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  1. MedicLuke

    Paramedic to PC

    Yes. I was considering keeping a bank contract with my current employer and doing the odd shift when I can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. MedicLuke

    Paramedic to PC

    Hi All I'm considering applying to join the police. I am currently a Paramedic and have worked for the ambulance service for the last 6 years but am now considering a change. Does anyone know of any other paramedics that have done the same and kept their paramedic registration or is it a conflict of interest? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. MedicLuke

    New Driving Licence rule

    I wouldn't say it's being forced. It's ultimately going to be the same as it is now. By not selecting anything before you were basically saying no anyway. You can always change your mind at a later date if you do want to say no for now and give yourself more time to consider it.
  4. MedicLuke

    Need advice?

    I have just started the accelerated course, had my first one last friday and got my next one this friday.
  5. Yeah I've had a read through. I don't think were expected to learn them all but its a head start I suppose

  6. I'm not lreaving at 6 but thats when ive got to get up. I'm getting the train but got to go st. pancras and come back out again on the tube.

    I would drive but I dont even want to risk traffic at that time of the morning. Yeah I got a few shirts the other day aswell, you wearing a tie?

    I'm not sure when we get it, the sooner the better I hope :)

    How ...

  7. Tomorrow it is :)

    I'm really excited for this now. I'm gunna have to be up at 6am to get there in time though at this isn't even one of the early starts!

    Oh well its worth it.

  8. Yeah I can't wait, I'm really looking forward to it.

    I got an email from someone today saying DO NOT FORGET TO ATTEND lol.

    I don't think you need to decide now anyway mate so maybe just see how it goes.

  9. Hello mate! Looking forward to Monday?? I am, and nervous too. Have you prepared at all? I'm still reading through everything!

    I got an email from Enfield today who were my second choice after Barnet but was told they were both full months ago so opted for the OSU, The email from Enfield were welcoming me into there borough!!, not sure what to do now as had be...

  10. MedicLuke

    I feel a bit uneasy after tonight...

    Nothing to worry about you haven't done anything wrong. I suposed it is best to let HR know just in case but I doubt anything will come of it.
  11. MedicLuke

    Civic nuclear constabulary

    Loads of stuff here
  12. MedicLuke

    The worst film ever thread

    The American Biggest waste of life I have ever sat through. It's a film about an assassin who only kills 1 person in the whole film and thats right at the begining! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1440728/
  13. No I haven't had anything yet. I've been having a look through the lesson notes. Looks good.

  14. I'm from Luton.

    Have you had all your paperwork through yet confirming your training dates?

  15. Ah thats good, where abouts in Herts you from?