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  1. Tim_R

    Considering a move from Met to Dorset

    Hey @BigPapaMike.... Did you make the transfer? I'm thinking of doing the same from Surrey. Any words of wisdom if so?
  2. Tim_R

    Police Drone Pilots

    Just wondering if there are any Specials who are authorised to fly their police force drones? Hopefully just about to be authorised to do so myself and wondered if there are any others? Also - anyone know what training your force pilots go through if they have the capability? Surrey Police use the Aeryon Skyranger https://www.aeryon.com/aeryon-skyranger. Any other hardware in use out there?
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-33394079 Surrey Police body camera pledge by PCC4 July 2015 From the sectionSurrey Surrey's Chief Constable has launched a consultation about body camerasFrontline police officers in Surrey should be wearing body cameras, the county's police and crime commissioner has said. Kevin Hurley said he was committed to providing the devices to officers. He said the cameras offered "unprecedented advantages" in gathering evidence. Surrey Police Chief Constable Lynne Owens has launched a public consultation on the issue. Mr Hurley said: "These cameras will provide unprecedented advantages in gathering evidence, deterring suspects from abusive or violent behaviour, recording all conversation between the officer and the suspect, and protecting the officer from baseless complaints. "They will mean that officers can stay on the beat instead of wasting time returning to base to write up notes. "By providing incontrovertible evidence to juries, they will also save time and costs in the courts." He added the cameras would be purchased as soon as the chief constable has made recommendations on procurement.
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-33108924 Surrey 'too expensive' for police officers, says PCC Surrey PCC Kevin Hurley wants a pay increase for police officersSurrey Police has lost experienced officers because the area is too expensive, the county's police and crime commissioner has said. Kevin Hurley said the force had the highest rate of officers leaving in England. He wants the introduction of a "Surrey weighting", where police are paid more than the national rate. The Home Office said it would consider any recommendations made by the Police Remuneration Review Body. Speaking to BBC Surrey, Mr Hurley said: "We need to recruit 140 people this year and we've manage to recruit 32. "Additionally, our unplanned attrition has been 72 - it's therefore absolutely clear we are losing people quicker than we can recruit them. "All emergency services... are paid on national rates, but the cost of living is very different to Lincolnshire." 'Police officers' pay'There are currently 1,889 police officers in the force and 1,917 members of staff. Mr Hurley added: "You've got absolutely no chance whatsoever of buying a house in the county on police officers' pay." A Home Office spokesman said: "The Home Secretary will receive the first report of the Police Remuneration Review Body later this month and she will consider any recommendations it makes, including on regional pay. "Surrey Police officers can already be paid an extra £2,000 per year, at the discretion of the chief constable, as a south east allowance."
  5. Tim_R

    Latest Youtube video of police

    http://road.cc/content/news/137218-video-cyclist-and-police-panto-chat-about-pedestrian-zone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SetkfgXFd8U
  6. Tim_R

    Blue LED lights

    Guardian lights! That's the one... Cheers!
  7. Tim_R

    Blue LED lights

    Does anyone know who makes the small blue led lights that can be clipped or strapped onto things that you may have seen on some officers to aid visability at night? They look very similar to this: http://www.safequip.co.uk/products/lifejackets-and-buoyancy-aids/pfd-accessories/pfd-light-and-strobe/ But also come in blue and have a removable back plate that can either take a strap or a clip. I had one on my search dog that I've now lost and no matter what genius googling I've thought of I just can't find the company I'm thinking of! I think they are a diving light.
  8. Over the top? Not even close according to the 'mericans... http://www.policestateusa.com/2013/john-geer-shot-by-police/ Police shot unarmed man, drove armored truck through door when he didn’t exit on command A Virginia man loses his family and then his life thanks to the swift justice of the local police department. Posted on October 30, 2013 by O.D. in News
  9. Tim_R

    Situations dealt with off duty

    I've done a few from RTC's (One really serious with everyone properly flapping - having a police officer telling people what to do really helped) to helping out uniformed officers rolling round on the floor with a detainee fighting back. Most comical one related to this was driving down a motorway and a truck dropped what looked like a washing machine in a box off the back and it had come to rest in lane 1 right next to an off ramp. I couldn't stop safely from where I was so phoned 999 to get a unit towards and basically said 'Hi, I'm off duty special etc etc. There is a box laying in lane 1 at this location that is a danger etc etc'. The call handler kind of paused a bit and sounded a bit dubious so I continued by saying, 'It is a really big box that could do some real damage if a car hits it'. Call handler then went through a few other details and then said 'So was it dead or alive?' A short conversation ensued where it emerged that the call handler thought I had called 999 to report a fox laying in the road! We had a chuckle about it on the phone and they sent a unit out to move it, and when I checked the incident report at the police station it was marked down as an initial 'Animals' incident!
  10. Yup - no more Christmas only rescues.
  11. If anyone local to Surrey is interested in coming and meeting the Search & Rescue team then there is a fun day at Brooklands College on Sunday. https://www.facebook.com/sursar
  12. Tim_R

    Surrey New Fleet

    A number of unmarked vehicles have made their way from Sussex now that the 2 forces are collaborating....
  13. Yup, Surrey. Not the Christmas car for much longer though, it's about to go off for re-branding in accordance with new guidelines for Search & Rescue (Orange & White battenburg)
  14. Yup... that is the exact type we are looking at, except you can get WAY cheaper on ebay and amazon.
  15. Thanks TrafficRat, that is exactly what I'm after, and AnthonyB, also great information. BlueBob, sorry, but I just don't understand the point you are tying to get at. We are fully trained in this area, so how does adding warning lighting to a scene not constitute adding safety to our working practices?! And yes Ipoolalan, we are an ALSAR team, which if others aren't aware is the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue. We are 100% self and donation funded so have to buy all the kit ourselves which is why I was looking at getting some warning beacons. They may not even be used on a road but better to have a bit of kit and not need it rather than need something and not have it. In terms of why we might need to warn traffic of our presence, just one example is statistically there is a very high chance that a dementia sufferer - which is one of or main call out types - will follow a road or path rather than head off into the woods (other misper types do this as well). We may find this person at 3 am on a road with no pavement in the middle of nowhere (My team covers a lot of rural areas) when the roads are quiet but traffic could be moving very fast. If that person is in need of urgent medical assistance then the team finding the misper will have their hands full dealing with that situation to possibly save their life and we may be at that scene for a length of time before Police/Ambulance back up arrives, let alone any other vehicle (bear in mind we are foot searching normally). Having small led warning beacons with us would provide excellent warning to oncoming traffic, thus thinking blue would be more noticeable and warn traffic of a genuine emergency rather than orange which could just suggest roadworks and not slow down as much as we'd perhaps hope they would, or even just around a blind corner.