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  1. A.Smith


    What's the latest with this unit? Are they looking to recruit more people?
  2. A.Smith

    PLC and recent news

    We now have T/C.Supt Powell who is the force lead for the Special Constabulary (replacing C.Supt Rolland). Not to mention a new Specials Supervisor at Netley, who replaces the previous SGT, that is in charge of specials supervision in terms of the extended police family/ Netley. CSO Keeling and DCSO Hinks and the AO's still remain. People often don't realise/ are unaware of the important role played by the C.Supt and Specials Supervisor.
  3. A.Smith

    PLC and recent news

    This is going to be a very testing time for the SC, considering most of our Officers wish to join the regulars at some point in the future (let's not start the debate as to whether the SC is a try before you buy or should be for career specials). What we need to do as a Constabulary is use this as an opportunity to convince people to become a career special instead - keep people motivated and interested by better training, opportunities and development. We also need to be upfront with people when they join as an SC, making them aware that things aren’t all rosy and if there sole intention is to join the regulars soon they will be in for a long wait. A very long wait in fact. Essentially there will be recruitment from SCs to PCs, but it is likely that there will only be one(ish) intake a year - that's around 18 officers. As such, places are few and far between. For example, in the financial year 2014-15 there are only two planned intakes - a scholarship group (which many SCs couldn’t get on as it required you NOT to have the PLC) and an intake in the Autumn that will be a mix of PCSOs, SCs and members of the public. Therefore, if you don't enjoy your work as an SC and can't afford to wait some considerable time (realistically if you are a new join SC, the wait could in my experience be 4 years plus) then you need to question whether you stick around. If I were an SC looking to join the regs I would seriously question why I was doing the PLC, since most forces now want the CKP. It seriously limits your ability to be able to go to other forces that are recruiting. If you are an SC doing the PLC now, stick with it as Met Pol and a few others have stated they will accept the PLC for a couple of years. After that though you could be left with a qualification that few forces accept and thus be limited to waiting for the few to open their recruitment - which will be very limited. Difficult times ahead but with the new management at the top of the SC I feel positive that we can overcome the challenges. The big question though is whether individual SCs can remain positive?
  4. The policy/ guidelines should have been sent to your DO. Netley can send you it if you ping them an email. Also worth noting that the guidance states a PNC check should be conducted on the person by yourself via the phone. Things you need to do: 1). Risk assessment. 2). Sign an information protection form (not the same as the official secrets act that is later signed when joining up). 3). Conduct a PNC check on the person. 4). Make sure they have access to a high-vis observer jacket and book them in for a shift.
  5. ..for Specials. On Monday 20th January until Sunday 26th January recruitment for Hampshire Special Constables will be open. Application is all online now. There is a 300 applicant limit - the first 300 back that is. You are probably all aware/ already in the job if reading this, but posted just in case someone isn't and is not yet aware.
  6. New York? I take it airfares are cheap at the moment then?
  7. You sir have a very good point! My frazzled brain on a Sunday night isn't at it's best. Lets pick Ringwood as an example instead. I think they have TPT. They are at the edge of the county. Good idea for them to move to a hub located in Southampton? Not im my opinion. Perhaps there will be a forest hub too? Again another question to the list!
  8. Change will be happening along the lines as suggested above by James_Irish. So called hub working where officers go before moving off to the area they have been given to patrol which could change from shift to shift. The exact location of the hubs I do not know, nor do I know the timetable, nor do I know the size (i.e. how many TPT shifts from various stations will be moves). I agree with Burnsy2023 that for all Western area officers to work out of Southampton Central would be a pain. I would suggest that the hubs may mean a change to how the three force area's are split at the momement. As such, I would suggest (and it may be the case) that Andover officers go to a hub closer (perhaps basingstoke way) than down to Southampton. I would also suggest that there would have to be more SGT's 'responsible' for the shift as RMS alone can not be reviewed by one skipper with the suggested shift size increase. All will hopefully soon be known as Distirct Officers, Area Officers and the DCSO and CSO have a meeting with the force change team to be informed of the changes. Questions: What will happen to the current structure of the SC? Will we have a mass axe of DO's like one of our neighbouring forces? Will DO's have responsibility for a shift each out of a hub as opposed to the whole station, as potentially there could be masses of specials per hub? Not questions I think we can actually answer at this stage but things to think about no less. interesting and challenging times to come. And dare I say it .... lockers. Will there be enough at the hubs for all? Perhaps we should all start putting our requests into Santa early!
  9. A.Smith

    Quick Question!

    Wish I had known about the discount when I purchased my pair. Still worth the money though. Will never go back to magnumns again.
  10. A.Smith


    Gene Geney I have no issue with Burnsy2023. However, when things are stated on a public forum incorrectly (in my opinion) then surly there should be the ability to respond accordingly and put across an alternative view/ correction. I was not discourteous nor rude to Burnsy2023. A forum is for discussion and an exchange of views.
  11. A.Smith


    Burnsy2023 'we' didn't write the tag line as corporate coms did it for us. Your involvement has been in relation to the actual posting of updates rather than the creation of the account. You weren't told that SC's aren't Police Officers. Instead you were told that there is still a distinction between the two if only by title/ name. Until such time the Constabulary changes our title then it will refer to Special Constables. I am using the word title as that is all it is. A difference in title does not create a void between regular colleagues and ourselves. It is almost an administrative distinction and we should be proud of it. We are different from our regular colleagues since we police the frontline in our own time and face the same risks without many of the same safeguards - subscription to the fed, full and comprehensive health insurance etc. Reference the bio please do not make any such assertion and impose your fantasy as fact. The bio is in line with the other descriptions used by the Constabulary in relation to Specials. The whole purpose of the twitter account is to promote awareness about the Special Constabulary. How could such awareness occur is no reference was made to Special Constables?! O and just remind me if your warrant card says Police Officer or Special Constable? knowing the DO leading the twitter group and having been part of I think I am qualified to make the above comments. However, perhaps those that have issue with the way the current account is set up should contact him direct. I know we are looking for more enthusiastic tweeters.
  12. A.Smith


  13. A.Smith


    On our district quite a few officers wear armour over high-vis jackets. Jacket and fleece are about the same thickness, yet we wear the fleece under the armour. So if you just wear the jacket (with no fleece) whats the difference between the two? IMO what ever is the most comfuy for the officer and so long as you and your crew mate match.
  14. A.Smith

    Thinking of moving stations...

    Back on topic....Winchester is lovely.
  15. A.Smith


    You could be waiting years.