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  1. Should I be reading anything into the onlooker's reactions? And, I echo what most on here have said, I think it would have been unnecessary force even if it was directed at the correct person. Any thoughts on the punch (to the shoulders?) a little later on?
  2. As mentioned earlier there are terrorism laws that can be used to prevent people filming/photographing buildings. However there's nothing to stop you being filmed in public. Also, my advice is, if someone sticks a camera in your face and you have BWV, film 'em right back, just in case they want to edit their version. Just for god's sake don't make stuff up to stop people filming.
  3. Shikari

    The Forum General Chat Thread

    So, I've passed my driving test. Finally.
  4. Shikari

    'Reduce jihadists' sentences'

    My main concern is that, just because they don't want to fight in 'gang' warfare, or have become disillusioned in the cause, doesn't mean that they haven't retained their ideology.
  5. Shikari

    Special Constable Interview

    The store isn't at Newcastle. It's at Hanley AFAIK. They look scruffy however good the fit.
  6. Shikari

    Riots in the USA

    The main question now is: How does this get fixed?
  7. Shikari

    Bad situation, what to do?

    Any further update on the situation?
  8. Shikari

    Special Constable Interview

    Training will be 0900-1700 Saturday and Sunday once a fortnight. Unless you get on a fast-track type course which is every day for 2 weeks.
  9. Shikari

    David has ebola

    I feel fine.
  10. I don't, for the same reasons as above. But I do otherwise. The prisoner does though, both for their safety and to restrict them if they try to kick off.
  11. The waltenkommando's much be twitching. Police walt 101: Don't pull over police officers.and if you do don't then tell them that you would have booked them...
  12. Shikari

    Scottish Police in E&W

    They still requested a double crew serve it. Don't know any more about it than that in all honesty, didn't ask.
  13. Shikari

    Cheap young driver insurance?

    My insurance will be about £600 with me as main driver but my mum retaining ownership. I'm also going to try Police Insure. I think they might take my being a SC into account a bit more than other companies. Worth a quote anyway.
  14. Shikari

    Scottish Police in E&W

    I don't know about Scot's coming down here, or E&W going up there, but I once had to serve a Scottish summons on someone on my patch. We were the only double crew and I guess the court required corroboration, even if it was being served here. It wasn't particularly in depth (we didn't actually find the bloke) but it's an interesting crossover in law. One that I think is fairly unique.
  15. Shikari

    24 Hours in Police Custody

    I can see what you're getting at, but tragic is not how I'd describe him... It was a good episode, although I would prefer to see a little less stuff outside the custody suite, just to focus on the human side like they do with 24hrs in A&E. I do appreciate that complex cases and investigations need context, and also the interest factor that comes with raids and such a la Road Wars), but I personally am more interested in the interviews, and the behaviour, opinions and emotions of the staff and 'guests'.