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  1. Aruba

    Explaining you're a Special

    I've tried pretty much every explanation going. I think the best one I've found is the Territorial Army Comparison....just without any pay!! I also get the PCSO bit and probably the funniest response I've heard to that is "try running from a PCSO when they tell you to stop.....then try running from me.......you'll soon find out the difference!!" :-) Same with me!! Does make you feel good!!
  2. Aruba


    As a general rule of thumb (or hat), particularly in GlosPol areas, the custodian is worn when on foot patrol. I think you will find that most shift sergeants will insist on you wearing it when on foot patrol as it's part of your ppe, and whilst it may look a little silly (although you do get used to it) it does protect your head; whereas the flat cap offers little or no protection. I personally do not wear the flattie unless I have to as I find it uncomfortable. Most of my shifts are in vehicles as I'm based in the Forest but when I do the occasional foot patrol in the city I always wear my Custodian (as do the other officers on foot) Hope that answers your question a little!!
  3. Aruba

    Vetting (Appealing?)

    Guys it may also be worth mentioning that it isn't (in my experience) the actual police force who do the vetting. The applications are sent to organisations (it differs depending on the area) who specialise in carrying out vetting of all kinds. As far as I'm aware the police have a relatively low vetting standard compared to such places as Nuclear Powerstations or Government Offices. However, reiterating what has already been said...it is always worth appealing as you may find its something fairly minor which can be overcome. And even if it isn't, you won't know unless you try!! Good Luck!!
  4. is looking forward to training on Saturday!!

  5. Aruba

    Do women find police uniform sexy?

    My wife found the uniform sexy until I donned the good old Custodian Helmet. Needless to say the attraction then turned to fits of hysteria!! By the way has anyone ever had the experience of a pregnant woman being caught short and asking to use it....apparently one of those strange English Laws of the past!!