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  1. policeprospect

    Manchester police officer found dead in St Helens

    Thoughts with his friends and family
  2. policeprospect

    Judge Rugby Tackles Sex Offender

    Well done to the judge for doing something about this person trying to get away from justice.
  3. policeprospect

    PS.com UFC fans

    Im thinking that Fitch should handle BJ as long as he doesnt get caught early because BJ has heavy hands. As for Bisping i hope he doesnt get too wrapped up in the trash talk, i genuinely think that if he loses his rag and tries to trade the Riviera is going to knock his head off a bit like Henderson did to him. In bispings last few fights against Wanderlei and Leben for example he has still back pedelled a lot with his chin high. I worry he is going to get KO'd because Riviera has got into his head.
  4. policeprospect

    Ex North Yorks Special Is 'International Arms Dealer'

    Jesus! If whats being reported is true then this guy has been seriously busy. I dont understand the legalities of arms dealership but surely he would have to file applications and apply for shipment licences granted by certain government authorities?
  5. policeprospect

    'The Statesman' Superhero Keeps Watch on Birmingham

    well from my point of view i give him credit for doing what he is doing. as long as he satys on the right side of law then he can do as he pleases and if he feels he is making a difference then he can fill his boots. Maybe the Streetwatch post and website should introduce costumes too as what this guy is doing is in essence the same, patrolling the streets, detecting crime/issues and getting them dealth with all-be-it in a flamboyant manner
  6. policeprospect

    Man praised by judge for firing air rifle at burglar

    As an avid rifle shooter and homeowner with a family i think this is a good example of UK justice standing by those aggreived parties who are the true "victims" Im glad that a legally held UK weapon that was used to good effect to deter a burglar with a weapon has been seen as a reasonable form of defence under the circumstances and current law/legislation. I think as has been stated we should all have the right to defend our homes/families against the likes of these people and also believe that the justice system should reflect this.
  7. http://www.metro.co....ifle-at-burglar Thoughts on this?
  8. policeprospect


    Just as a further point the M and the C do border each other in various locations, but as stated south manchester division is the C division
  9. policeprospect

    PS.com UFC fans

    Well silva definitely deserved that win. Getting a KO by using a front kick was awesome
  10. policeprospect

    PS.com UFC fans

    Im stoked for UFC 126. There is so much bad blood between anderson and vitor its going to make one hellish fight. Griffin vs Franklin is going to be great too as both of them are very durable fighters and exciting. I think Jon Jones is going to take it over Bader as he is so unorthodox and puts everything together well. As for the two Brits i hope they do well but its going to be a hard shout for them both. Predictions from moi; <LI> Donald Cerrone vs. [/url] Paul Kelly - Donald Cerrone via TKO vs. - Miguel Torres via TKO Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader - Jon Jones via mutillation Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha - Jake Ellenberger via S/D Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin - Forrest Griffin via U/D Anderson Silva © vs. Vitor Belfort - Vitor Belfort via Butt Whipping
  11. policeprospect

    "What if" this happened to you as a serving PC or SC

    To be honest even based on the circs, if i had got that call i'd have been putting a job through for a prevent breach of the peace at the least. Based on the circs burglary would fit the bill as mentioned but getting that past supervision would be hard past im ashamed to say.
  12. policeprospect

    Real life scenario.

    They could possibley submit a 5x5x5 for intelligence value on the male re the possession of drugs but they havent committed any offences by not acting upon him flashing it about. At the end of the day each situation should be taken on its merits and appropriate action taken if it is necessary to do so. The necessary part is down to an individuals toughts and justification of the scenario at the time.
  13. policeprospect

    Salford flat raided by men posing as police officers

    Sure is and it is subject that has been done to death on many a police forum Im sure as stated this is a very isolated incident and hope they are caught. At least noone was injured.
  14. This is really silly - if she didnt want the attention of the public then she shouldnt sell every part of her life to OK magazine and keep putting out the cry baby stories for publicity. Of course the public are going to want to see her if she is out and about but if she was a little more low key herself maybe she wouldnt be afforded so much "unwanted" attention
  15. policeprospect

    Is a degree worth it for the Police?

    Again the main selling point of doing a degree is the PROSPECT of getting a better well paid job at the end of it. This is not always the case as im sure you are aware so if you are going to do a degree, pick one you have a passion for and that you are going to stick to and then also do it for the sake of learning as a well paid "ideal" job at the end of it is not guaranteed