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    l I would suggest you go and read up a little bit about mental health... there is no point discussing this matter with you whilst you see the world in absolute black and white and have no concept of the complexities of mental health patients.
  2. 2 points
    Warrant card, proximity card, driving license, police fed membership card, debit card, gym member card and McDonald's coffee bean thing. It doubles up as my wallet and is always in my pocket. I can feel when it's not there, it's a part of me now.
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    Is now a bad time to mention I've never cleaned my stabby?
  4. 2 points
    In the mean time @Beaker, hopefully these should help. (Sorry the photos are so huge)
  5. 2 points
    This really isn't going to go anywhere other than round in circles so I'm closing the topic. I suspect this is for personal reasons too...
  6. 2 points
    "help the community out" You're joking right? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. 2 points
    The met are still buying Monadnock batons, if anyone has been issued a deanside one you can just go into your shared support and ask really nicely if they'll swap yours out. There's a thing on twitter asking everyone who has one to submit a "near miss" everyone it fails to open/close...
  8. 2 points
    Here's mine. Let me know if you have any questions.
  9. 2 points
    I would like to know how he managed to hang on to his helemet in 9 yrs mine has never stayed during a bundle
  10. 1 point
    Dear All, Any help/advice you can give me with this will be greatly appreciated. I am a uniformed regular Inspector currently running two frontline intervention teams across two CSP's. I have a number of specials who frequently work alongside our shift and I am very grateful for the support they give. However, I most frequently see them on public order shifts which is absolutely fine- (it's nice to have the whole team in the van as it brings down social barriers and builds good working relationships). Other than doing this and where possible trying to involve specials in arrests and team jobs etc.... What suggestions do you have for me? What can I do to make specials enjoy their duty time more? Are there more things I can do to make specials feel like a substantial part of the team? What do you secretly hope an Inspector will do when you join a team? In short- I want specials to want to be on my team. I want them to feel productive and happy when doing their tours of duty and I want them to feel they are contributing as much as possible and gathering any evidence they might want to gather. I know about response courses and taser etc etc, but I have in actuality little control over this- These issues are largely a force policy rather than a local management issue. My post is more about what can I do and the regulars on my team do to make the special contingent feel happy and productive. Any answers don't need to be nice-I want the best and worst of specials experiences-Essentially I want to learn from your good and bad experiences and your opinions. Kind Regards HMS
  11. 1 point
    It's funny, every new generation of office says exactly the same thing. And an urgent assistance is always the example used. This is precisely the opposite of what you should do. If, and I say that in the circumstances you manage not to have a collision or be the cause of one, you get to the job any responsible officer should be calling up traffic and ensuring you are stuck on. The likely outcome being a gross misconduct allegation for disobeying orders and instructions and a key piece of evidence will be the "statement of expectation for a basic driver" you would have signed. Also, such public and blatant disregard for disobeying the rules is not very professional, is arbitrary as why just disobey for this type of call - there are others where police are urgently needed on scene and finally, if you follow my good advice and get on a course, upon its completion you too will undoubtedly agree with my assertion. Put simply, do not use exemptions when not trained how to, ever, for any reasons.
  12. 1 point
    Carnt wait. Thing we should do it in full kit so it's more real.
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    Stabs officer 3 times in the abdomen... "cleared of attempted murder".. what a joke of a justice system this has become... how on earth could anyone argue repeatedly stabbing someone isn't "attempted murder"? He's not a surgeon... or a paramedic.. he doesn't know where all the veins or arteries are...... hit one of those the PC's likely dead within minutes.
  14. 1 point
    You're awesome. Thanks for that.
  15. 1 point
    Hi All, Very much enjoying browsing the forum, so many useful topics! My current application status is that I'm waiting for my assessment centre date to come round with Warwickshire specials. I'm focusing on improving my fitness up to and maintaining level 6. Any help/advice is welcomed with open arms. Thanks
  16. 1 point
    I like John Sutherland's writing anyway, and have this on preorder. He was one person whos blog and, articles I was told to read.
  17. 1 point
    Damian, There are likely ex-specials turned regular here. If you feel your training is the same as theirs I would suggest you speak to them- You may be surprised. With regard to you/anyone else needing TASER, I type this having in the last hour returned from a reported knife fight between males and yes I arrived first. I don't have a TASER either, nor have I ever had one- I am not authorised to carry. I am in exactly the same boat as everyone else here with the difference that I Police a minimum of 40hrs a week and I go to almost all the most violent jobs on my patch which is a very wide urban area with a number of active OCG's, and I do just fine without one- I have other tactical options and have been doing the job for 22 years without the TASER option in my repertoire. TASER is a situational tool. It is not much use in the middle of a fight- I wonder what situations you think a TASER would have stopped the brawl that ensued... Most regulars don't have them and exposure for exposure to danger, by hours per week and days per year and likelihood of assignment,for a regular I continue to feel is likely to far exceed that even of the most highly houred Special. I don't expect Constables or even most Sergeants to think beyond what tools they feel would assist them in doing their jobs. The public perception issue though IS one of huge strategic importance to us as an organisation. I personally am fairly blaise about TASERS and their usage- (they approximate to batons in my mind if not in the continuum of force) and as such I have little to no reservations about most/all officers being issued with them. However, I do realise that our relationship with the public might be compromised if our TASER deployments went through the roof due to general issue and the public equated it with routine arming. While the public remain unsupportive we walk a very narrow line in increasing what is perceived our use of force capability. That on the other hand does concern me as the good will of the public is worth taking some strategic risks for. You may perceive the "argument" as "wearing thin", but with respect it is not for you to say. That is a strategic command decision and you are a community based Special Constable with a tactical view of policing limited to your experience. One of the things that does make me a little twitchy is officers that really seem to WANT Taser. Then they start talking about taking it home. Then the situations that they think it would have helped, and it doesn't fit with my view of when it's appropriate to use..... I start wondering why... Your comment about using it/having it to prevent a brawl- Again it makes me think ...No not yet.... Not for that officer, and one of the things I do is decide who on my teams gets trained and who doesn't. An officer that sees TASER as one of a number of tactical options and calmly draws it/holsters it as appropriate to the unfolding situation is the one I write up for it. The officer that sees it as a defence to violence less so. I'm afraid I take our relationship with the public very seriously. When I dictate to officers about when and how they use force, those instructions are orders. I give those instructions with the benefit of many years of experience of dealing with some very, very violent individuals combined with my sense of duty to the public we protect. Those orders are backed up with the seniority of my rank and the acceptance of my vicarious responsibility for the actions of my team. Politely put- If you really want a TASER, please don't tell me/us public perception doesn't matter or argue about what you should be using it for, because someone like me will stop you ever getting one. Until you allow us to teach you and you can be seen to have the cool maturity to stick to that training under pressure you won't be given one. Meanwhile your peers around you who are willing to learn will be trained and given that extra tactical option to use when they have need of it. Kind Regards HMS
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    Of course. I find my cape is invaluable for covering a lady's modesty and my whistle for summoning assistance when in pursuance of wastrels and vagabonds.
  19. 1 point
    Mate I revised all the definitions in the workbook that your given called Student Officer Revision Booklet, it has everything you need, plus in the exam you'll need to apply those definitions to the questions to help identify the answer, some people may say different but that's how I revised and I passed with 65% in November!
  20. 1 point
    On that note, doughnuts are suitable in some forces!
  21. 1 point
    Don't think affray would really apply here as they haven't threatened unlawful violence towards another, you make the point about paying to see a boxing match, however theres a clear difference between a closed venue opposed to a local park. Could however consider S5 Public order as the behaviour could be seen to be disorderly behaviour.
  22. 1 point
    I'd take the focus away from the patient by lifting my hi vis jacket over my head and running up and down the pavement whilst squawking like a parrot and shouting "who's a pretty boy then".
  23. 1 point
    There are perfectly competent Specials who could outshine many a regular - especially with humility and enthusiasm, however it would be unfair to the public having to wait for a Special to get back to them not knowing when they may next be in. Having said that there are weeks that go by where the MoP is still none-the-wiser because the regular has 'put it on the back burner as it's not urgent'. It may not be urgent to them, but it's important to the MoP. Yes the role is different, but the gap is closing. Naturally doing anything voluntarily makes it feel like it's more of a hobby than a job and therefore the volunteer likely to feel more enthusiastic than the paid employee - they have to be there and this is a benefit of any voluntary role. The issue is it really shows and in some cases Specials are better managed by their superiors than the Regs by theirs - extremely apparent by the insidious passive-aggression shared by middle-management too, and those in Ivory Towers not being assertive as they once was for fear of retribution or being branded sexist/racist/ageist/bully et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What you're left with is a "lovely. Everything is lovely. Let's have a lovely chat about this over a lovely cup of lovely coffee bought from the lovely woman down the road in that lovely shop.". Weak. 'Nice' may get you respect for being a nice person, but being disciplined yet personable will gain you a greater amount of respect for a job well done and leading effectively.
  24. 1 point
    Is the pc assessment centre any different to the sc assessment centre for the btp ?
  25. 1 point
    Is enjoying being a 5x5 strong woman will need a spotting partner soon though