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  1. Ever considered becoming a Special Constable? Can you give up 16 hours a month (4 hours per week) to help safeguard your community? Dyfed Powys Police is looking for enthusiastic people who have a special quality and are willing to volunteer their time to join the force as Special Constables in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Powys. Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside studying, other employment or in retirement. You can use your experience from jobs and life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges. You will receive the necessary and appropriate training to allow you work alongside full-time police officers. You will have the same powers as a police officer whilst on duty, and help provide a link between the police and local communities. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community. An application pack and further information about the role is available on our website:- https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en/join-the-police/special-constables/ To apply, please complete and return the Special Constable Application form prior to the deadline date. Deadline Date: Friday 6 January 2017
  2. cfnbryn

    Reward and Recognition

    I am doing a bit of research on the topic of reward and recognition for special constables as a retention tool, and I am compiling a short report on this subject for my forces SC Steering Group. As well as contacting individual forces, I am keen to find out how individuals feel too. A questionnaire will be sent out to gauge the opinions of the special constabulary within my home force itself, but I wondered if anyone could help me by sharing your opinions, ideas and a little bit of information on reward and recognition schemes in your home forces. For example: Force or service (if you want to provide the force name)? Does your force reward and recognise the contribution made by the special constabulary? If so, how? How do you think forces could effectively reward or recognise the work of individual specials or teams? If anyone feels more comfortable sharing views by private message, then I completely understand. No names will be used in the report, and it is an internal document to help the SC Steering group of my force improve retention. Thanks
  3. cfnbryn

    PCSO recruitment

    According to current regulations you must live within 30 miles of a station, or be willing to move to within this catchment area. I suggest you phone the employee resourcing team or HR to discuss this
  4. cfnbryn

    PCSO recruitment

    You can only apply to one force at a time for the same role, but bare in mind that the six month rule applies if you are unsuccessful... That means you would be unable to apply for any police post for six months. It all depends which you would prefer and whether you live within 30 miles of one of the vacancies for PCSO for DPP.
  5. cfnbryn


    How are you all doing? I hope you all enjoyed your first weekend of training. I hope to meet you all in the next few weeks.
  6. cfnbryn


    Hi Pembs_IWA I joined as a Special Constable in 2009, promoted to Special Sergeant in 2012 and have been the Special Constabulary Inspector for Carmarthenshire since January. I am stationed in Ammanford at present but cover the entire county and manage a team of 4 sergeants and 20 constables. Fantastic news!!!
  7. cfnbryn


    Fingers crossed for you all... hopefully I shall meet you soon!
  8. You can still use your assessment centre score for another force within the next 12 months... But the six month rule applies to applying from scratch
  9. cfnbryn


    It all depends on how close to an intake start date that you send it in. You have missed the September intake as after the application you have to be interviewed, attend a PIRT and fitness test then medical and security / vetting checks too and unfortunately this all takes time. So the next intake I believe will be in January so you have a few months before training would start... If you were successful at each stage. Just be patient and HR will keep you updated. :-) Good luck... Which county are you in? Has anyone had their places confirmed for the September intake yet?
  10. cfnbryn


    Who's on Twitter? @DPSpecialsCarms Follow the Dyfed-Powys Police, Carmarthenshire Division Special Constabulary
  11. cfnbryn

    Special Constabulary Cars

    I know the met had a Mazda donated a few years ago... Our force has had cars sponsored or donated for various roles and depts before but seem a bit resistant for one to be given to the specials
  12. cfnbryn


  13. Dyfed-Powys Police have a wide range of social media accounts over an array of platforms; these include, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. You can follow the force twitter pages here: @DyfedPowys @CCSimonPrince @DPSpecialsCarms @NPTCarmsWest
  14. Could we keep things on topic please? If need be swapping of details etc can be done via private messaging. Thanks
  15. cfnbryn


    Just for your info, the interview, though it is being referred to as a divisional interview (purely because it is held on division to cut down on travelling to and from HQ for candidates) is actually the full Constable PPF interview, it is a national SC/PC interview and is quite daunting as Vorn has already mentioned. As a college of policing PPF interviewer, I can say that things have changed massively from the old divisional interviews... good luck to all those that are still waiting for their interviews. I have just completed the Carmarthenshire ones for this intake.