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    RAYNET, Gardening, anything to do with Saabs, collecting Denby

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    ex TVP, hoping for BTP
  1. OldGirl

    Want to be a regular BTP officer?

    1500 Oh blimey!! As they say "Keep Calm & Carry On"
  2. OldGirl


    I love your avatar! I'm as my name suggests, an old girl in her 40s. I will be contracting at BAe, so long hours... When you say quiet, do you mean that there's not much crime, or do you mean there's no crime?
  3. OldGirl

    Want to be a regular BTP officer?

    I just hope I am not too old...42 Application pack requested (just in case I can apply)
  4. OldGirl


    Hi All, I am about to start a contract in Barrow and will have to find temp digs in the area. I live in Berkshire, and don't know the area at all! Please can you give me an idea of which areas I should avoid, and which ones are safe? I noticed that the majority of property is terraced, so are there problems with on street parking, TFMV etc? Thanks All
  5. Front 242, excellent band! Gotta love a bit of EBM :D

  6. I'm still waiting to hear.... how about anyone else who has applied? Any news peeps??
  7. I'll get off the dole soon - I'm far to bloody minded to give up with looking for work. Same goes with BTP, I'm hell bent on joining - and I know only too well what the job entails, but someone's got to do it!

  8. OldGirl

    The Chief and his warrant card

    I worked in a hospital and one of their lifts could only be used by swipe cards (your NHS ID badge) Needless to say the lift really did work with the local authority's library card.... On another NHS security note, I left the NHS some 5 years ago. When I worked there I worked in HR, so was given the highest level of swipe card access (even to the maternity areas) My card still works...! At least I know that I'm not going to abuse my card (it came in handy when my Mum was in hospital. Entrance to her ward was via an intercom to the nurses, who were too busy to answer, so I let myself in.)
  9. read your comment i do see your point so i wish you the best of luck and get a job with the BTP and get away from them nasty people at the job centre.

  10. OldGirl

    Thieves quit crime to claim benefits..

    It's very annoying for me, as I am claiming job seekers (yes I really am out of work and desperate to back into work) I get treated like a scrounging ex-con by the staff at the jobcentre. They think I'm taking the mickey when I show them how many jobs I have applied for (they only ask that I look for 3 jobs a week and I do more than that every hour!) I'm told that they can help me by sending me on some courses which will, according to them, help me get back into work, they are; English lessons (I managed to get a 2:1 degree thanks, but no thanks) Maths lessons (my Degree subject thanks, but no thanks) Help with writing my CV (please! I'm becoming insulted) Lessons on how to use a computer (now I am insulted) None are of any value to me, and are a complete and utter waste of tax payers money, but I am told I will have my benefits stopped if I don't attend!!! I get £62 a week. I'm not entitled to any more because I am not on drugs/drink, or just got out from prison So I feel very aggrieved by news stories such as this one.
  11. OldGirl

    The Chief and his warrant card

    I'm not sure whether this is relevant (or even true) but I don't think that the CC can arrest on suspicion, so in effect they can only arrest with more or less the same powers of a citizen arrest. This, if it is true, might be because they don't have a warrant card? I wouldn't be too surprised if I'm talking rubbish!! Maybe someone can confirm?
  12. Do you think I stand a chance of getting through the shuttle run?
  13. OldGirl

    Ice Cream Van Regulations

    Mwuhaha - you're an evil Dad - mwuhaha!
  14. OldGirl

    Ice Cream Van Regulations

    Makes my wonder how these guys can make enough money to drive around all day come rain or shine, I never see anyone buy any ice cream from them. Perhaps they're all selling drugs!?