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Mike Tango

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    I will try anything once.<br /><br /><br />And some things twice.

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  1. Mike Tango

    Update again! argh!

    I believe you can claim the miles from the county boundary. Best check the details with recruitment.
  2. Mike Tango

    Leasing a Car vs Finance Ownership

    Don't go by the quoted price. It's a buyers (or leasee's!!) market. I haggled and got a higher spec car for 10% less money than they were advertising. There's always a deal to be had, because they know you can just as easily go elsewhere.
  3. Mike Tango

    Arresting members of your own family?

    Get someone else to do it. The defence solicitor is bound to play the "family grudge" card to question your actions.
  4. Mike Tango

    Boy saves collapsed mother by calling 999

    I'm sure they got there as quickly as they could
  5. Mike Tango

    2 cops - 8 aggressive males? Turns nasty.

    Crikey, 2 additional? I have been me and a colleague vs. 40 youths and the double crewed backup coming 15 miles from the neighbouring sector that was running was diverted to a "suspicious vehicle" in the opposite direction!! :D We corrected the control room's misunderstanding of the situation.... I had to arrest someone for an assault right in front of me, once the DP was cuffed the victim got up and started trying to fight both of us! It took an hour to get enough officers to calm it all down. In the meantime the first two police vehicles there were put out of service by two prisoners. We didn't withdraw, but it did cross my mind. Much as I appreciated the Ch. Supt's note of good work, it wouldn't have been much use hanging above a hospital bed.
  6. Mike Tango

    Protection Officer Investigated

    One for the "out of context" thread!! Brings a new meaning to "always use protection" Wouldn't be surprised to see him make a comeback, maybe even as party leader, once he gets past this situation.
  7. Alan Johnson protection officer faces investigation A policeman who protected Alan Johnson has been referred to Scotland Yard's standards directorate after newspaper reports he had an affair with his wife. It follows the Labour MP's shock resignation "for personal reasons" as shadow chancellor on Thursday. Scotland Yard would say only that "certain matters" regarding the policeman had been referred to its directorate of professional standards. Mr Johnson has been replaced in Labour's shadow cabinet by Ed Balls. It is understood the policeman was assigned to protect Mr Johnson and his wife when he was home secretary. A Metropolitan Police statement added: "We are not in a position to discuss this matter any further." Sources told the BBC the police constable had not been relieved from duty or suspended but aspects of his conduct had been referred to the standards directorate, which investigates complaints about conduct. The 60-year-old Labour MP's decision to quit came as a complete surprise at Westminster, even though he had suffered some criticism for his performance as shadow chancellor. Ed Balls is preparing to take on the job following Mr Johnson's sudden resignation after three-and-a-half months in the job. 'Very sad loss' Mr Johnson said he had "found it difficult" to cope with issues in his private life while shadow chancellor. In a statement, the former postman and trade union leader said: "I have decided to resign from the shadow cabinet for personal reasons to do with my family." Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman said his resignation was a loss to the Labour party Mr Johnson, who will remain as MP for Hull West, has refused to comment further and has not given any interviews. He has been married to his second wife Laura for almost 20 years and the couple have a 10-year-old son. --snip-- Source: BBC News
  8. Mike Tango

    Worlds Fastest Rapper

    Don't know if you guys have seen this before, but it's more impressive when you try doing it!
  9. Mike Tango

    Vatican Police

    That and the ability to call in lightning strikes.
  10. Mike Tango

    Ninja Battles Crime in Norwich =/

    tbf, if my girlfriend was Kirsten Dunst, I'd probably drop it into conversation
  11. It reminds me of somewhere I worked... the motto was "if you haven't heard a good rumour by 10am - start one!" Apparently there was a Met firearms training exercise planned naming Oxford Circus - SY released a statement Edit: I've removed the link to the page as it states "IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is for the use of media organisations only. Media organisations should not publish links to this site." I know the link is out there on the net but it isn't gonna come from me!!
  12. Mike Tango

    Leasing a Car vs Finance Ownership

    "If it appreciates, buy it; if it depreciates, lease it" - Paul Getty I lease an Audi A6. The equivalent to buy was 3x the leasing cost, and the depreciation was frightening. Prior to that I had bought a Jag X Type on finance, when I sold it after 5 years it had lost 80% of its forecourt value! I'm a convert! For a bit more you can include maintenance and tyres etc. Road tax is also normally included. Nice to get a "free" tax disc drop through the door!
  13. Mike Tango

    Police Officers To Be Based In Hotel Room

    That's what used to happen... some of the stations round here still have ex-Police houses next door that were sold off.
  14. Mike Tango

    Police Officers To Be Based In Hotel Room

    As forces become more equipped with mobile data and blackberries etc., this is not so radical. Anything needing desk time or involving prisoners can be done at the nearest custody. Checks and forms can be done mobile (assuming Leics have that ability). If they're purely looking for a bolt hole so they can use a loo or have a cuppa without leaving the sector for a long period then this is ideal. Good for the local business too - nothing better for keeping the crime rate down in your place of work!