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    working out, looking after my 9mnth old baby and working.
  1. Entricity

    current recruitment

    Hi folks, after nearly 2 years since I applied, passed the selection day and then failed on finance check I'm finally going to reapply, good to see that the forum is going strong. Just thought I'd pop up and say hi. Hi folks, after nearly 2 years since I applied, passed the selection day and then failed on finance check I'm finally going to reapply, good to see that the forum is going strong. Just thought I'd pop up and say hi.
  2. Entricity

    Current Recruitment Statuses

    Scottish Police open for recruitment, no end date stated on website
  3. Entricity

    Security Checks

    Hi there, Unfortunatly a request through the freedom of info Act may not do much good in this situation as the fact they were unable to provide you with the info could possibly mean that the info they hold on you could be classed as either highly sensitive or is of a classified nature, there could be a varied amount of reasons to this but i would try them again and ask them for the information. writting this post i don't mean to alarm you or distress you i wrote it with the view to giving my opinon on your situation.
  4. hi all, there has been alot of activity in the cumbria force lately and wondered how people are getting along? weather it be those who have joined full time, have joined as standard specials or those lucky few who have joined through the university course.
  5. I was asked today Does being a social worker bar you from being a special? I had no idea so thought I'd open it up to you guys?
  6. Entricity

    absolutly gutted

    i knew about the debt after getting a debt management service involved, iv since come away from them and am now handling my own payments, however i did not know that there had been a CCJ issued. not sure how HBOS managed to get one without me knowing about it, a couple of years ago when i wanted to find out who i owed cash to i did a check with a credit refrence agency and even that didnt show i had a CCJ, it did show that i had an outstanding debt with halifax credit card tho. was very confused when i got the call from HR.
  7. Entricity

    absolutly gutted

    hi all, had a from HR last week, during my vetting it was discovered that i have an outstanding CCJ, i had no idea about this, however on further investigation apparently the CCJ was served in january 2006 at Northampton, this is a bulk centre where most CCJ's are served. anyhow, after doing some digging around i have now found out that the original debt was sopld on to a management company for which i have been paying off for the past 3 years and only have £500 big ones to clear, iv spoken to HR and they have advisd me that my application can be put on hold for approx 3 months, this they say should help pay the debt off. so the bike been sold and a wage advance applied for, hopefully by next week this debt will have gone away. i wanted some clarification on a perticular peice of law that applies to CCJ, is it true that after 6 years the CCJ is wiped off your credit file therefore becoming statute barred and does this in turn mean that as of January 2012 this will no longer show up on any financial services. if anyone could help this would be much appreciated.
  8. Just a quick update, went to the open day today. Got loads of info from the course tutor, iv now decided that I'm going to apply for the fdsc degree in policing, just sorting my ucas application now. Exciting times, iv been advised by Cumbria police hq that fitness and medical are going to be held in December. Hope all goes well with vetting etc.
  9. Entricity

    Police knifes

    It was just because I saw a thread about extra kit that you could do with when on patrol. I saw something about knifes and wondered if there was any specifics when it came to specials and regs carrying knifes on duty.
  10. Entricity

    Police knifes

    I was just wondering when on duty what specifications do you have to stick to when carrying a knife?
  11. Entricity

    any pass papers for special constable?

    i found 2 books really usefull and i would highly recomend using them as practice guidlines. the first title is " How to become a police officer" and the second was called " how to pass the police initial recruitment test" i got both of these at my local library. you could also use a site called " www.thatquiz.org " this helped me trmendously when it came to working out maths quetions quickly. i can not stress the importyance importance of practicing writing skills. good luck sorry hate nort having spell check on these lol.
  12. Entricity

    september 10th assesment centre

    passed PIRT, found out today am well chuffed, better start getting myself down the gym lol
  13. Entricity

    september 10th assesment centre

    cheers bud, it was a very difficult day and have never been to an interview quite the same as this one. hopefully iv done ok though. will keep people updated once iv found out.
  14. Entricity

    SEBD Childrens Homes

    iv already checked this one out. HR has said that because the title of my job is not on the restricted list im stil allowed to apply as all i really do is Manage young persons negative and disruptive behaviour which on occasions lead to pphysical managements.
  15. Entricity

    september 10th assesment centre

    yeah i have to be at penrith for approx 0930hrs then get transported down to GMP.