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  1. havent heard off you for a while, hows things mate?

  2. yoyo longtime no see! hows the regs application coming along?

  3. AshSpecial

    Its only rubbish

    That would be my actions as well - those that Seven has described!
  4. You still only have 4 stars even though I gave you one today. :(

  5. AshSpecial

    NorPol Tittle Tattle

    I agree!! I blame KT, all KT!!! Haha just joking my good friend
  6. Empty your inbox and I can reply lol!

  7. Dropping in to say hello and to see how you are doing. Watchout for the flying fists. I got caught with one this weekend. Split the lip and bloodied the nose. This only like the 6th time. Well, good day.

  8. AshSpecial

    Random Chat Topic

    Are you joking!?? Aww he really is old haha.
  9. yoyo mate, hows life treatin you, hope you doin good

  10. I aint bad mate, living the dream!!!! You well?

  11. Bernie - how you doin??

  12. hello mate, hows the life of the specials goin? hope your havin a good one

  13. Im on holiday mate. Goin to Cyprus! Wooo lol

  14. Welcome to NorPol!! We are a cracking bunch!