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Big Mac

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    Policing<br />cycling<br />nice red red wine<br />cooking and eating - oh, OK, mainly eating<br />guitar based rock and pop - 60s, punk (my heyday), Oasis, Blur to the arctics and the Kaiser chiefs, oh and the brilliant blinding Bluetones<br />keeping on top of 4 kids (most of them now bigger and stronger than me, so requires use of full tactical knowledge - get those pressure points in!)

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  1. Big Mac

    New Years Honours 2014

  2. Big Mac


    They certainly can ... and will - and you will need, to know it, mate. It's actually COPPLAN ID. Which is mneumonic for remembering the necessity criteria: C hild or vulnerable person, to protect against the offender O bstruction of the highway, prevent P revent injury to offender or others P ublic decency – prevent offences against L oss or damage to property - prevent A ddress not known or doubted N ame not known or doubted I nvestigation – necessary for effective and prompt investigation of the offence D isappearance – belief that the offender will hinder the prosecution by not appearing at court or otherwise ‘disappearing’
  3. Big Mac

    Car Insurance For Specials

    SDP use for your main job only covers you for commuting to your main/usual place of employment. If you sometimes travel to a second site, even if straight from home, that would not normally be covered under SDP only policy terms. On the same basis, travelling to a second 'employment' is not usually covered either. The cover sought is simply to allow you to drive to work not to discharge the dutis of a special whilst driving...
  4. Big Mac

    travel expenses

    Travel expenses can be reimbursed, but only after attestation, when you submit a claim through division. Normally, taxi fares would not be reimbursed, however, so it would be worth your talking to your trainers and your class (can you share a lift with someone?) and your DTO to see whether you can come to some agreement in advance.
  5. That's no problem good sir :)

    Happy Birthday once again :D

  6. Big Mac

    Road Policing Units

    When I first joined (6 years ago), traffic was integrated with response. When two divisions combined to form one, traffic once again became a separate RPU and moved to the other nick. Response has now moved there too. I do miss the occasional and arbitrary opportunity to work in a traffic unit just when it happened to suit the response team. I know I learned a lot from a couple of traffic officers in particular, which I put to routine use - especially how consistently someone will lie to you about identity, etc. and how to confront and deal with that. I could certainly do with knowing more about specific traffic stuff (more involved construction and use offences, dealing with RTCs etc), but what I miss most is the way in which relatively minor traffic stops lead you to other things with a bit of digging about the occupants... I'd welcome the opportunity (which is there in our division, provided there is an action plan to make the case) for a short attachment, but I'm not sure how welcome this would be to the RPU - my guess is that it might mean someone going ouyt single crewed who'd otherwise be out with another traffic bobby.
  7. Big Mac

    Uniform Tax Rebates

    Not sure how this can apply to specials: can we have an allowance against income if we don't receive income for police 'employment'? Plus, whilst I work at least 50 hours a month, I wash my uniform much less than a regular, proportionate to the number of duties I perform.
  8. Big Mac


    Hello, I'm Al, and I work at Chapeltown - oops, Stainbeck - police station in the newly formed North East Leeds division.
  9. Big Mac

    Paying Specials

    W. Yorks specials have just been informed - to squash rumours circulating to the contrary - that there are NO plans to introduce payment of specials in the near future. The circular e-mail wasn't clear what, if any, deliberation had gone on, but frew attention to the difficulties of effecting proper payment.