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  1. Wrighty112

    Cumbria Specials 10th March

    The training has changed in the last few year since I joined, it's a structured approach of class room and observation shifts, followed by on the job training.
  2. Wrighty112

    Cumbria Specials 10th March

    Welcome, I'm currently a serving special based out west Cumbria. Not sure who will be on your intake but on Saturday there will be around 12 specials attending our anunnal Officer Safey Training over the weekend so you will probably bump into us in the canteen. Feel free to pop over for a chat.
  3. Wrighty112

    How many hours do you do?

    I used to be able to commit to 1 or 2 shifts a week. but since changing employment last year im struggling to make it 1 or 2 shifts a month. It was also easier when i was single. hahaha
  4. Wrighty112

    cumbria transferee's

    typical English; cold, wet and windy.
  5. Wrighty112

    cumbria transferee's

    St. Bees is a nice little sea side town not far from Sellafield, but if you after a larger town try Egremont, Workington, Whitehaven
  6. Wrighty112

    Kit collection question

    We got issued a large kit bag, it was bursting and I could hardly close the zip. I was issued everything apart from PAVA, however I had to return my baton, cuffs and leg restraints to the training team until I had completed OST
  7. Wrighty112

    Stab Vest

    febreze for the plates and you can wash the cover in the washing machine.
  8. I stayed at the travel lodge in the centre of Coventry. Its only 15mins away from Ryton and is relatively cheap
  9. Wrighty112

    Job Related Fitness Test

    Yep. 5.4 for both Regs and Special. However for specials is only starting after September this year and is completed as part of the OST refresher.
  10. Wrighty112

    BBC;Cumbria Police rubber bullets found by road

    agreed, no reputable Registered Firearms Dealers will sell you cartridges without you first producing a ticket at the time of the sale, but its not requirement in law.
  11. Wrighty112

    BBC;Cumbria Police rubber bullets found by road

    You wouldn't loose your licence if you leave cartridges about, you don't need a licence to buy them in the first place At least they where handed back in and are now accounted for, I wouldn't want to be that Officer who they where first issued too....
  12. not on this intake, I am waiting for the Specials Conversion Course.
  13. yep its 55% I missed out last time with 54%
  14. Wrighty112

    current recruitment

    for a rough guide line, take a look at my signature.