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  1. Soliloquy

    Young Specials

    I started as a just turned 19 year old, having applied when I turned 18. I think it is better to be older when you join the job proper, i.e. as a regular. I became a PC at 23 and I was so much more mature and had better life experience!
  2. Soliloquy

    Drink driver goes home for a tipple

    Studied this exact scenario during my LL.B. course. A few people tried the 'hip-flask defence' after the RTA 1988 that the courts decided to place a reverse burden of proof upon the driver to prove that the alcohol they were claiming to have consumed post-driving/RTC had created the level in their body at the time of the EBM, which is incredibly difficult to evidence 'on the balance of probabilities' (as it's only a reverse burden of proof) and most are convicted. You may or may not find this useful; http://www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/advice-and-information/foi/fpp/document-library/02511.pdf
  3. Soliloquy

    MSC L2 PO Medic?

    It's difficult enough to get on the L2 PO medics course as a PC let alone MSC. It's the second hardest category of fitness required (after SFO/certain Surveillance roles/CP) Something similar to level 10 on the bleep and a deadlift of your own body weight I believe. If you can get it, it's a golden ticket for overtime as there aren't that many in the Met. It's a two week course. First week of phys and PO tactics mainly and second week is assessments on your medical stuff. I have a colleague who did it as a PC and had to buy the same textbook as Paramedic students and did a fair bit of pre-reading and revision for the course. You get trained to the highest level of first aid in the Met I believe, akin to ARVs so can apply tourniquets etc.
  4. Soliloquy

    PC training

    They call you and ask that if there were drop outs from the October intake before it starts, would you be able to join with minimal notice etc. Then you're technically a reserve. I had the same for March but never got in for it and started in May.
  5. Soliloquy

    Statement/MG11 best practice?

    Something I did when was on response full-time, I used to ask if I could read my colleague's statement. I always did this after writing my own notes for credibility of the evidence (despite technically being allowed to confer). It really does help. I find that statements usually have almost a proforma feel to them (for arrest notes anyway). Once you've learned to put the above into every arrest statement, the skill comes in evidencing your actions or omissions. I always consider the points to prove of the offence arrested for as well as any other potential offences and address any evidence I have towards these. For example, I arrested a male in a public order situation which was captured on CCTV for assault police. There were other offenders present that we just couldn't deal with at the time. I considered further offences to which my notes may be relevant, such as affray/violent disorder and sought to address the points to prove by evidencing the numbers, their apparent intentions of violence towards property/persons and the fact that they were either acting jointly or at least unified in their efforts etc. I always try to record as much relevant information as I can recall such as the persons tone of voice, whether they paused before answering and questions, whether they repeated the question back to me, their body language and if they appeared nervous etc.
  6. Think it's being tested this evening at NSY from MSCOnline duties.
  7. This window has no competency sift, i.e. you need not demonstrate a satisfactory example for Operational Effectiveness/Organisational Influence/Resource Management in line with the Constable Performance Framework, as per previous application windows.
  8. Soliloquy

    Contact Centre Agent - Assessment Day 1

    Inbox me if you want some tips
  9. Soliloquy

    Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    Fire drop keys are fantastic, as are plastic lock slips sold here. Obviously you still need to justify the use, but if it's a neighbour not seen for days type incident, they're a lot more grateful when you've only slipped the lock to find them fast asleep in bed, rather than having enforced their front door. Another tip is when you are area searching for a vehicle and see a similar one parked up, always worth getting out and putting the back of your hand to the bonnet/air vents/tyres to see if the vehicle parked has been moving. Allows you to quickly dismiss possibles and I know it's quite obvious when someone says it but the first time I saw it I thought it was genius. Another thing is when you spot someone who looks aware of your presence always follow their hands. It's usually an indicator of where whatever they have on them will be. It's the natural reaction to think "Damn, is my knife/drugs/stolen property still in my back pocket?" and reach straight for it. It could also form part of your grounds as it's potential concealment etc. Also, a small selection of specific tools can be useful. I have a ResQMe window punch/belt cutter in my kit bag for any serious RTCs, a small pry bar as there's never a guarantee of a hooley bar for outward opening doors and also a small set of car interior pry tools. Quite a common MO for those involved in PWITS where I police is to conceal their stash in the car interior. With pry tools you can remove bits of interior quite easily (obviously you need to justify this as being necessary and proportionate but screwdriver marks to a loose piece of interior will usually suffice). Also, if there is a decent amount of them in the first aid stock cupboard, get a proper CPR mask for your kit bag. When you're towards a CPR job, it's an instant relief knowing you've definitely got the right kit.
  10. Soliloquy

    Personal Tricks, Tips, and Rituals

    You're much less likely to notice the first layer has broken though as it'll still be blue/purple.
  11. Soliloquy

    Need for Business Insurance for Specials

    When I took out my policy it gave me the option to say I would be using the vehicle for commuting. It didn't ask how many places of work this was to or for how many employers. Fairly sure I would be covered as long as I am commuting to a regular place of work.
  12. Soliloquy

    Time to resign?

    I have always completed my hours quite inconsistently throughout several years of service and I am yet to be challenged about my monthly hours.
  13. Fairly sure most police services acid test their own security by getting their surveillance trained officers from other districts to try and sneak into police stations. I do challenge people out of uniform and without ID who I don't recognise and I've had the 'don't you know who I am?' type response before several times which I think it counter-productive and actually puts most people off of challenging.
  14. http://www.thehut.com/electronics/camcorders/veho-muvi-pro-micro-dv-camcorder-including-4gb-micro-sd/10967961.html?utm_source=googleprod&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=gp_technology&affil=thggpsad&switchcurrency=GBP&shippingcountry=GB&gclid=CPifoI-WvsQCFTHLtAodvG8A6Q&gclsrc=aw.ds Don't appear to be anything designed for Law Enforcement either, just a cheap clip on camera. Interesting.
  15. Soliloquy

    Carrying Firearm British Army

    Or when the DS think it's a good idea to set up the pyro for a duff IEDs the day before the final ex so people like me get pinged to sit in the wet all night, stagging on, to make sure a dog walker didn't get more than they bargained for.