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  1. Thanks for your excellent post in the 'Beliefs' thread! I can honestly say that I wholly agree with what you have written, and it was very well put.

  2. Godfather

    New iPhone... *drooool*

    What tariff are you on? I am on £45 a month so get the new one for free, but I am going to pay £59 and get the 16 gig one, I don't have much space left on my current 8gig iPhone and with the app store opening I will need some space for some new stuff! Not sure about the white one either, I don't know if that will sell well.
  3. Hope you're enjoying your Sushi mate. Or is it Bagels now?

  4. hi there

    as you took the time to visit me thought id say hi.


  5. 30! 30! My a$$ are you 30...

  6. Loved the changing of the link on that eBay item....very funny!

  7. I did the groundwork for you! :op

  8. Yes he did, and I didn't have to threaten him or anything!

  9. Did Leo get you a panini then?

  10. Godfather

    OK, I'm officially an Apple fan-boy

    Santa got me one for Christmas (though he made me pay for it, tight git) and yes it has its failings but the simplicity and the user interface more than make up for it. The best bit is that it will get better and better, OS update next week (hopefully) will add a few of the missing features that put people off and a few new toys, the SDK will allow developers to make some cool apps for it, and then Apple will go and bring out the next one with a better camera, battery and 3G and we will have to hope we can sell these on eBay for something close to what we paid for them so we can upgrade!
  11. A real trouble maker. Eats unusually large quantities of quorn.

  12. A great guy..with a mind full of knowledge. :-)

  13. Wields a big chopper

  14. A briliant peice of work guv'nor... ;-)

  15. Ca plane pour moi ca plane pour moi

    Ca plane pour moi moi moi moi moi

    Ca plane pour moi


    Ca plane pour moi