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SC James

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  1. SC James

    Last friday before pay day

    Whilst I agree with your decision to act robustly and deal with it as a potential criminal offence for sure - There is nowhere in Code G for "preventing further offences"
  2. SC James

    PC Recruitment 2014

    Hi Jonno, I was a glospol SC 2008-2012, but left to join the regulars in a different force. I often think about transferring back to Glospol (I'm eligible in June) and there would be lots of pros/cons but logistically it would be really difficult having now settled up in Buckinghamshire. I was told that a radio interview with the Glos CC suggested there is an intake of 19 officers, so not very many. If you're giving it a go, I wish you best of luck! Cheers, James
  3. SC James

    Removal of Youtube Video

    Interesting reply mate, how could I possibly be accused of harrassment by simply requesting a video be removed? If anything, I would argue that this chap posting videos online revealing my identity without consent, could constitute the beginning of a course of conduct towards harrassing me!
  4. SC James

    Removal of Youtube Video

    I am well aware that people regularly film police and put them on youtube. I am also well aware that it's not illegal to film police officers in most circumstances in public. That said, I have appeared on youtube, and I'm not happy about it. I'm not unhappy about my actions, it relates to my involvement in the arrest of someone which is perfectly lawful, and I would have no problem with PSD or anyone else viewing the video - they would conclude the police were professional and lawful througout. Now I already know it's not illegal to film (although we did have to take his phone off him to handcuff him) - but what's the score with placing it on youtube? I know it's not a criminal matter so no action can be taken there. I want the video removed, purely because I don't like the fact I'm publically on film in uniform on the internet like that (not because the video shows me doing anything wrong). I note youtube have a process for requesting removal of vids. One of the options is "I appear on youtube without my consent". Well - that fits, doesn't it? I can't stop him filming me, but I sure as anything didn't or wouldn't consent to said film being placed online? On that basis, is there any reason I can't use YouTube's process to request removal of this video? Should I take advice from work before I do this? The uploader (eg the arrestee) will obviously get a notifiction that removal has been requested, and will undoubtedly work out where this has come from - does that matter? I don't think so, but just wanted opinions before I submit the youtube privacy form... Cheers all
  5. SC James

    SE1 News: Off-duty special assaulted

    I find that quite hard to believe. I'm not saying you're being intentionally misleading, but I bet you've been in that position without even realising it. You learn from your mistakes.
  6. A little while ago, I was driving (off duty) along a fast moving 'A road' at around 10pm. Not much traffic, maybe a car per minute coming towards me. It was unlit, pitch dark, and in all honesty, I was slightly tired, though felt fine driving. As I went around a bend, somewhere near the national speed limit of 60mph, I saw a figure in the corner of my eye on the other side of the road. I thought I imagined it... and started to be thankful home was only 15 mins away - but something in my mind was really nagging at me, so I turned around, and went back for a look. I drove slowly, and, as I returned back to where I was, I saw a figure of a person in the road. Wearing all black clothing. Bearing in mind no lighting, this person is nearly invisible, and is walking with their back to the traffic... lethal. I cautiously put my passenger window down and pulled alongside them to ask if they were ok, while putting my hazard lights on. I v soon saw it was a very old gentleman. He didn't have a clue where he was, what he was doing, how he got there! I didn't ID myself at any point, but I was convinced he would be hit by traffic and killed, on this A road, if he was left there. I asked him if he wanted a lift home, and gave me an address. I put it into the sat nav... and it was 8 miles away!! I can't see how he'd have walked that without being killed. I took him there, no probs doing that... but constantly I was thinking how did this old guy get so far from home!!! Anyhow, I dropped him home, and left him with his younger brother. I didn't speak to any relatives, but they took him in and were obviously pleased to see him back and all was in order. A week later, I did a door knock in uniform, just to check welfare and see if we could help with anything. Turns out the chap was a dementia sufferer, and couldn't remember one day to the next. The family were pleased to have the mystery of who brought him home cleared up, and learn about where he was found. I visited his daughter, and spent a long time chatting. Then created a referral for the relevent agencies to support him as best as they can. No crime committed, no crime solved.... but a brilliant feeling.. and reminds me why I joined the job full time
  7. SC James


    Hi Chris, If it's been some time, I'm sure they wouldn't take exception to a quick email. Often best to get answers from the horses mouth in these circumstances That said - the thread by OJB explains his latest news
  8. SC James


    To Echo the above, good call with the patience, guys. You've passed the first test!
  9. Just a quick update! Many thanks firstly for all the replies, especailly the most recent one. The problem is, without the missing item, the other goods are no more than paperweights (they are all electronically paired to each other). So I think it's reasonable to ask for a full refund. I put this request in to the courier, explaining how I didn't feel they fulfilled the contract, and were negligent with the parcel, not treating it with suitable care. Polite, friendly, and firm. At their request i've provided pictures of the inside and out of the box (Sent by my recipient), collection note, and other info. It's being "reviewed" - so I'll await the outcome Cheers Again !
  10. SC James

    how would you deal with this?

    No power to report for any traffic offences - you're in plain clothes
  11. Bingo. Just read the T and C's of the company, who arranged it all. Not yodel, but an online parcel delivery website who use yodel as a carrier. It says if they cannot deliver, they may leave a neighbour, but in all cases, will get a signature. I think this has some legs, I intend to fight it all the way.
  12. Thanks for the replies, guys. Definiately no signature, and definitely a split package and half the contents missing on arrival. The expensive contents, at that. As to weather it was Yodel? No comment!!
  13. Sorry, I should have said.. I'm not seeking "legal advice" - just opinions from other 'reasonable people' on what they would do. Hope that clarifies
  14. In a nutshell... A friend of mine, who lives in another part of the UK, purchased some audio equipment from me. Not run of the mill stuff, included some car navigation items too. Total value, around £300, however, to him the cost was £200. I packaged them all up, in lots of bubble wrap, and all in a big box. The courier were due to collect on a certain day - and didn't. They were then due to collect on another day - and didn't. I chased them - and they finally colleteced On Saturday afternoon, my mate came home, to find a card through his door. It said they had left the item around the back, and had not obtained a signature for it. He went around the back, to find the box looking as he described (like they had played football with it), a huge split, and half the items missing. I didn't take out the couriers insurance, BUT, do I have any comeback on the following points 1) no signature obtained 2) Although the insurance is for loss of a parcel or damage to something inside during transit... you do not reasonably expect a courier company to mistreat a parcel to the extent that it gains a huge split and items are lost? I'd appreciate thoughts Cheers, James
  15. SC James

    Failing to Stop?

    Following him in an unmarked corsa with no emergency equipment, you will not stand a chance of getting a "fail to stop" home in court. All sorts of defences will be argued, such as didn't know it was Police, thought it was fake police due to no blue lights etc.... HOWEVER once you've opened his door (assuming you're in uniform) and have screamed at him that you are Police and to stop... he commits the offence of failing to stop when he drives off. But even then - it should be noted that he may try and use a defence that he thought you were fake coppers. As an aside, (And it's not a dig mate, I know very well what gets said in Police cars ) just be careful about using terminology such as nutter / loon. I know we all say things we ideally shouldn't in the privacy of the car/office, but be careful about it on a public forum Out of interest, what was the outcome? PNC and visit RO / contemp interview and report for driving offences? Was he a drink driver / car stolen? Maybe under influence or medically imparied somehow? Ps - if this is resulting in a prosecution, EG, not disposed... be very cagey with what you say, no specifics