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  1. Ryback

    NPPF - Sgt exam, Study materials...

    Ended up using the police Q&A from amazon and the tom barron crammers.... so far so good! Only problem, my roads policing application is progressing... all good things come at once...
  2. Ryback

    NPPF - Sgt exam, Study materials...

    Investing my bank holiday pay in police study books, let's hope it pays off well!
  3. Apologies for posting this in the parade room but... 1. I tried every search imaginable and was unable to find a straight forward answer. 2. I didn't want to post it outside of serving police officers in case I get PM'd by a salesman who end's up taking a months pay from me. What would you all recommend as a purchase for studying for the NPPF sgt exam? I have looked at the prices for Blackstones on amazon and it's about £90 for the 4 volumes + Q&A. Blackstones also have a subsription for online access which is about £140 for 12 months. The only place I can find the crammers books is on police-pass.co.uk - for four books its £79.99 (prices extend to £420 for online videos etc) There's a lot of different options but which one would give me all the material I would need to pass the exam?
  4. Ryback

    New Police Vehicle

    I've noticed that Hyundai's also seem to becoming more and more popular around other forces... the nice blue glow from the dashboards makes feel sleepy in the nights
  5. I crimed an occ. yesterday as TWOC and another pc crimed a similar occ. as theft of a motor veh. I thought if they just dumped the car back near where they found it.... This would be joyriding? Who else has done this?
  6. Any current member of SWP know about the current confusion regarding this? If you have any further information regarding who is on the lists for PCSO to PC can someone private msg me?
  7. Stay away from the magnum panthers, they will break and your feet will be soaked in no time. Got the elites at the moment, they are comfortable and weather worthy. Swansea Met has a student car park which you can use... HOWEVER you must get there before 8AM to get a space and get there before the barrier closes. Spaces are hard to come by in the side streets and would recommend being there before 8:30AM at the latest. Hope this helps.
  8. Ryback

    New Uniform

    Some officers in my nick already got them
  9. Well done! Myself and another Special had a commendation over the Christmas period as well, due to a serious incident we dealt with! Seems to be a popular thing! Lets keep the good work up!
  10. Ryback

    The Special Constabulary

    I remember an episode of one of those shows where a special got run over...however... They won't show the 15 hour shift i once had to do because myself and another special were the only other unit working a very certain busy night of the year!!!
  11. Ryback

    What to do

    = c if he does it again = a you can always give him words of advice
  12. Ryback

    Just had good news and bad news :(

    cheers for the advice guys, as you can imagine I am gutted and disappointed! I do have my pass which is valid for 12 months anyway so I think I may just play the waiting game as you said it's the PC role which is more attractive to me :D
  13. Hi all, I attended an incident on boxing night which led to me arresting a male for GBH. Long story short i am receiving a commendation for the role i played (went above and beyond etc). I also applied to the regulars, i passed the assessment centre however there wasn't even spaces for everyone and i have been offered to take up a PCSO role instead. Would it be more beneficial to me giving up my powers of arrest and maintaining an interest in joining the PC's as a PCSO in the future or should I stick to being a Special? Has anyone else been in this situation..... My assessment centre pass is valid anywhere for 12 months, does anyone know if anywhere is recruiting in the mean time? Thanks, Ryback.
  14. Ryback


    Internal and external i believe... 200 places available!
  15. Getting stuck outside custody for 6 hours with some of britains dullest criminals ... "so been up to much?" "just stole a few cars last week" ----......."im further arresting you.." "i thought we were making small chat" :/ long night to say the least.