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  1. Met-Hopeful

    Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    I do apologise, research was conducted late at night. This now brings 11 officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty by being shot at. That in my opinion is 11 to many.
  2. Met-Hopeful

    Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    Well, if that's how you feel then that only leaves option 1 or I invite you to come up with a better solution. Unless you want to keep the image of Dixon of Dock Green & not ruin public perception of us?
  3. Met-Hopeful

    Should London Metropolitan Police be Armed?

    PC Nicola Hughs - GMP PC Fiona Bone - GMP PC Ian Dinell - Kent Police (if he had a gun off duty like PSNI). PC David Rathband - Northumbria Police (being shot was the first step to suicide) PC Sharon Beshenivsky - West Yorkshire Police PC Ian Nigel Broadhurst - West Yorkshire Police PC Lawrence Peter Brown - Met PC Patrick Dunn - Met Police PC Richard Gray - West Mercia Constabulary PC Phillip John Walters - Met Police Since 1990, 10 police officers have died in the line of duty by to being shot. A further 8 officers have died in the line of duty by being stabbed. I'm not saying that having a firearm would of saved them, but I believe it would of atleast gave them a fighting chance. An extra bit of chance to go home to their loved ones. A group, albeit a minority are prepared to use firearms on us, how are we ever going to know which group we deal with? I propose two options: 1. Arm all officers, not just those in the Met. If you don't want to carry a gun then hand your warrant card in. 2. Arm those who want to be armed, and crew a single armed officer with an un-armed one in a IRV. Terrorist want to kill us and I'm still reading on this forum that "the criminals will just up the ante" & "we haven't gotten like America yet". WAKE UP PEOPLE! I love the job, I do. But I will do what ever it takes, carry what ever I need to to get back to my family alive. RIP to those who didn't.
  4. Is it me or are the videos gone? I can't find the link on the Met's FB, and when I click on the link to youtube it just shows a blank screen.
  5. Download a radio app on your phone if you can, but ask if they want some music on before you put it on, and definitely do not put it on if you're in the area car.. It provides some form of entertainment if it's quiet both due to lack of calls or conversation isn't flowing with your driver.
  6. Met-Hopeful

    Student Officer 2014 Intake

    Yep I've received mine today, the one I'm assigned is a community rather than an organisation which compared to you, I got off lightly. You should contact the recruit training, as they have all the answers.
  7. Met-Hopeful

    Getting more involved with The Fed

    Okay so I've spoken to my mate, who said you need to inform the fed that you wish you be a candidate, then there would be an election and you have to get voted in by a colleague. Hope that helps.
  8. Met-Hopeful

    Getting more involved with The Fed

    I have a mate on team who is also a fed rep, I could always ask him when he's back from holiday& give you info/get him to get in touch if you want? Though I seem to recall when a fed rep retired, and saw it advertised in the weekly emails. Maybe it's dead man shoes
  9. Met-Hopeful

    Student Officer 2014 Intake

    Ahh, that makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up for me mate
  10. Met-Hopeful

    Student Officer 2014 Intake

    That's what I'm currently understanding from the pay calendar in our package. I've been up since 4am so could be wrong/completely blonde.
  11. Met-Hopeful

    Student Officer 2014 Intake

    Is it me that's under the impression that the first 13 days are unpaid?
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  13. It's all well and good saying that it needed a taser, but this video was shot in 1996 where tasers wasn't widely available then, as it is now.
  14. Met-Hopeful

    Student Officer 2014 Intake

    Off to LU which was my third choice. Oh well beggars can't be choosers
  15. Met-Hopeful

    MSC and the New Policing Model

    It appears they are the 'yes man' squad.