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  1. djmh

    Is anybody active in this forum?

    Evening, I am a Special Sergeant in Gloucestershire Constabulary. Give us a shout if you need anything, PM where you are hoping to be based.
  2. Glad you're OK :-)

    You get taught how to take people to the ground and you get lots of scenarios where someone has a bat and/or knife and you have to arrest them but they resist!

    It's all good fun, you'll have yours soon ;-)

  3. It was good thanks mate - Very physical!

    How are you doing?

  4. djmh

    Glad you had a good birthday, and a new puppy! sounds like it's going well for you then! My girlfriend wants a puppy. x

  5. JAN79

    Morning thanks for your message : )

    I'm good thanks, had a nice birthday apart from the weather lol I'm getting a puppy in 2 weeks I can't wait lol xxx

  6. djmh

    Happy Birthday, thanks for the message. Things are going slowly. Just waiting for my last reference to come through. Hows it going at your end?

  7. JAN79

    Morning hows things? x

  8. JAN79

    hiya long time no speak! I'm good thanks and you?

    congratulations on your progress!!! You'll soon have a start date : ) xx

  9. That's great news mate :D Good luck with whatever happens!

  10. djmh

    Hey jan,

    How is everything going?


  11. Hiya mate

    Really good thanks, so fun :)

    Congratulations for passing the fitness, you'll be training in no time :D

  12. Hi mate. Pipers are brilliant aircraft, I was in a PA-28 Warrior. The costs are a little on the expensive side, due to this, I haven't flown since 2007 but am still on the course. All together it is about £5000 and that is a lot! RAF Benson is lovely :)

  13. djmh

    Hello Jan, thats ok. I am new to the forum so its good to meet people in the same boat. How are you?

  14. I couldn't help notice that in your display picture, you're in a plane. I am doing my PPL at Gloucestershire Airport :D

  15. JAN79

    Hello Just thought i would say thanks for adding me as a friend!