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  1. When will they open for transferees ?
  2. your welcome. you be fine just take it all in your stride. But as say may be wrong new process and all
  3. hey buddy as a active member and serving PC for dyfed powys in Pembs may I reccomend you post this in the force specific area not many of us DPP about. lots of books about look on amazon. I believe this is new version of what I used http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/1845285352?cache=000e3dfdce8d0f5a366ea8fafabc47d0π=SY200_QL40&qid=1404429145&sr=8-1#ref=mp_s_a_1_1 other test books there to. Medical wise form, Dr fills in. Sometimes they charge mind. Also you get to see the force dr and nurse. Fitness wise standard push pull test, 34 and 35k. Core excersises sort you out.. ie pushups and pull ups Run is only to 5.4 on beep. Nice gentle jog. But go to our force specific area and CFBryn a special inspector has a feed which explains our process (even if slightly different at pres.)
  4. Mol-BPF


    oh cfbryn congrats on thd promotion. when that happen?
  5. to be honest, as some one in Hq at the moment I wouldn't call... things are tough at the moment especially with the staff, be patient they will update you when there is a update to be had.
  6. Mol-BPF

    Do you think I have enough to complain?

    Is this external recruitment? if so then can see where they coming from. Especially from a equality stand point. Everyone has to be judged to the same standards. For a external recruitment drive it be unfair to turn down one person but accept another when neither fit the educational standards but one just happens to be a special. However if it is internal recruitment then being a special allows you to apply. But if your not independent you haven't proved yourself yet to be competent on your own (not saying your not). If your determined your time will come in mean time get independent and maybe get a relevant level 3 qualification (to which I believe the Windsor report says..)
  7. From what I've heard the PCSO was prosponed until the Police intakes had slowed down. Cant have too many courses on same time. there just isn't enough room
  8. Mol-BPF

    Colourblind within UK Police

    Gender:Male Colour deficiencies: Trichomat red and green Occupation: PC Force: DPP Impact:none as yet waiting for response in regards to attachments with marine unit Other: when was 16 at a careers fair was told very harshly not to bother as any form of colour blindness would be rejected. 24 joined Hampshire specials no problem! 26 tried the navy as a war officer failed due to eyes protested as I can tell difference between red and green just can't do those ridiculous dot tests so they paid fir the lantern test which passed flying colours unfortunately they put app on hold due to recruitment freeze said be 2 year wait making me too old!!! joined DPP as a regular, did all there test and gave them my lantern tests they said was a mild trichromat but my colour perception was amazing and they would not need to report my deficiency to my superiors as my evidence would be ok in court and id be treated as if I was Not a trichromat result
  9. Mol-BPF

    Current Recruitment Statuses

    Rosemary a suggestion, delete all irrelevant posts so only page one again
  10. Mol-BPF

    My Recruitment Journey (TVP Regs)

    congratulations mate, welcome to us law enforcement people 3 weeks in and would not change it
  11. Trust me that time frame for you was quick!
  12. Mol-BPF

    Application form reference problems

    aye I think it does, but its all opinion, depends how you look at it. What's the old saying one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Dammed if you do dammed if you don't its up to you bud if you want to change it, but at end of day a personal reference as long as its completed and positive doesn't matter who did it as long as known you for 3 years. The biggest references will be from your previous employers
  13. Mol-BPF

    Application form reference problems

    Family friends definitely not a problem. If you already sent it then it is too late if you go changing it gives out the wrong message
  14. Mol-BPF

    Application form reference problems

    teachers from school, your doctor, if your religous maybe the local rev? Family friends! I find it hard to believe that you know no-one. When I applied as a special I used a very old family friend who was the cub leader. Not my friend but my dads who had known me. my latest application I used old uni friends who are both teachers now. So im sure there is some one?!
  15. Mol-BPF

    Final Stages...very exciting!

    Its a very good feeling! Though have to say getting quite nervous! When do you find out if you passed that interview? Good luck!!