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  1. BristolSam

    Anyone have a contact in Met Major Crime

    Fenix, the very fact that I'm posting in this board means the moderator is satisfied I'm a serving officer. Not quite a stranger. I'd also hope you realised that due to the nature of the work that department undertake, I'd doubt anyone would want their details posted openly on a forum, even if it's in a locked board. Hence my suggestion of a PM. Secondly MIT is a specific area of major crime, with a number of staff working there, hence contacting any one of them would point me in the direction I need.
  2. BristolSam

    Anyone have a contact in Met Major Crime

    Sorry, MIT Thanks
  3. Work purposes (not a job) Save me ringing up the switchboard and going round the houses. PM me, happy to phone if you don't want to pass details on here Thank you
  4. BristolSam

    Polac injury - need some physio!

    Great that sounds promising, last thing I wanted was some long drawn out affair
  5. BristolSam

    Polac injury - need some physio!

    Nice one don't know why I didn't think of that earlier
  6. BristolSam

    Polac injury - need some physio!

    Occ health?
  7. Quick q, was involved in a Polac couple weeks back as a passenger. Banged my knee on the seat in front, thought it was fine and just grazed but its started playing up. Not interested in compo but think I might need a bit of physio or something to sort it, anyone have any experience with stuff like this with their force? Not sure who to contact, plus I don't want them to think I'm trying to go down the old 'whiplash' / ambulance chasing route (surprisingly neck is absolutely fine, not even the slightest bit stiff, not that I'd be crying over a bit of an aching neck anyway) Hoping my force has someone they can refer me to as I know if I go private it's going to get messy and I don't want the hassle just wanted my knee fixed! Cheers all
  8. BristolSam

    Cannot wait!

    If by fun you mean being stuffed in a double cordon whilst the guy in the black jacket thieves all the gear off your belt and laughs at you... then yes, yes it is
  9. BristolSam

    Mosy comfy waterproof walking boot for £80

    Its not so much blisters etc (had the boots 3 years, my foot has simply evolved more skin where it used to rub lol) its just as you say a bit of discomfort, without wearing the boots constantly while walking for 8+ hours I can't see what else I can do. Plus I don't really need steel mid-soled boots whilst wandering round badminton horse trials so something lighter and more comfy is the way forward!
  10. Yes another boot thread but hear me out... I've already got a pair of Altberg P3 Aquas which are great for every day duty, but sometimes when I know I'll be doing a lot of walking (Glasto/badminton horse trials etc) they start to get less than comfy. So looking for a really comfy boot, around the £80 mark, waterproof, that I can wear occasionally when I'll be walking miles and don't want to be dragging steel toe caps/midsoles round. Thanks!
  11. BristolSam

    Is your SC contribution valued or expected?

    I think you get out what you put in. If you only turn up to do minimum (4) hours a week then yes in reality your skills and ability are going to be lacking. Matti I'd hope this is down to the minority of specials you/colleagues have had the experience of working with, or at least not reflective of specials in a wider picture. Any officer regular or special who leaves a colleague to go into a dangerous situation on their own deserves a serious talking to, yes sometimes specials can be a burden but that's the same as any probationary PC, I'd like to think myself included, that once an officer has been shown how to do something, they won't have to keep coming back and bugging other officers to show them. If there is something I'm not sure of, I'll put the time in to find out, if that isn't the ethos of the specials you've worked with then I'm not surprised you've got such a negative image of us.
  12. BristolSam

    Competency Pack?

    Maybe... but if they haven't given you anything more specific than the headings above, I doubt they would expect you to be as specific as the 'postive and negative' indicators that other forces give.
  13. BristolSam

    Competency Pack?

    Ah right yes I see what you guys mean now, didn't realise the marking was so specific! but reading those indicators they'd all be things I'd give in a competancy based interview anyway? I'm surprised they're that specific, you could tailor a perfect answer by just going from one bullet point to the next...
  14. BristolSam

    Competency Pack?

    Not sure what you mean by positive/negative indicators.. but are those headings not enough? eg leadership, give us an example of a time you'd had to take charge in a difficult situation and how you went about doing it? Decision making - Give an example of a time you've had to make an unpopular decision and how did you ensure this was communicated effectively etc I wouldn't expect to be given much more than that if I was going for an interview... don't know whether A&S will on the web tools though
  15. BristolSam

    Competency Pack?

    weren't they specifically listed in the initial presentation at hq...?