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  1. swiss_tony

    Regulars - situational judgement

    If the email which everyone was not carbon copied into (so you could see everyone's emails) asking for feedback they have around 700 applicants so if your over 50% you will be within the upper 350 of applications which doesn't seem a great deal to me.
  2. swiss_tony

    Regulars - situational judgement

    I have been hovering over these threads as I am applying for Wiltshire (Gloucestershire Special). I got 66% on the situational which I am hoping is enough for the application form, the leadership section did me in as I got upper 60% and 70%+ for the others but 31% for leadership. Found the structure fine but not sure how they work out the scores.
  3. swiss_tony


    One tip I would give is to be in interview mode from the time you enter the premises, until the time you leave. I remember on my interview there was a period of 5 minutes after the interviewer had finished asking questions where I could ask a few questions, which I used to discuss different things linked to the role. This shows that you have thought about the interview and spent time researching the role and how it works within the Police framework which always helps. Anyway good luck.
  4. swiss_tony

    roleplay assessment on attestation weekend.

    The role plays are used to put into place all the stuff you have learnt in a classroom environment and put it into action within a scenario. They are not there to catch you out, but they are structured to get you to grips with different forms, points to prove, necessity for arrest and defence to crime and also you get to carry out stop searches etc (at least I did in mine). I have been the officer doing the assessments and also one of the role players for one of the most recent intakes and everyone makes mistakes, even I did (missed the out of date tax disc on a vehicle check). It is not a pass/fail situation, but an opportunity for you to understand what needs to be said, what forms need to be filled out and what legislation you can use and also to get comfortable in presenting yourself. Usually the role players are serving officers and will provide feedback at the end of each scenario. When you do pass out and go on your first few duties it is more than likely you will observe the officer you are crewed with ask them questions on what they did. Don't be nervous and good luck.
  5. swiss_tony

    Gym Membership

    Gloucestershire Police get a discount in the gym I manage....£25 a month (£10 saving each month)
  6. swiss_tony

    PDP's - only for regulars or Specials too?

    Glos Specials have pdp also.
  7. swiss_tony


    We use a E61 form (or I think that is what it is called). We also use COMPACT but we aren't trained in it so regs put it on for handover etc.
  8. swiss_tony

    What I Did On Duty

    Rank: SC Length of service: 3 Months Planned Duty: 18:00 - 02:00 Location: Gloucester Force: Gloucestershire Police My first 'What I did on duty' post so see what I remember. Done about 14 shifts and have held off posting until now. 18:00: Come on duty with response shift. Get crewed up with a reg who I have worked with 3 or 4 times now and has been a tutor for new regs and used to be a Special, so is a great teacher. 18:15: Missed briefing as shift started at 16:00, so go on local intranet to check force bulletin. Doughnuts everywhere so help myself to one......pink frosting and pink sprinkles ring doughnut. 18:30: Attach myself to reg call sign and head out to a local retail park as a female has been stopped by a store supervisor and retail park security as suspected of theft by shoplifting. 18:45: On way to retail store and reg offers me the chance to get my first theft arrest. We discuss possible scenarios and outcomes i.e. COPS etc. Not my first arrest but adrenaline always kicks in as no arrest is ever the same and I have yet to do a theft by shoplifting, so remember all my points to prove and getting store supervisor to identify what happened in presence of suspected shoplifter. 18:47: Turns out the female shoplifter has been very busy and in her bag are children's clothes to the value of £211 so leaves no choice but to arrest for theft by shoplifting. The caution comes out the right way round and the reg recognises the female as a nominal. Turns out after speaking to her that this isn't the first time that week that she has seen a police officer. Call up for a van to transport back to custody suite to book her in as we have to seize CCTV and take statements. Reg runs NASCH check and local information database to check up and comes back with female having bail conditions to not enter any retail stores/areas, so a breach of bail is also added. 18:55: Van turns up and do a passover to hand onto Custody Sgt. 19:05: Go back to store to start taking statements from store supervisor. Having gone into the back office, store supervisor makes a further complaint about the shoplifter. In the time lapse from first calling Police until we arrived, the female shoplifter had become impatient and had made threats against the store supervisor. Also witness is prepared to give statement to that effect so we are looking at a Section 4A Public Order Offence also. I have taken 2 witness statements before so reg offered me the opportunity to do my third one. As the offence is a public order one, I try to get as many verbal's in and expressions as possible to support the charge. Witness statement takes about 30 minutes as I wanted to get enough detail down, in particular verbals said, witness feelings and behaviour of offender. 19:25: Witness statement taken for initial theft, witness statement taken for public order offence, till receipt for clothes amount and CCTV seized. 19:45: Back at station and J1 till receipt and CCTV footage. Arrest statement done and get authorised to do section 18 search of home address due mitigating circumstances. 20:20: Head out to do sec 18 search of premises. My first section 18 search and get taught to do a search from right hand side of door in this case and to do a systematic all the way round to the left hand side of the door. 20:30: Search takes 10 minutes and nothing unusual found. Find copy of bail sheet identifying no entry into retail premises on floor. 20:40: Back at station and complete arrest statement and get PNB up to date. Reg has refreshment break, so I take a chance to get a drink and chill as I had already worked 06:00 - 14:30 in my normal job. 21:00: We decide to go out in the car and have a nosey round the area. Being a Friday night with good weather and on pay day we think it might be a busy one. About 10 seconds after we enter the car we get a grade 1 to a call to a suspected domestic. Problem is the area we are going to is a new estate and isn't on any of the sat navs in the car. Fortunately me and the reg have been to this particular street before and manage between us both to get there on blue lights in a respectable time. 21:05: We get to the address where a dog unit is already there. Get out of car and dog is barking like mad and scratching to get out, glad it was behind bars as I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of it. Talk to occupant who is known to Police and partner has recently been released from prison. Turns out neither the home owner or her partner called the police and it was a concern call from neighbours. Talk to dog unit officer and mentions how she has come into contact with the male at the address before and he got up close and personal with the police dog in the dog car. Reg makes PNB entry as female doesn't want any action taken, female signs PNB and we are on our way. 21:20: Driving around, listening out on the radio for any shout ups. Hear a robbery has taken place nearby so we go round to investigate. Officers have full control so we move on. 21:25: Another grade 1 for assault against the persons. Turn up and find intoxicated male with a fat lip. Turns out he was walking out of pub, when another disgruntled male walks out of pub and decides to head butt him. Male is obviously angry and at first uncooperative with us. Male is being calmed down by his Dad and is concerned as he is on tag and is going to miss his curfew. At this moment in time we have one witness, but no confirmed offender details other than a first name. We give male incident number and tell him to call us up in the morning if he wishes to make a complaint as he was not willing to at time. We go into speak to landlord and get funny looks from revealers inside. Landlord said he would provide witness statement if needed and we take his details. As I walked into pub I noticed a male who was on force bulletin, notify my colleague but we are tied up with current job. I identify male leaving pub in a hurry and keep an eye on him. Unfortunately I lose sight of him as he walks around a corner and we are still dealing with job. 22:00: Get flashed down by a car, so jump out to investigate. Turns out the older couple are from out of town and are trying to get back to the B & B they are staying at and have been driving around for an hour trying to workout where it is. We decide it is easier to take them back there with a Police escort. 22:30: Another grade 1 comes up for a concern for welfare. Someone has called Police saying there is a male sat by a roundabout with head in hands. Roundabout is outside a pub so we are thinking he may be a little worse for wear. 22:35: Get to scene and nobody is on either of the roundabouts. Call up control to confirm location and we do a circle, but are unable to identify anybody in need of our assistance. 22:55: Hungry so decide to pop into Tesco to grab a last minute meal deal. 23:20: Get back to station and have a sandwich and drink. We are bolstering from 12pm onwards so get the legs ready for a walkabout. 23:45: Whilst getting ready to go out, I lose my reg. I P2P him and he is speaking to a concerned party in reception. Turns out the male who head butted the man walking into the pub has been in jail recently and has just been released. The concerned party has turned up at the police station in fear of her ex partner. Turns out they have been driving around for a while earlier in the day and she is concerned for her safety. Gives us details of how he had earlier been in a pub and head butted someone, first name is same as name given to us and also provides us with a surname. We produce a update on incident and do a handover to duty Sgt. 23:59 - 01:45: Go out on foot patrol around inner city. Not much to note, only one idiot decides to say something to us as we walk past and he is given words of advice. 02:00: End of shift and home to bed for 5 hours until the England v Scotland. Above info is off the top of my head as I don't have PNB on hand. Pretty sure grammar isn't too great either.
  9. swiss_tony

    Points to Prove Book

    Cheers guys will look into those options.
  10. swiss_tony

    All MET specials asked to report for duty?

    We have been asked to give hours and days where we can help out. In tomorrow on a 12 hour shift to support.
  11. swiss_tony

    Points to Prove Book

    Before I purchase has anyone used this book http://www.patrolstore.com/Points-to-Prove---Seventh-Edition-p-12094.html. Looking for something to carry around for a quick guide. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  12. swiss_tony

    Books For "Beginners"

    Hughes Guide is a must. We got issued with the Blackstones Special Constabulary book (Glos Pol).
  13. swiss_tony

    Hi Guys!

    Well done.
  14. swiss_tony

    Hi Guys!

    Hi Andy, I am a special at Gloucester central and we have a really friendly bunch of specials and we have a great working relationship with the regs too. As far as I know the intake for June-Oct has passed and the one for Oct-Jan is full with 18 so worth speaking to recruitment when you are likely to start training. Although long, the training is really good. We had 19 on our course and were like a big family and majority of us stay in contact. Again if you need anymore advice or help just post a thread and will be happy to help where possible. Good luck Rich
  15. swiss_tony

    Bulking up

    Oats so simple sachets are ideal, have 2 of those in the morning will equate to just under 500 calories of good quality nutrients. I couldn't handle plain oats so either brought the golden syrup flavour or just added raisins to pack more calories in.