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  1. fatboytim

    oooooh no

    My worst moment happened this weekend (Friday night/ Saturday morning). Call of break in progress in small village about 3 miles from where we were, said we would respond to it (myself and another special). Window had been put in, in this house, one arrested by other officers who by know had arrived. Did area search of area for any car he might have used to get to the village, all cars in area frozen up due to it being so cold apart from one so put it thru PNC,came back as stolen.Control room arranged recovery, told about 30 minutes,20 minutes later a grade one response call to same village came in, another break in progress, so as all the other officers had returned to town i said we would attend. 10 minutes later after not finding anything at the break in progress we returned to the stolen car to await recovery,turned into the street, no stolen car in sight, just about to contact control room to get them to check with the recovery firm to see if they had been and gone when their truck turned into the street. (you can imagine whats by now going thru my mind and you won`t be far of it). It turned out that there were two involved in the first break and one had got away then made the second call as he knew we would respond to the call,waited till we had gone and pinched the car again. Good news on Saturday night when we went back on duty that he been lifted in the same car during the day still driving round in it.. got abit of ribbing from officers but they all said they would have left it as we did (made us feel a bit better but still felt gutted that we had fell for it)
  2. fatboytim

    Paying Specials

    " £60 boot allowance", blimey you lot are well off we get £30, and there has been times people have had to remind the admin dept
  3. fatboytim

    "Ask the trades" Section

    Fork truck driver for UK,s number 1 breakfast cereal manufacturer. :grin: