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  1. SS1202

    David sings

    To join what? I said I would like David to sing on skype. lol
  2. SS1202

    David sings

    I would like to see and hear that. :D
  3. Well i'm not a "copper" but you know that sort of stuff happens all the time in the US. They should bring it here.
  4. I love the Canadian and American way of doing things. I love how it a no nonsense approach like this video
  5. SS1202

    jailed warder who had inmates baby

    Just saw this on the BBC News. It's shocking - that's all i can say.
  6. Police officer watching out for shoplifters at HMV caught on CCTV stealing computer games A police officer tasked with catching shoplifters at an HMV store was caught on camera stealing computer games by concealing them underneath his stab vest. PC Peter Cokell, 34, was found guilty of theft after he was caught on CCTV shoplifting from the store he was being paid to protect. The damning footage, which was shown to magistrates in his trial, shows him stealing two PlayStation 3 games and then taking them to the rear of the shop in his police hat. He can then be seen slipping the games - Call of Duty and Kill Zone - worth only £74.98, inside his stab vest before walking from the shop without setting off the alarms. However, a security guard who witnessed the crime contacted police and Cokell was arrested and charged with theft. Cokell, from Bristol, denied the charge but was found guilty at Frome Magistrate's Court, Somerset. He told the court he was looking at the games to 'help him relate to young people' and claimed he was 'rearranging his trousers', not shoplifting. He said: 'I tried my best to be inconspicuous to the general members of the public so that they would not form the wrong impression of what I may or may not have been trying to do with my trousers. 'I had no reason to steal and no reason to steal PS3 games, as I don't have a PS3.' During the trial District Judge David Parsons said the games 'certainly left the site' after watching the CCTV evidence. He said: 'I do know the games certainly left the site, having seen the evidence of the CCTV and the evidence of Mr Sutton.' Gary Sutton, a security guard for HMV, told the court he saw the PC acting 'suspiciously' before he stole the games. He said: 'He placed two games inside the cubby hole and just leaned on the edge of the desk. 'After a short while he did what appeared to be tucking the two items up his vest and inside his coat. He straightened his front and made his way out of the store. I then asked him where the games were, the two he had selected in the store. 'I replied that I had seen him on CCTV and that I needed the games back. 'At this point he was leaning on the edge of a chair and he informed me that he had the games but could not get hold of them due to where they were now locked up.' Cokell then exited the store, without activating any of the security alarms, and carried on walking his beat. Mr Sutton who was 'shocked' by the crime, confronted Cokell, who offered to return the games two days later. However, the following day Mr Sutton spoke to PC Shaun Oliver, Cokell's regional manager, and reported the incident. The court heard Cokell, who joined the force in 2000, had a 'very good' arrest record and received a certificate of commendation last year from his district commander. Following the trial a spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: 'This is not behaviour we expect of a police officer. 'Mr Cokell resigned in June, when an investigation into this started, and the decision of the court shows how seriously the force views matters of this kind, particularly when it concerns a breach of trust.' Cokell will be sentenced on November 27. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...ling-games.html
  7. SS1202

    Police hairstyles

    What? Am i missing something?
  8. SS1202

    Boris vs Yobs

    I love Boris. We would get on great.
  9. SS1202

    Police hairstyles

    Which ones?
  10. SS1202

    War protests threaten city centre chaos

    Come and chat with me. I'll be in full body armor and wearing riot helmet. lol
  11. SS1202

    War protests threaten city centre chaos

    Behind the police. I don't protest. I just watched it unfold in front of me.
  12. SS1202

    Police hairstyles

    I don't have a cap and i don't want one.
  13. SS1202

    Police hairstyles

    I like my hair. My ears stick out though. I wonder what i would look like with a flat cap on. Thank god Scotland got rid of that helmets and stuck with the flat cap. :D
  14. SS1202

    Police hairstyles

    I mean that kit is their training kit but when they're in the world cup they wear British Colours and kits. Sorry off topic.