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  1. jimmyb03

    June/October Intakes

    Hi David, I am currently in the process of being cleared for June's intake myself. I think we must have been at the fitness test together? any idea as to when you are expected to start? i received an e-mail from the resourcing officer a few days ago stating that he expects me to be in Junes intake. James
  2. Watching the legendary Casino, they don't make them like that anymore!

  3. jimmyb03


    Hi Everyone, I have recently applied to become a special constable, i had my assessment tests (i believe there called PTI's) and passed them at the beginning of the week. I have my interview on Tuesday afternoon and am trying to establish what i should prepare for? as joining is so important to me, i am getting a bit nervous about the interview stage and want to ensure i am fully prepared on what to expect. I would really really appreciate any help or pointers that anyone can give me! thanks in advance, James