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  1. I hope the cuts are directed more in the back office rather than the front line officers. I think TVP are doing a good job on the whole. I'm pleased about the cuts in some ways as my council tax is way to high but that's another story.
  2. Pulpculture

    Two way mirror in a club toilet!

    I think they really mean a one way mirror. A two way mirror would be a sheet of glass. Sad individuals that even thought this was a good idea in a club. Get a life I say.
  3. Pulpculture

    [BBC] Officer arrested over 'pleb' leak

    if people don't think suspicion of misconduct in a public office is massively serious then we have a big problem on our hands. If there is an inkling that people who are there to uphold the the law have misbehaved then of course they should be arrested and investigated.
  4. Pulpculture

    Rude MOP

    Section 5 warning.
  5. Pulpculture

    BBC: Met DCI charged over newspaper links

    I think there is a big can of worms going to open over all these payments to Police. What we are seeing is a tiny part of the tip of the iceberg. There are many ex coppers who make a living as go betweens for this and they make handsome money at it. There are officers who regulary phone the press and get an easy cash kickback. I was talking to a very senior member of the Met a few months ago and he was discussing a really sensitive story and said there was no was this was to get out so he didn't want to go into precise details. It was a situation between a member of a foreign royal family and a mugger. The only other parties involved were the officers that investigated and took statements. Guess what it was in the paper which means someone had reported the story to the press within no more than an hour or two. Who reported it to the press - your guess is as good as mine.
  6. Pulpculture


    Hi I would like to report a real theft. I had a load of medals on this forum in my profile and they have all gone. Someone has taken them. Medals can have a large resale value so keep your eyes peeled please. Just logged on to get my 10 year service medal to this website and someone's nicked my others. Tsk. Roger and out.
  7. I bet it's easier than we think. I bet it was a std conf call using BT type phonelines. All they would have to do is intercept the email between the officers saying what phone number to dial into and they could dial in as well and listen / record.
  8. Yeah you're right and thank you for pointing that out. Prison should be about rehabilitation not retribution. I have +1 your post.
  9. Pulpculture

    Drug Dealer Escapes From Hospital

    It depends in the individuals training. If it was a special who had been in a few weeks - it might not the best idea. It also depends on what else was going on in the region at the time - if there were some serious incidents going on at the time he might have been the correct person for the hospital trip. When I used to be on duty I would often be explaining certain laws to newly recruited PC's - it's about the individual not the role.
  10. "Passing sentence, Judge Simon Wilkinson asked the dock officer to make sure O’Donoghue was properly protected in Holloway Prison, north London" I'm sure the other inmates will look after her just fine.
  11. Like a few people have already said - without the courts taking action this is a waste of time. In fact it serves to make the whole justice system appear weak to the culprits. If all they get is a policeman giving them a hard time and at worst an arrest - and nothing more then it won't make them curb their ways. They need to be made to take account of their actions in court and given a suitable punishment (community service, working in the community or made to live in Swansea or somewhere like that.)
  12. Pulpculture

    Occupy London

    He should have brought his mum then
  13. Pulpculture

    Teen who stabbed Croydon cop has sentenced overturned

    I read it he has had his sentience reduced to 12 years inside. I think that is about right for the offences (in relation to other sentences that get issued in courts.) He would have got less for manslaughter. Sounds ok to me.
  14. Clearly the force feel he drove at a level lower than expected for him (to the point they felt he was a danger) - That's enough for me. He now has to prove his innocence. To those here who think a Police officer tonking through villages and putting peoples lives at risk is OK just because he is pursuing someone are deluded. What if your child had been crossing the street and the officer killed them - for what? a burglar that will probably get a couple of months in prison on a good day. It isn't worth it. Drive as you are trained and follow the rules.
  15. Pulpculture

    Teen who stabbed Croydon cop has sentenced overturned

    Sounds like a troubled individual.