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  1. BristolSam

    Anyone have a contact in Met Major Crime

    Fenix, the very fact that I'm posting in this board means the moderator is satisfied I'm a serving officer. Not quite a stranger. I'd also hope you realised that due to the nature of the work that department undertake, I'd doubt anyone would want their details posted openly on a forum, even if it's in a locked board. Hence my suggestion of a PM. Secondly MIT is a specific area of major crime, with a number of staff working there, hence contacting any one of them would point me in the direction I need.
  2. BristolSam

    Anyone have a contact in Met Major Crime

    Sorry, MIT Thanks
  3. Work purposes (not a job) Save me ringing up the switchboard and going round the houses. PM me, happy to phone if you don't want to pass details on here Thank you
  4. I no who you arreeee :p hahaha xx