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  1. Isoproturon

    Ex-Boxer Shot In Smoking Row

    Oh please... I wondered how long it would be before someone came out with that. Why is enforcing a smoking ban any harder/more dangerous for a licencee than e.g. ejecting drunks/refusing to serve under age people etc.? The guy was presumably shot as a disproportionate response to those responsible being asked/told to do something, not as a result of the smoking ban itself.
  2. Isoproturon

    oooooh no

    Sitting with a witness concerned with an incident where someone had killed their partner. Witness' wife asked if I would like something to eat. "Yeah, I could murder a cheese and pickle sandwich..."
  3. Isoproturon

    oooooh no

    Just come off duty, travelling through a neighbouring force area on my way home, saw a car weaving about all over the road. Late at night and suspected driver was OPL. Called comms on my phone, followed car for about 15 miles until vehicle stopped. Spoke to driver just as traffic car arrived. Driver was not drunk, had merely been reaching across to the glovebox to acquire some more biscuits. Made my apologies to the traffic officers who had travelled the 15 miles at speed to catch up, headed home rather sheepishly, only to meet 4x police vans coming the other way... oops. Looked like everyone on duty that night had turned out to catch someone eat-driving rather than drink-driving.
  4. Isoproturon

    What I Did On Duty

    Force - Humberside Rank - SC Area - East Yorkshire Service - Zero ! - My first duty. Duty - 1800-0200 Date - 30/12/04 1800 - Arrive at the station and meet the SO. Spend a while looking around for a pool Airwave terminal as my personal issue one hasn't arrived. Give up. Decide to raid various cupboards and get stocked up on paperwork. Get tour of station. 1840 - Head off with SO in unmarked car to divisional HQ to collect CS. Wait ages while chap on front desk finishes his phone calls, then wait until custody Sgt. has finished dealing with prisoner. Get CS and head back to my LPT. 2015 - Another Special arrives and we head off in the unmarked car to pick up a marked vehicle from a neighbouring station. Commence mobile patrol. Speak to some youths in a neighbouring town, who are hanging around a bus stop. One is drinking but throws it in the bin as we approach. We go to a few lay-bys that are known for dogging - surprisingly enough there are a load of cars parked up, which suddenly drive off when they see the police car. Speak to petrol station staff who advises us that there has been a suspicious vehicle near to the adjacent garden centre. He has a partial index and direction of travel but that's it. Do quick area search and find nothing - all is well. A very quiet night. Everyone must have been saving themselves for New Year's Eve night. 0110 - Park outside a shop that keeps being ram-raided. Stay here for about 30 mins. (I later find out that it has been ram-raided again, about 2 hrs after we left.) 0140 - On the way back to the nick, I do a PNC on a vehicle in front that has no bumper. We stop the car and speak to the driver, who admits no insurance and no tax. The car has not yet been registered in his name. His details are a bit suss and it turns out they are false. 0217 - Go home - an hour's drive. By the time I let the dog out and had a drink, I got to bed at 0345 hrs. An uneventful first shift but at least I got to know my way round and how to fill in a PNB !
  5. Isoproturon

    Paying Specials

    Humberside's allowance is £1500 per annum.
  6. Isoproturon

    "Ask the trades" Section

    I am an Agronomist and there are five bonus points to anyone who actually knows what one of those is (without cheating by using a dictionary)