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  1. THFC87

    Could a Surrey Officer...

    PM sent
  2. THFC87

    Mount Browne - Advice?

    Hows it all going up at HQ? Hope your enjoying it!
  3. THFC87

    Mount Browne - Advice?

    Good luck to all those that start training at HQ tomorrow!
  4. THFC87

    Mount Browne - Advice?

    Hey forzaf1 When i started for the regs in September i kept as much as i could, the only things i got asked to give back were epaulette sliders with my fin on, baton, cs spray and any hats etc that had surrey special constabulary on them and obviously my warrant card. I did initially give back my radio aswell, but got an email from the airwave team telling me to bring in my old radio to have it reprogrammed to my new fin, and that i wouldn't be issued a new airwave set. I still went along to stores and got fitted up for extra wicking shirts and cargo trousers, hats etc
  5. THFC87

    Mount Browne - Advice?

    Hey chribi Firstly Congrats on getting a start date! Yes there is a gym at HQ, its located in the pavilion near to the tennis courts and it is a very small room, but it has the basic equipment you will need. On your first day they will show you around and tell you how you can gain access to it, feel free to PM if you have anymore questions!
  6. THFC87

    The chit and chat thread

    Hey Donks The role-plays have been going pretty well, can't give too much away but make sure you know all your definitions before you start as it will give you a head start on the training!
  7. THFC87

    The chit and chat thread

    Glad your enjoying it! Only 2 weeks left to go for us PC's!
  8. THFC87

    The chit and chat thread

    Well Done! Hope you enjoy your training!
  9. THFC87

    Uniform Fitting

    I would prefer it!
  10. THFC87

    Uniform Fitting

    Cheers Chuckster! No won't be gone for too long lol
  11. THFC87

    The chit and chat thread

    Hey giraffe hopefully see you out and about as I'm hoping for staines as my posting after training!
  12. THFC87

    Uniform Fitting

    Cheers Giraffe!
  13. THFC87

    Uniform Fitting

    Hey Liam Well done on passing everything, I should also be starting on the 5th September but will be on the PC intake as apparently they are training PC,PCSO's and PSO's altogether for the basics as a trial. See you then!