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  1. elloelloello

    Living the dream

    Last year, I recognised a chap in a city park as I walked passed him. I spoke to him casually while I descretely called for assistance. When they arrived I wasted no time as I placed him in handcuffs and uttered the words "I'm arresting for the murder of xxx on xxx...etc". many months later he was convicted and sent to prison for murder. Another was recent. I was dealing with a chappy at the road-side one evening for minor stuff when a car approached and roared off at such speed, my crew partner (another SC) and I jumped in the marked car. Hitting the blue lights and siren as I drove off after him was a real 'I love what I do' moment These times have certainly been living a much bigger dream than I ever expected when I joined 3 years ago!
  2. Lewes Police HQ for DLO meeting

  3. elloelloello

    Brighton & Hove Specials

    Hi All, A few months back I was appointed the DLO (District/Divisional Liaison Officer) of Brighton & Hove Special Constabulary I would just like to introduce myself on here and for those joining Sussex Police, a brief description of my role as the DLO Firstly though; My Name is Michael Thorn, but everyone (and I mean pretty much everyone) calls me Alan! Confused? Not half as much as I am! I am a Special Constable, I joined in 2009 and went through the initial training at Slaugham Manor, went on to Brighton PDU and found myself at NPT in John Street Police Station in central Brighton. My role as DLO is not an authoritative one, Im just just like yourself except that I probably have more emails to reply to. I will happily answer any questions you have about coming to the Brighton Division or if you are already here... any question you can think of about PDU/Section/Training/Duty etc. Of course, now and again not everything is as plain sailing as we would like, again I'm here (and at the end of a phone) to speak to about anything and in confidence. Thats not to say that you shouldn't speak to your line supervisors/sergeants about problems or issues, but sometimes it good to speak with another Special that has been through the same process as yourself and that know the appropriate people; particularly when you start out, some people feel intimidated to speak higher ranking officers about certain subjects. Myself, SC Dan Soderholm (Deputy DLO) and SC Gary Foster (Deputy DLO) usually try to come to Slaugham near the start of initial training to say hi in person. This is great as it gives us an opportunity to tell you what it is really like serving as a Special serving in Brighton and what you can expect (most people are very surprised at how involved you will be). You may see us about a few times during the course (particularly near the smoking area). Dan usually operates the radio during scenario day (at the end of the course) and I often act as a 'baddy' in the scenarios We have our own official force Facebook page too 'Brighton Specials' Over the coming months we will be holding meetings that all Specials are invited to. They will be held in Brighton and act as an open forum and gives me opportunity to feedback to the Specials Review (the Special Constabulary is currently being reviewed to see how things can be improved). Its also a good opportunity to meet colleagues. For Specials that have gained their IP (independent Patrol) status, we will also be holding a workshop where a guest PC/Sgt will help brush-up on topics and legislation and FPNs. Any questions or if you just want to make contact; post here or email my force account michael.thorn@sussex.pnn.police.uk or alan.thorn@brighton.specials.sc which I can access from outside the force computers. Alan/Michael Thorn Brighton & Hove DLO
  4. Hi to all of you that I met last Sunday (27th March 2011) who were having their 'Scenario' day. I was Radio controller for teams 'Tango Romeo 08 to Tango Romeo 13' Was great to see so many eager faces. I must confess, It was a learning curve for me, I've never been a controller before! On one hand, my radio 'speak' may not have been technically correct, but then on the other, it really isn't in the real world either. There were a few people that were excellent. I apologise to a few people that asked me to read back some details to them..... I couldn't, as I wasn't taking any notes!.... Basically I was making up a number of PNC results up (I was wondering around the grounds of Slougham Manor with the other radio controller as it was such a nice day! As the day progressed everyone got much better. For most (including me) it takes a bit of nerve to talk over the air for the first time knowing everyone is listening in. A couple of pointers for any other intakes on their scenario day (Sussex, not sure for other forces): Now bear in mind, this isn't official, The following are just my pointers and I have only been doing this for just over a year which in the grand scheme of things isn't long at all.... The key thing you are told is 'ABC' (Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity) which pretty much everyone was good at. I would keep in mind that during the scenario day A/ almost everyone is new at this and B/ the radio controller is human too, so if you cant remember the correct 'speak' just say it as it is! Write your call-sign in your PNB (You should do this anyways), Quite a few people didn't know and had a bit of a guess resulting in all sorts of random call signs, but I managed to make out what they meant in most cases. If you are asked "Stand by" or "stand by, unless urgent" then don't speak until you are spoken to again... unless of course it is urgent. Most people ignored this request. Usually controllers have to log in to other systems for PNC, address checks etc, or are in the middle of resourcing a 'job' which means they cant do anything until they are ready. Listen out for your call sign. This is actually harder than it sounds as you get engrossed in job and it takes while to naturally have one ear on the radio and the other on whats going on around you. This actually comes in time. Quite a few times I tried calling units that didn't respond (particularly where they had requested an ambulance and I was calling back for further details/updates). The best goes to Tango Romeo 09. It went something like (again Scenario Number was used in place of a 'serial' number): TR09: "Tango Romeo Zero Nine to Tango Oscar" TO : "Tango Romeo Zero Nine, go ahead" TR09 : "Can you show us en-route to scenario six, over" TO: "Certainly Zero Nine" TR09: "Do you have any further information for me?" TO: "Standy by, I will have a look for you" TO: "Zero Nine, There is intelligence that suggests that the suspects have been involved in the supply of drugs from a vehicle" TR09 "Thank you" TO: "Can you provide an early update please" (This is so the controller can asses if other units need to attend if the situation is volatile) TR09 "Yes Yes" TR09 "On scene" TO: "Tango Oscar to Tango Romeo Zero Nine" TR09 : "Tango Romeo Zero Nine, Go Ahead" TO: "I have further information for you, The suspect are known for weapons and concealment of weapons in a vehicle". TR09 : "Received, We have three in custody can you arrange a Van please" TO: "Yes Yes, Stand by" TO: "I have resourced three vans for you, they will be with you shortly, I have requested them on the 'hurry up'" TR09 : "Received, Thank you" What I thought was great was that 09 asked for further information so they could prepare for when they get there (it meant I had to dig out my notes and actually read something from that scenario). Not many done this. Ok, technically speaking there was a lack of 'Over's, no early update etc etc, but the ABC was there in bucket loads and is more 'real world'. One thing that most people didn't understand is 'So far?' This is used when passing larger chunks of information. The reason being is that usually one party has to write what they are being told into their PNB/Computer. Blabbing out an r/o (Registered Owner) of a motor vehicle and their address and the make, model which is usually too much for people to remember when writing it down, or the officer going on about what has happened that would take even the most nimble fingered typist half an hour to type. So, we break it in to chunks, a bit like: Controller : "The r/o is a mr ben Jakeson, last name Juliet, Alpha, Kilo, Echo, Sierra, Oscar, November, So Far?".... You : (After writing it down) "So Far!" Controller : "Address.... 123 New Road...." etc etc Also... Remember that : If you don't have full details for a PNC check, you can ask for one with 'partial' details, if missing date of birth you could estimate an approximate age, or last name with similar spelling etc etc, If you have the address, you can ask for an address check. Another thing: Ask the suspect/offender if they have been in trouble with the police before... strangely most people are honest about this! If they say they have and the controller cant find any details, it is quite likely you don't have the correct details! or... if they so 'no they havnt' and the PNC check comes back with previous history, then you know they are not being straight with you! You can also ask if there is any previous history on an address (usually when dealing with violence or specifics relating to the job you are attending). There are a number of things that you can ask for, most controllers are obliging (finding out telephone numbers for departments or informants, checking details/systems further etc), but in most cases it wont be offered to you if you don't ask! One thing I though odd was that, in the real world, after a PNC check where there is details on the subject, you need to ask for the PNCID (and write it in your PNB, you may need it later). We didn't do this on the day, not sure I was supposed to just give it out! oops! Anyways, was good to meet everyone and good luck, hope you have a great time out there on section/PDU!
  5. Duty 10am to 4pm. Patrol plus meeting with council about graffiti reduction initiative #Brighton. #suspol #police

  6. Joining lates team. Briefing in a min. #Brighton #police

  7. elloelloello

    just a quickie.... (update that is)

    wow, has it really been a few months since my last post? What have I been up to I hear you ask? (or maybe not). Well, not much other than the usual stuff, going to work, selling the house and the inevitable house-hunting that goes with it. Duty has been a bit of a mixed bag. I spent 8 days assisting with the training of the explosives dogs (not dogs that explode, that would be messy, but the cheeky pups that are starting their career with Sussex (and other forces) police sniffing out various explosive materials. Quite an interesting experience and very impressive how eager the dogs are and how quickly they learn. For obvious reasons cant really say much more about the whole affair but if you ever get the chance to get involved in such activities, I would strongly recommend it! Spent a bit of time covering officers days-off on response over the past few months. Always nice to respond to offences I wouldn't normally get involved with on NPT (mainly domestic violence on a weekend). Last Saturday I started off attached to two operations (flip-flopping between them accordingly) but as the night went on my crew partners got pick-off one by one until it was just myself driving around in the prison van. The last three hours where crazy and ended assisting response, I think I hit a personal record for the amount of jobs attended within about 90 minutes. "Charlie xxx, can you break for a .....", "thanks for the result, are you free for a.....", "Any officers available for assistance shout...." "can you break to attend.." One look up at the dark night sky and it all become obvious.... a big fat full moon! Now this isn't a complaint, I actually love it when its busy like that, keeps the adrenalin going, however.... I stood down much later than my previously estimated lateness (my own fault for taking what seemed like a simple transport job) and on my walk home (my partner was meant to give me a lift as we were supposed to finish at midnight.... he did, I did somewhat much later), face flat down in the middle of a road in a residential area was an 18 year slightly worse for wear and quite a bit of road-rash around her chops. Quick call over the radio and there i was assisting the poor soul while she targeted my boots with her incessant vomiting. Waiting for what seemed like ages (any small amount of time seems ages when you are dodging vomit) the ambulance arrived, stood down after passing her details I had managed to prise out of her. And eventually home to face the 'where the hell have you been' glares emitted from the love-of-my-life This Sunday I've been ask to help with the new Specials senario day by helping operate radio control.... I guess this means I had better brush up on 'correct' radio speak!
  8. Training topics covered today were IED's (explosives), #autism and #policing, refresher on personal safety. On duty Thursday #Brighton #police.

  9. Have been learning about Autism and policing #police #Brighton

  10. Training today 0900 to 1530 hours. Safety phase 2. Lewes HQ.

  11. Standing down. Heading home.

  12. Staffing up Op Marble since 2230 hours (west street #Brighton) #police

  13. Been on foot patrol #Brighton centre Generally Q. Attended fight at bar, stood down as officers dealt. Heading out in van shortly #Brighton

  14. Stopped 2 vehicles. VDRS ticket issued for defective lights. Ejected drunk male from #Brighton hotel. #police

  15. On duty this afternoon/evening from 1500 to 0000 hours.