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  1. prottsie

    What I Did On Duty

    Your rank Special Sergeant Your length of service 3.5 years Your location Woking, Surrey Your planned duty hours 1900 – 0100 (finished at 0330) A quick account from my shift last night! Arrived at Woking for 1900 to pick up two fairly new Specials to go out triple crewed. Phoned the Response team Sarge to find out if she was happy for us to go out and play in the van… she was more than happy for us to do so, especially as a triple female crewed unit and that they’re short on crewing for the night. She even called us ‘Charlie’s Angels’ - always makes us smile to know that the Regs are appreciative of us being out and about!! First few hours were a bit Q – did some patrol, checked an attended vehicle in a car park to make sure it was all in order and gave words of advice – narrowly missed being able to get one of my tutees to issues a VDRS. About 2100 decided to head toward our favourite Chinese in Horsell for some dinner, but just as we’re about to pull up, get sent to anti social behaviour in one of the local parks. Last day of school for loads this week, so about 50+ kids down the park – although no booze could be found!! Strong words of advice given to one girl who was mouthing off to us in front of her friends – a threat to take her back to her parents and separating her from the group soon earnt us an apology though and we moved them away from the residential area and told them to keep the noise down – didn’t get any more calls back that evening!! Were then sent to a sus activity, but just as we were about to arrive on scene (to assist another unit) we heard the Force Control Room (FCR) send a response unit from quite some distance away to reports of a 4yr old boy having been found wandering round the communal area of a block of flats. A neighbour had found him and was unable to get the Dad to wake up to answer the door… we offered ourselves up as we were closer, although unable to respond on blues and twos L which meant we got there the same time as another Unit. About 10 minutes of banging on the door, phoning his mobile, pressing the buzzer, shouting through the windows – and as we were about to put the door in (4 female Cops!!) he answered the buzzer!! Spent about an hour there as at first he was very anti police, and fairly drunk, but we spoke to Emergency Social Services, our Skipper and each other and decided that we were happy for the boy to stay in his Dad’s care, but we put a really strong ‘Child Coming to Notice’ report in to Social Services and our Child Protection team when we got back to the station. We then had to transport a prisoner who had been nicked earlier in the day for Breach of the Peace up to A&E as he needed medication. Quite a frail chap, alcoholic, prescription medication abuser, lives in a tent behind a school!! One of my tutees sat in the back of the van with him, she’s an air hostess by day, and he was feeling sick, she did a blinding job of reassuring him, putting his seatbelt on and looking after him!! Once we got him checked in at A&E we then headed back to the station to finish paperwork!! A fairly Q shift, but the tutees got to experience some response jobs and find out what needs to be done when transporting prisoners to A&E and got to meet the A&E staff – who we spend quite a lot of time them!! Am off for another shift tomorrow day...but it’s all sssshhhhhh as plain clothes job
  2. prottsie

    The chit and chat thread

    that hill is even worse when practicing PSU scenarios!!!
  3. good shift last night tutoring two newbie Specials :)