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  1. SepuraSW1

    MSC Review

    Interested to hear what the outcomes, once it in the public domain
  2. hi Have you looked into volunteering work ? See https://do-it.org
  3. SepuraSW1

    The PCSO role in BTP

  4. SepuraSW1

    Volunteer PCSO's

    Its a changing world and the police have to adapt, not so long ago Specials were called hobby-bobbies/over-time thieves who just did low level public order events (village fetes), how times have changed.
  5. SepuraSW1

    Volunteer PCSO's

    There is a role for someone who wants some involvement with the police. I am for it, our regular colleagues / police force in these thin blue line times. the volunteer PCSO, pilot it and see how it pans out, it could be a route into the police for some.
  6. Essex Police is "lousy" at keeping hold of volunteer special constables, the county's new crime commissioner has claimed. Conservative Roger Hirst, who became the Essex Police and Crime Commissioner in May, said he wanted to double the number of 'specials' from 300 to 600. But he said the force needs to rethink how specials were both treated and deployed. Essex Police said it places high value on the work specials do. In 2014/2015, 119 people left the special constabulary compared with 83 joiners. But in the most recent year - 2015/2016 - the number of leavers was 96 compared with 114 joiners. Mr Hirst said more needed to be done to retain higher numbers of special constables. 'Tension'"We will need to tweak the way we do it, at keeping people," he said. "We have been lousy at keeping people. "They either end up not feeling engaged or they think it is great fun and become police officers. "That's going to take something of a change in attitude towards special constables. "There's a tension there in terms of convincing the wider constabulary to see it this way." Assistant Chief Constable of Essex Police, Maurice Mason, said: "Special constables devote thousands of hours every year on a voluntary basis to keeping Essex safe. Each is asked to give a minimum of 16 hours service per month to their community but the average per special constable in Essex is 24 hours per month. "The main reasons given by those leaving remain: changes in main employment, recognition that the demands of the role are significant [thus] leading to resignation and change in family circumstances - rather than dissatisfaction with the role. "The force places high value on the work specials do and we recently held an awards and recognition ceremony to thanks specials for their commitment to the safety and security of the county." http://​http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-36588440
  7. Always have a plan B, something else to fall back onto if you decide being a full time police officer is no longer for you.
  8. SepuraSW1

    Volunteer PCSO's

    All police forces are facing budget cuts, the thinning blue line. Use of more volunteers (Special Constables, Police Supported Volunteers, Volunteer PCSOs) to support our regular colleagues.
  9. SepuraSW1

    Volunteer PCSO's

    Its been piloted by a few police forces, I say give it a chance and see how it all pans out.
  10. SepuraSW1

    CKP worthwhile?

    Policing Blackstones book - pretty much the defacto book used by new police probationers at training school http://​https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blackstones-Handbook-Policing-Students-2016/dp/0198743319/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1467222352&sr=8-2&keywords=policing+blackstones
  11. Jre - could you afford the pay cut from your current job to that of a new PC ? depending on your circumstances, if you have a mortgage or have dependents.
  12. Other side of the coin, being a police officer has also been a step up as a career for one of my friends, she was a waitress (we were both SC in the MET a few years back), she became a regular, few years passed, moved to another borough, and has just passed her detective exams. Its down to your circumstances
  13. As SC we are free to choose our shifts, when to start/finish etc very very flexible, since it is a volunteer position and we are not paid a salary. Once you go full time PC, the expectations change - you are told when to come to work, your shifts will be anti-social, miss family birthdays/events, you end up working back to back 12 hour shifts, some shifts will over-run. If you have a partner (they will need to be understanding), and if you have kids. You have to weigh up all the options. If your young/single then you have the energy/time to keep up with the demands of the job. Quoting my friend and other police officers who have career changed to a better work/life balance - there are better ways to earn money and have a work/life balance. It does also depend where you are, the demands of an inner city police officer would be different then in the rural counties. From your last post, I know of a police officer who resigned and started training as a train driver. With every police officer leaving/resigning/retiring, there is always a new fresh class of probationers taking up their place.
  14. Best of luck, and enjoy your training.
  15. Not me personally, but happened to a friend. Being a full time PC is different from being an SC and my friend lasted 6 months before quitting and going back to his old work sector. Most regular police officers I know, have said if they had an option to earn the same money/or more in another profession Mon-Friday office hours, they would leave tomorrow !