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  1. XA84

    Special Sergeants Exam

    This has pretty much just hit the nail on the head. I get that some people want more responsibility but ultimately it would be a waste for the force as you wouldn't do enough hours to condone the amount of training etc required. A senior section officer is still fairly prestigious at least where I'm based so many people would just aspire to that. Without wishing to sound facetious if you want to have the responsibility of being a sergeant why not just actually become and officer and be a sergeant.
  2. XA84

    Best Pictures Of Police Cars

    Ah like this you mean?
  3. XA84

    Best Pictures Of Police Cars

    I'm a big fan of the Jaguar F-Pace at the minute although we don't yet have it in my force which is a little disappointing. I also love the BMW RT1200 police bikes and it's my dream to one day ride one.
  4. XA84


    Hi guys, I'm hoping you can clarify something for me. If I was to join the CNC and spend 2-3 years in the service and then decided I wanted to move to say a local force. How would that work, would I have to reattend and do probation with that force given I wouldn't be up to date with local laws? Also what would happen with my firearms qualification? Hope you can help! Thanks.
  5. XA84


    As do I however was just checking! Don't shoot me
  6. XA84


    MerseyLLB, just to check are you speaking about Royal Military Police as I'm referring to Ministry Of Defence Police, which is a totally different role? Hope you had a good christmas everyone! Adam
  7. XA84


    Admittedly this post is from 2011 but: http://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php/topic/121350-btp-afo-for-transferees/ "want to transfer to be AFO as suspected they can't fill the internal slots! CNC / MDP will not be considered ( section 2 of info pack )"
  8. XA84


    Cheers guys!
  9. XA84


    Thanks for the clarification chaps. Just a further question, would this also be the same for MDP officers? Just to clarify, I have no intention of doing this I just wanted to know as it's an interesting question. Thanks again.
  10. XA84

    Ministry Of Defence Police

    No problem. Thanks for clarification.
  11. Hi, I'm just wondering why it is Ministry Of Defence Police is not shown under force specific? I note they have now restarted recruitment and it may be beneficial to have a page to it? Thanks
  12. XA84

    Ministry Of Defence Police

    No worries, seems strane given you have the Civil Nuclear Constabulary on there but fair play.
  13. XA84


    Hi Neptune1. Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic insight into the role and what to expect with recruitment. I have recently written to HR regarding applying and I'm hoping to get back an application form. You've certainly helped make my mind up for me! Thanks again mate Adam Adz5765
  14. XA84

    Call handling: typing test

    I'm a call handler with West Yorkshire Police, I guess the best thing to do is relax like everyone has said. As long as you record exactly what is being said and take your time you will be fine. It's just a demonstration of how quickly and accurately you can type. I think I recall making a few little mistakes in mine but still managed to pass. My test consisted of being sat in a room next to a computer, I was read a statement that I had to type. If I got any words wrong then I was marked down a word per minute. If you passed the test then you went on to interview. Any questions I'll try to help as best I can.
  15. XA84

    Fitness and Firearms Assessment

    It's surprising that CNC do that as I know a friend whose currently going through West Yorkshire Police officer training and they were told that they have to beat their fitness levels every week or so to prove they have improved their fitness. Army does the same thing I think. Can't wait, I've just emailed CNC regarding an application form and to find out if they are currently recruiting! Would love to join!
  16. XA84

    Firearms Training

    Hey guys and girls, Long time since I've been here.. I trust you are all well! :new_shades: I saw these videos and it made me think of you guys! For anybody whose lucky enough to get into the regs and are thinking of getting into the firearms unit.. this is what the 10 week training course entails. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fzArxMomQk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXN1uY67L1c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xfxuqpuf54A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqjl0SoHjno It's a four part series around 5-6 minutes long each. Don't worry it's all safe. It was made by an inspector of West Midlands Police to show what it's like. Hope you all enjoy. Adz5765
  17. XA84

    Firearms Training

    As my mug on the end of my desk says "Keep calm and carry on."
  18. XA84

    Firearms Training

    What have I started...!
  19. XA84

    Application process

    If you are referring to the specials, it's advisable to start revising. If it helps, I put together a diary of when I was in the specials, it usually helps people who are thinking of joining as it shows them what to expect. Shameless self-promotion I know but it may help! You can find it here: http://www.policespe...cial-constable/ It's a 3 parter and you can find the other parts to the right of the post. Hope it helps. Adz
  20. XA84

    Firearms Training

    Joe980 - I'm that too for myself.
  21. XA84

    Is it worth it?

    Hi Formatted, I was a special for two years, however had to give it up due to a civilian promotion. If it helps, I put together a diary of when I was in the specials, it usually helps people who are thinking of joining as it shows them what to expect. Shameless self-promotion I know but it may help! You can find it here: http://www.policespecials.com/forum/index.php?/blog/398/entry-1317-diary-of-a-special-constable/ It's a 3 parter and you can find the other parts to the right of the post. Hope it helps. Adz
  22. XA84

    Firearms Training

    The guys draw is so quick, I had to rewind to watch it again.
  23. I wasn't aware you could do dogs, although I know you can do attachments with traffic and such.