus. The training should be ok, saturday+sunday twice a month for 4 months. I also believe from reading posts from a few years ago that BTP specials are entitled to a significant discount on train tickets (80% or so if I recall - can anyone confirm this is still the case?) which makes the travel down more easy to stomach. A big commitment, regardless, however.