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  1. Stevie6544

    Should British Police receive a firearm?

    :-) Yes, I like AEPs as they do the job they are meant for.....and can often do it without a lot of the procedure or paperwork attached to other LLO options. They resemble a piece of scaffold piping with a butt and a sight on top. Often the sight of them is enough for folk to behave. And people soon learn what the safe range for them is and back off accordingly, and think twice about moving back. http://s199.photobucket.com/user/furryforest/media/7522cfe3.jpg.html And this guy is clearly ready to rock and roll.....
  2. Stevie6544

    DM.The police stations that are appallingly easy to break into

    You're missing the point. This isn't about going in through windows at night, this is about walking / driving into stations and seeing how far they can get, and get away with. Open doors, unlatched secure cupboards or keypresses, wedged open secure doors, unlocked drawers, terminals left unlocked, unlocked lockers, files left on desks, information showing on monitors, kit left lying about, vehicles with keys left in them. Tell me it doesn't happen where you work. If you are hoping for specific stories I'm afraid there is no chance, but accept that one day it could happen at your station, if it hasn't happened already.
  3. Stevie6544

    Most obscure/bizarre law enforcement agencies

    Don't know if they are unique now but - Belfast Harbour Police: https://www.belfast-harbour.co.uk/corporate/policing
  4. Stevie6544

    submitting intelligence

    Like any particular set of circumstances, use your observation skills to take in as much detail as possible - as Sparkydale says, don't compromise yourself by trying too hard and bringing attention to your efforts, be subtle. You may not get all the detail but whatever you get, be sure of and relate it accurately. Don't surmise. Just relate the information as you saw / heard / smelt it. It will be for others to deal with it. And as said above, it may already be on the radar in one form or another. Just walk your dog and move on. Also, if on duty, even if you are aware that there is something iffy going on - be it criminal or CID activity - stay away unless you have been tasked to the area. Don't be tempted to try to involve yourself unless you happen across something unavoidable while on duty. It has happened where officers could smell a really pungent odour and acted spontaneously, with a good result. But it is the exception rather than the rule, even though some of the best finds of various kinds have occurred by accident. Be observant, note detail. Pass on by 5x5x5 or C/I1 anything of interest, VRMs, movements, activity, timings, nominal details. If you get an arrest out of it, all well and good. But sometimes it is just as good to notice things that will bear fruit over time.
  5. Stevie6544

    Budget cuts for Police Force across England and Wales

    They want it both ways - they want the job done but as cheap as possible, they are relying on a lot of long-service officers heading for the lifeboats in the next month or so, and hope they can survive with the level of 'skill fade' that will doubtless result. Limited recruitment will allow the minimum of replacement officers (at lower wage cost) and be the means to reduce overall personpower figures. They may recruit more civs into posts to cut costs even more. But SLTs will allow standards to drop to a point where they can legitimately tell the country, when another list of dismal crime figures emerge, that 'we can only do the job with the means we are meant to work within' which is covert-speak to HMG - 'you get the service you paid for, you cut funding and this is what happens. Your move'. Then, in mid-term, HMG announce '5000 new police officers' which will replace probably 15,000 that left in the previous 1-2 years. Big cheers, we're all safe again, I'd vote them back into office. Zzzzzzzz....and around it goes again.
  6. Stevie6544

    DM.The police stations that are appallingly easy to break into

    Without doubt this happens all over the country, Security Branch, PSD, AC+V, whatever they are calling themselves this week, will chance their arm to gain access as far as they can in any location at any time. The stories are legion and legend. The best anyone can do in the circumstance is, if confronted by a stranger not displaying id, is to challenge them and demand they explain their presence. If they produce id then examine it - don't forget, they are in YOUR station, security is everyone's responsibility - and offer firmly to guide them to their destination. Don't take 'no I can find my own way' for an answer, insist and ensure they accompany you to that location. Once there, find out who they are there to see and hand them over to them. It may be a pain in the cahones but it will pay dividends....and, if necessary and if you are carrying a radio, inform your boss and get assistance. This is the sort of reaction they are there to test. They will play all sorts of games and try to put folk off doing the right thing. Stand your ground. And don't apologise.
  7. Stevie6544

    Do I have what it takes?

    (shock)....Cheers Guv'nor, just telling it like it is....just how the rest of us learnt. Once he's been around some of our corners, Bart, eh?
  8. Stevie6544

    Do I have what it takes?

    Serving in any type of public...ah....service is a challenge for anyone. But any force or unit is a composition of differing types of people, who all bring different things to the mix. It is this very diversity that creates what is often a very effective team. What you view in yourself with doubt are just the character traits that make you who you are. Others will bring other aspects with them, and over time people 'exchange' or adopt features and attitudes of others. There will be folk who feel unsure of how they will fit in because of their strong opinions, lack of patience or the shallow breadth of how they view the world. That is something they in time could evolve from by absorbing from someone like yourself. Experience of life and working with others will solidify character and reinforce the ability to deal with what gets thrown at you. By the time you will have finished training all of those in your draft will feel much more ready to face what previously you will have doubted your ability to face. But there are many trials and traumas that no amount of training will prepare anyone for, even for those who seem supremely confident or appear the best equipped to deal with them. Life will throw things at you that no one can be ready for, it is just part of the life you have chosen. Pass the tests, do the training, learn the lessons. Learn from those around you, especially those who have been around a bit. The only way to learn if you are strong enough is to try it. Give it your best and see how it goes.
  9. Stevie6544

    BBC.Police Taser armed man outside school in Longsight

    It's refreshing to see a discussion about the charge rather than the time-honoured litany on the use of Taser...this scenario is exactly what it is best used for.
  10. Stevie6544

    Fugitive prisoner arrested in Belfast

    Think there might be a battle as to who gets him mate, the PSNI want him, he escaped from jail in the Republic so the AGS want him, and he is wanted on the mainland too.....
  11. Stevie6544

    Fugitive prisoner arrested in Belfast

    Derek Brockwell arrested two days after absconding from Tallaght Hospital in Dublin. He stabbed himself, and was tasered to prevent him causing any further injury. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-31537243
  12. Stevie6544


    Cheers Dragonfly, makes interesting reading. Couple more that came to mind: SLT / SMT - Senior Leadership Team / Senior Management Team TADA - taking and driving away CTC - Co-ordination and Tasking Centre OST - Operational Support Team CPT - Case Progression Team
  13. Stevie6544

    Foreign Police officers

    Some folk I work with have problems with English, and it is supposed to be their first language
  14. Stevie6544


    The old standard is 'DILLIGAF'........or for folk of a certain age, 'SNAFU'.
  15. Stevie6544

    BBC.'Tasers for all front-line officers' - Police Federation

    It's against political will, especially this year being an election year. Politicos need to be saying the things that they think people want to hear, when they want to hear it, so its a fine balancing act. But any CC worth his biscuit allowance knows that HMG would hang him/her out to dry if they spent the force entertainment budget on arming their officers with whatever system they deemed suitable and a) used it to such a degree it was like martial law with a side order of complaints, or tied it up with so many SOPs that no-one dared use it for fear of being pilloried. On another subject - asking your man 'why was he/she here?' was a serous query as to why they would potentially bring sharp ripostes upon their head with what read as vaguely inflammatory comments. But no probs, go ahead. I won't say another word about 'bone' comments.