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    Fitness test prep

    Hi, there are obviously loads of ways to train. My advice, get some decent music on and start 1km runs on the treadmill at a speed of around 8.4, so a nice light jog. Build up from there over the next few weeks to around 5km distance, which should take you around 30-35 minutes, 3 times a week. If you can do a 5km run, then you will nail the bleep test. I'm 50 years old and can easily hit 5.4 and given the chance got up to the Level 2 Public Order pass mark. I am not built for running by any means - but with a little effort haven't failed it the last 5 times.. Its not the end of the world, but prep for it and it won't be so daunting.. Good luck and get stuck in..
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    Uniform in court

    I attended for the first time (TVP) in MAGs court a few months back, giving evidence in relation to an arrest. Thank goodness I was in full PPE, as the defendant took offense to being found guilty, and stormed towards the prosecutor. Took four of us to bring him under control and drag him, handcuffed from court - where he continued shouting. Long story short - NFA'd for this outburst, but I would always encourage my officers to attend in full kit. The lead magistrate and prosecutor were _extremely_ grateful..
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    Henley Royal Regatta

    Absolutely wicked night at the Regatta, never seen so many people in one place. For public order experience I'd recommend it to anyone. s27's given out like sweeties :-) Best thing of all we were all treated extremely well and all personally thanked by the skipper.
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    Henley Royal Regatta

    You just have to talk to the right person ;-)
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    Eye Spy

    Would have been an interesting scene guard :-)
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    Henley Royal Regatta

    I have the evening serial on Sat, so hopefully not too hot. :new_sweat:
  7. As we now operationally report to the regular supervisors, the initiatives on how best to use us are starting to appear. The one which will may affect us the most is the "Smarter Policing" initiative. It's early days, but my understanding is that across TVP, the LPA's want us out there only when crewed with a reg (either neighbourhood or reactive patrol). This has a lot to do with the standards of specials which are coming onto area. Many of us have worked hard to gain IPS and become drivers and my fear is that we will end up being ride-alongs, not have the opportunity to develop and become disheartened. It's clear something needs to happen and as we are there to support the LPA, it is an expected outcome. After all, it boosts the numbers on reactive and policing nowadays is about KPIs. If you were told that you could not self deploy, and could not routinely crew with another Special, how would it affect your view towards Specialling ? Personally it feels great when myself and my special crewmate boost numbers on the street, and deal with ASB, burglaries and arrests by ourselves - helping out shift. I am open minded about this, as something needs to happen - you have only got to see the monthly reports where a very high percentage of specials are not even doing their 18 hours. But is being absorbed into the reactive shifts really the best thing for us ?
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    Witness or Offender ?

    You come across a male, beaten to hell, conscious, breathing and sitting on the floor. Ambulance already called by one of 4 MOPs standing around and enroute. You ensure victim is looked after and protect the scene. You ask for anyone who witnessed the assault and the 4 MOPs state they were just waiting for the ambulance, do not wish to leave details and walk away whilst you are dealing with scene management. Its also pouring with rain, pitch black at night and victim is becoming combative due to either drink or head injury. Victim cannot speak and does not indicate offender(s). Yes, some of the MOPs could be the actual offenders, but what powers exist for us to obtain witness details from possibly "good samaritans" ?
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    Work hours

    If you get an arrest an hour before hometime, it can easily take another three hours before you are finished. I am luckier than most with time, but I will never finish until my crewmate does.
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    As a new special... what to do

    One of the strengths you must have as a police officer is resilience. When you are new and trying to get out there - and there is no one around, think outside the box and persevere. The only specials in Slough that get out are the ones that keep at it. No one will do your PDP for you. If you are lucky enough to get out with PDU, ask around if anyone else is free. I was supposed to go out for 2 days and ended up out for a whole week. Got a burglar in progress in my first week - CID couldn't believe it was by a PDU special. If you sit back and wait to be looked after, you'll get frustrated and be like so many I know. Good luck, it is worth it. Mouth shut, Eyes open, Brain engaged and look after your crewmate.
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    Hi folks, Been in TVP Specials now 4 months and loved 90% of it. The other 10% revolves around politics and those jobs where you end up standing around alot. Anyway, I do quite alot of hours per month and when shifts are 'Q', I normally try and do some traffic work. I am a very tolerant person and when I stop cars for no ligts or no seatbelt I normally give them words of advice and let them on their way as it doesn't seem to me to be crime of the century. (waiting to be flamed for that :-) ) So my question is, should I lower my tolerance and deal more aggressively with these types of offences ? Having had no training on traffic, I am keen to understand where the line is.
  12. I'd just like to add I also had doubts. Been in now for 3 months, and now working to IPS. Best thing I ever did. Oh, and I'm 45. It's funny when I'm out with younger, 'senior' officers - and the MOPs only want to talk to me. Take advantage of it - that's what I do.
  13. Yep me too. Off to Amersham to meet the team and 2 fellow recruits in June.
  14. I've already made sure there are no stairs at Sully and asked for ground floor accomodation.
  15. Anyone for 20th May finished their pre-work yet ? I've been planning to get onto it for ages, it'll probably be one of those last minute things.