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    The met are still buying Monadnock batons, if anyone has been issued a deanside one you can just go into your shared support and ask really nicely if they'll swap yours out. There's a thing on twitter asking everyone who has one to submit a "near miss" everyone it fails to open/close...
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    It's not though, I was at Fairford at RIAT when the Russian jets had a mid air, I was with RMP and we had to guard the crash site because there was a lack of RAFP and US Security, there was, however, these guys in suits, which we assumed were the US version of SIB
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    Of course. I find my cape is invaluable for covering a lady's modesty and my whistle for summoning assistance when in pursuance of wastrels and vagabonds.
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    Do you also wear a cape and use a Police Call Box/Whistle instead of a PR?
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    If you come across this drivel on SM etc and fancy some fun ask the following, as I've never got an answer yet. 2 part question 1. You usually refer to the Magna Carta, in simple terms is this not a list of Do's and Dont's. What can be done and not done? That were agreed, written down and signed by the Sovereign King of the day. 2 Are not laws and statutes of today, sets of rules, do's and dont's, can and cant's, that are agreed, written down and signed by the Sovereign Queen (Royal Ascent) of the day? I've Never got a reply. Sent from my PLK-L01 using Tapatalk
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    Yep, sounds about right. Speaking to a guy I knew (trained with him at Richmond RLC for the specials), he's now a regular in training, gone down the IPS route, he said durning training they take home about £1,700 a month, basically what I earnt in my last job. Some months I was taking home £2,300 and £2,400 respectively, quite scary to think you can be a PC and take home less than what I was earning in some dull boring IT job. As much as I think the salary is decent enough, I feel it should definitely be higher, however I really feel for Kent Police who I looked at applying for, they start on a mere £23,000... and that INCLUDES the weighting allowance!
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    If I have any advice for Specials or new regulars that I think is particularly useful it's this- Don't get into something you won't finish. Don't tell someone to pick up litter they dropped unless you are willing to write the ticket. Don't start policing bad behaviour unless you see an offence and are willing to deal with it. Spitting on the floor? Do you really want to be left wondering what to do next if the little oik tells you to foxtrot Oscar ? You want to be that special that brought a 15 year old boy into a busy custody suite because he wouldn't wipe up his spit? Or would you rather be the officer that backed down in public and didn't act after making an ultimatum ? Pick your fights. Not only will it stop you coming off as officious you will also make a fool of yourself a lot less.
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    You're unlikely to get a charge of affray authorised for a couple of blokes slapping each other about. It could quite easily be a s5 offence - the court would confirm whether or not it considered the behaviour to be disorderly, although where violence is used it may not be the most suitable offence to charge.
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    Disagree with ABH as it's not unlawful physical violence, both parties are consenting to fighting and consent is a defence to that, plus they're not going to wish to make a complaint and complete a statement if they were consenting to practising a martial art... Again, affray wouldn't be the appropriate offence in my opinion as unlawful violence hasn't been threatened or used against another person, both parties are consenting.
  10. 1 point
    They arnt causing fear of violence, they are actually hitting each other. Surely its abh if you want to go down that route?
  11. 1 point
    Don't think affray would really apply here as they haven't threatened unlawful violence towards another, you make the point about paying to see a boxing match, however theres a clear difference between a closed venue opposed to a local park. Could however consider S5 Public order as the behaviour could be seen to be disorderly behaviour.
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    I'd explain that you can NOT have a fight in a public place. I would make it clear in no uncertain terms that if they continue they will both be getting nicked for affray which is an offence under section 3 of the Public Order Act 1986 and I will make sure to tell their instructor.
  13. 1 point
    Is this the video you're referring to?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ6lW3eEi8c
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    When we were prepping for attestation, we were pointedly told not to refer to the Chief Constable with " Cheers mate" after a previously attesting Special did so. Not the best start
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    Here's mine. Let me know if you have any questions.
  16. 1 point
    Try to hit the floor as quick as you can when you hear the shout of AIR MARSHAL and you might avoid getting broken in the mêlée
  17. 1 point
    There are perfectly competent Specials who could outshine many a regular - especially with humility and enthusiasm, however it would be unfair to the public having to wait for a Special to get back to them not knowing when they may next be in. Having said that there are weeks that go by where the MoP is still none-the-wiser because the regular has 'put it on the back burner as it's not urgent'. It may not be urgent to them, but it's important to the MoP. Yes the role is different, but the gap is closing. Naturally doing anything voluntarily makes it feel like it's more of a hobby than a job and therefore the volunteer likely to feel more enthusiastic than the paid employee - they have to be there and this is a benefit of any voluntary role. The issue is it really shows and in some cases Specials are better managed by their superiors than the Regs by theirs - extremely apparent by the insidious passive-aggression shared by middle-management too, and those in Ivory Towers not being assertive as they once was for fear of retribution or being branded sexist/racist/ageist/bully et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. What you're left with is a "lovely. Everything is lovely. Let's have a lovely chat about this over a lovely cup of lovely coffee bought from the lovely woman down the road in that lovely shop.". Weak. 'Nice' may get you respect for being a nice person, but being disciplined yet personable will gain you a greater amount of respect for a job well done and leading effectively.
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    Baton, cuffs, captor, leatherman and first aid pouch with gloves and mask on belt. notebook and pens in pocket and torch was on my vest on a click fast dock. You will soon find what you will need to carry and what is excess weight to carry those foot patrols, excess kit/pouches will get in your way in the car too.... Being new and eager you may want to spend out on excess bits of Gucci kit but they will soon end up loose at the bottom of your kit bag.... Matthew
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    A legal disclaimer is bound to be added to this thread at some point, but I'd visit the person you issued the 172 to and if the details turn out to be false, you could consider fixing him with Failing to Provide under s.172 (3), or potentially, Perverting the Course of Justice.
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    I carry a second pair of force issued cuffs in my kit bag too and spot on about if you want an extra pair; just ask stores for them. And when you go to a cannabis factory during the day where the electricity has blown and all the windows are boarded up, you definitely wont need a torch. Just make sure you ate lots of carrots the night before. Besides which, those with tac-vests might not have any of that on their belt.
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    You misunderstand. I'm advising him that if he turns up on his first shift with customised kit, he will look a wally. It's like me telling you not to put a tea-cosy on your head because you'll look a plonker.
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    Something longer, you say? I can't guarantee 100% accuracy on this one, since I've had a couple shifts since, but here we go: Rank: Special Constable Length of service: 3.5 months Location: High Wycombe Planned duty hours: 22:00-07:00 Out for a Friday night shift with the regs. I arrive slightly early at 21:30 and kit up, check my e-mails and so on. At about 21:50 we go in for briefing and get crewed up. It turns out that we're on town centre foot patrol until 4AM, which we had previously been told we were not, but such is life. Fortunately I'm put in the Transit van with two other reg officers, so less walking around for us, which we're somewhat pleased about since it's a bit wet out. A little after 22:00 we're off and patrolling around the town, making ourselves known and nice and visible as the revelers are getting into the swing of things. After some time driving around and occasionally parking up for a bit to keep an eye on a particular area, we're called by some colleagues to help search a group of people and their car. We arrive and pile out; the searches are well underway and I'm asked to help with the car. Fortunately the vehicle is practically brand new and very clean so it's not an unpleasant job. I search every inch of the car as best I can, with a bit of help from another reg, but we turn up nothing illegal and there's also nothing on any of the occupants. All the appropriate forms are filled out and we're off again, back to the town centre. We do the same as before, driving around the town and periodically parking up to keep watch on a certain spot. After a little while we take a quick break at the nick for drinks/toilet break but we're soon out again and parked up at one of our spots to keep an eye on things outside one of the clubs. By now it's about 01:00. At about 01:05 I'm standing just outside the van with my two crew mates and two other officers when I hear a shout and look around; two door staff of the club opposite are tackling someone to the ground, knocking over an advert sign as they do so. I run in with everyone else; the man is on the ground but actively resisting, refusing to release/relax one of his arms and kicking. He's a big strong lad and full of alcohol so getting him restrained and cuffed is five-officer-effort. Once that's done he's also put in leg restraints. The door staff tell us he's previously been refused entry and has now taken a swing at them. He's put in the back of the van and I arrest him (first arrest!), giving him the caution and arrest necessity. Three of us take him back to custody in the van and start to book him in, search him etc. He's difficult with us though and the procedure takes 1.25 hours! After it's all done (about 02:40) we're then back out on foot in the town centre. But, we're barely out from the station when we get word of a fight, so we jog the rest of the way. Just before we arrive we hear "Captor Deployed" shouted over the radio. We get to the scene of the fight; a suspect is on the ground getting cuffed and a crowd has gathered, so I help keep the crowd back until the suspect is put in the back of the van. No sooner has the van driven off when my crew mate and I see the beginnings of another fight further up the street. We run over and break it up but it gets a little hairy for a moment as it seems for a couple seconds that they're going to fight with us as well, but they calm down. Nothing has really happened at this incident apart from pushing/shoving so we settle for handing out S.27 warnings to two people. The bloke I fill in and hand out mine to is obnoxious and I'm glad to see the last of him. At most a couple minutes after I'm done, yet another fight kicks off a little distance from us, we all run in and a male is tackled to the ground by a couple colleagues. I help keep an eye on things, trying to watch everywhere at once since things are now a bit tense. I'm involved in giving several people strong advice to leave. I'm standing around with several other officers keeping an eye on things when word of a new incident reaches us across the radio. It appears to me that with all the commotion/noise the Sgt, standing nearby, hasn't heard about it so I let her know and me and my crew mate end up getting sent off towards it. By the time we walk there, however, a vehicle unit is on scene and all is under control; there's no need for us to be there so we soon leave. We walk back towards the very centre, where the trouble has been and by now it's coming up for 4AM and the majority of people are either home or heading towards taxis. Not much else happens and a little while later we head back to the nick. After cooling down a little and changing call signs, me and my crew mate are asked to do a bed watch at the local hospital. It's a very short distance so we just walk to it. My colleague has brought along some statement forms for me and he lets me do a draft of my arrest statement while he does the bulk of the watching. The young woman we're watching is well behaved though and her parents are with her. Draft-statement eventually done, I end up settling into a chat with the female's parents. We're not there for quite as long as I thought we might be (but still a while) before the hospital is finished with her and we head back to the nick with another officer, who's brought a car, and hand her over. We've now got paperwork to do. I dig out my (long) arrest statement draft and type it up on the PC with some changes and additions. I get it printed off, signed and handed to my crew mate who is putting together a handover pack. By the time it's all done it's 7AM and time to go home! And to answer the question from ages ago: It was Michelle Ryan (Mish). It turns out she works here now so I've spoken with her a few times since. :D
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    Thought i would share a summary of my first shift. Hope it helps you guys and gals coming through. Arrived at the nick just before 7 and presented myself and shook hands all-round. A familiar face from training was also there for his first duty so felt better seeing a face I recognised. The team was assembling, kitting up and chewing the fat. The Sarg got em sorted and sent on there respective tasks. We were left to start our in-house induction and training. Did a tour of the nick which was quiet for a Saturday evening, so we where told. No lockers available for the foreseeable future so we will be living out of our holdalls. Got stuck into the various forms, FPN/EFPN etc, which we will be carrying, got issued radio and CS and then into a Q & A session which Sarg did his best to answer/alleviate our concerns! The team came back in for refs and then we had the night-safe brief. I kitted up and straight into the deep end, Saturday night on the strip. Huge volume of people out and about having a good time. Lots of flesh on display, a definite perk. The local criminal fraternity has targeted a local entrepreneur so we paid particular attention to his clubs and bars. Plenty of Bobbies, CCTV van and a carrier so we had a high profile. Had my photo taken numerous times with some very nice ladies and told I would be on face book. Everyone I chatted with said they liked the police presence, they felt safer and more likely to have a better time. First bit of trouble, handbags at ten paces. The aggressor was given an s27 and had to leave within 10mins and not to return for 24hrs. I just kept the people away from the SC who was issuing the warning and paperwork. Few minutes later, some meters away, a guy got head butted. We were on the offender in a flash. The victim was ok as the guy was drunk and failed to make full contact. He didn’t want to press charges so the offender was nicked, D & D and whisked away to chez nick for the remainder of the night. We went and dealt with an unconscious male. He’d drunk too much and passed out. We got him into recovery position and he started to come round. He recovered rapidly so his mates took him home. You just know you wouldn’t want his hangover in the morning! Back to the nick for 3am, quick debrief, kit away and home. Still buzzing so discovery channel, tea and toast. Don’t remember what I watched! Well what did I learn? It's going to be a massive learning curve. Eyes and ears open mouth shut, learn from all-around you. Talk to people, they are usually on side and will tell you what you want to know. Be decisive in your actions; and finally pinch an ear lobe in order to try and determine level of consciousness. On duty again Tuesday, IT systems training, custody suite and more paperwork then out and about in town.
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    Had a very busy night duty last Friday and as I was writing up for my IP status application, thought I would share it.... Special Constable, based central London borough with the Met. Full night shift (10pm-6:30am) with response, crewed in response IRV (imediate response vehicle) with regular PC response driver. I am operator. Start with briefing and crew postings, head to back yard to book on MDT (in car computer). Straight away rush off to attend I-grade (immediate) call where reports of two male intruders in garden asking to borrow knife and two more males in street with bats. I direct the driver there and read through CAD details on screen, updating the driver. We are the 2nd unit on scene. Conduct area search, receive information that intruders have left area in silver Vauxhall Astra, two up - 2 x IC3 males, driver has long hair. Spot silver Astra, two up, 2x IC3 males, driver has dreadlocked long hair. Stop, I call in to others units to inform and to get back up. Search two males and vehicle, seize scalpel with driver's consent. PNC both males. Colleague calls other unit to ask informant's cousin if the stopped males are responsible. Satisfactory stop - free to leave. Direct driver to I-grade call, south of the borough, blue and twos all the way there. Reports of male lying beaten up in road. LAS (London Ambulance Service) on scene, male drunk, poor English impeding communication. Appears to have no injuries. I call informant back using mobile number on CAD, confirm that no assault had been seen, she had called police after sighting male lying in road and concerned for welfare. Confirm no other witnesses, no allegations of assualt and no injuries and leave male with LAS. I update CAD remarks on MDT. On way to S-grade call to bus to eject drunk and incapable female who is harrassing single-crewed LAS responder. Flagged down by another bus on way driver wants two abusive females ejected from bus. Call into metcall, who confirms that CAD had already been created and will now be assigned to our callsign. Speak to driver, then to girls and then to other bus passengers. Appears two females have boarded without cash and attempted to pay by card. Driver has been unable to sell ticket, females have shouted back. Girls are ejected and instructed to catch later bus. I update remarks on CAD with MDT. Make way to previous S-grade call, but now more than one hour ago and no trace of bus, girl or LAS. I then direct driver to I-grade call, male tenant smashing up landlord's flat. Met by landlord in street, evidence of smashed property on pavement thrown from first floor flat window. Enter building and make way to flat, more property, plant pots thrown down stairs and spilled/smashed. Enter flat, more evidence of damage - broken lamp, plant pot, stereo pulled/thrown onto floor. One large, drunk male on sofa, alleges that his telly has gone. In sight and hearing of him, landlord alleges that tenant has lost his temper and he has witnessed him smash the property. Tenant is arrested and handcuffed rear back-to-back taken down stairs. I call up for van and check space for one at custody. As van arrives, male becomes restless and abusive. Is put in van and I sit in to observe him back custody. Continues to be abusive and starts headbutting the side of the van. Welcome party of 4 inc myself and driver waiting, I escort into custody and hold male with driver. Continues to become more aggressive and abusive. Instruction given from custody sgt to take male to cell. I have hold of one arm, bring male safely to ground on matress in cell, I begin to search. Male shouting, complaining about cuffs, trying to roll over and lift head/torso off ground. I have both knees on shoulder and back to stop him getting up. Roll onto sides to empty pockets and take belt, male very aggressive. Start to take cuffs off, male tries to take hands and arms back under body to lift himself off ground, struggling to take back and put into goosenecks. I have hold of other arm with cuffs on and am holding it down as well as tryin to keep my balance of knees on back to prevent him getting up. Other cuff comes off, arms secured, property collected and out of cell, I am the second to last officer to leave the cell and pull the driver backwards and slam the door shut. Male is kicking, banging door and swearing. Driver and I present to sgt to seek authorisation to detain, which is granted. I bag up personal property and complete the book 66 entries and bag labels. We both go to canteen and begin to write up EABs. Within 5 minutes, calls to all units comes out to get to bar where 200 people are fighting. Whole station clears and a convoy of vehicles leave the yard on blues and twos. Attend scene where bar is being cleared out and units already on scene are struggling to deal with affray arrests and clear huge crowd - shoving and pushing is happening. I and other officers begin to clear crowd - telling people to leave, pulling/pushing people back when they try to refuse. Just in front of us another fight breaks out between 15-20 people, some jumping in the air to land punches on those further away. I and others push forward and pull back those involved. Other officers make arrests while I push back to crowds of people trying to surge forward. One male is trying to push past and squares up to me when I push him back. I warn him under s5 PO and instruct to leave the area. I continue to intruct people to leave. I then see the male has returned and is arguing with another officer. I pull him back and shout that I had just told him to leave, his friend appears and tries to take him home. I tell him and his friend that if I see him again, he will be nicked. The crowd is clearing now and more officers are arriving en masse from the surrounding boroughs. We begin to draw down as the crowd clears. Half an hour later, I am back in the vehicle heading back to station to complete paperwork when a car driving erratically passes us. Suspecting a drunk driver, we agree to turn round and check it out. Once behind, I run a PNC check. The operator reads back that the vehicle has been involved in a firearms incident and is not to be stopped without Trojan assistance. I imediately request Trojan support and continue to provide metcall with a commentary of vehicle location as we follow it (from some distance) several miles into neighbouring borough. The vehicle stops and two males exit. I circulate descriptions to metcall and Trojan who are closing in. The ARV (armed response vehicle, aka Trojan) passes us and stops the two men. They are searched and declared clean, so my colleague and I move in to completed thorough search of vehicle and males. Nothing found and as I confirm ID and PNC check them, colleague calls up metcall to find the circumstances of the firearms incident. They are not arrestable and so details are collected and addresses confirmed. Back at the nick now to completed EAB for criminal damage arrest, CRIS report for criminal damage (both of which I do) and a CRIMINT entry for the firearms vehicle stopped. I also book the scalpel into book 105 and assist with handover pack for CPU (case progression unit). It is 6:45 now and time for home!
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    Rank: Section Officer Length of Service: 12 years Force: West Yorkshire, Ops Suppport Division. Time of Duty: 1600 x 2400 - actually got off at 0130 FOOTBALL DUTY - LEEDS v MILLWALL - FEB 09 1600 - Parade and get my kit loaded into the van. I am part of the Ops Suport Division and we are today going to "receive" the official Millwall coaches and escort them to the ground and then will be the tactical reserve during and after. Our Sgt has been to the supervisors briefing and gives us a quick run down of what is going to happen. Get kitted up, full PSU overalls and I decide to put my shin pads on, everything else in my bag. Get my NATO helmet out and straight baton and put it in the van, we have learnt that these are no good left in your bag if you need them quick!! We are part of the 2 full OSU (Ops Support Unit) PSUs on tonight, there are at least another 4 PSUs at the ground. Intelligence give the match a high catagory - so there is a chance of a tickle tonight. 1700 - down to a service station on the M1. The official fans have to exchange tokens for tickets and be checked off for getting into the ground. It's started to snow, we break out the flask and have a brew. This is just the waiting game really, we just have a chat for an hour or so whilst this is all happening. What a show of strength really - 6 vans, 2 traffic cars and 6 bikes. The motorcyclists must be getting bored, they make a snowman and put him on the seat of one of the bikes..... they all take photos on their phones - a youtube moment I think!! 1830 - here we go, all off and it's a full escorted convoy up the M1 to the ground. The bikes block off each junction and we fly through. I only wish the M1 was this quiet all the time. The Southbound traffic must wonder what's going off as they queue nose to tail. 1900 - as the fans arrive at the ground we escort them off their buses and to the gates. A lot of home fans are now gathering and it's getting noisy - both fans chanting now. Bronze gives us the go to form a marching cordon around them and we take them past the Billy Bremner statue to the gates. After a bit of shouting and slow walking they get in the ground. We're outside tonight so not our problem at the moment!! 2000 - the game kicks off and we're going back to our trainig school canteen for meal. Ooooh great football pie!! When we arrive it's lasagne or sausage casserole. At least it's free!! We are stood down for a bit so I check on my mates in the Force Band - they're rehearsing tonight without me. One of the old retired bobbies comments that I look like "bloody John Wayne with all that kit on", and that "we didn't have that in my day". Too true really. Anyway I leave them and go back to the van - no doggie bags tonight so we have another coffee. 2100 - Sgt tells us that Silver has given permission for NATOs and straight batons. No s60 though. We hear on the radio that bits and pieces have occurred in the ground and some outside PSUs are called inside. 2130 - Back at the ground, Leeds winning!! We form up in full PSUs just outside the away fan gates. It's getting cold now and my knees are knocking - good job I put my thermals on, but it doesn't help going from a toasty warm van to the cold!! There are too many fans on mobiles, it's cold but scarfs are now coming slightly higher up heads and starting to cover faces. It's just a waiting game now. We are deployed now to cover the statue and form a cordon. I can hear more radio traffic about incidents in the ground, we stand fast. A radio message is broadcast, Leeds have won but that doesn't usually make any difference. There are far too many Leeds fans amassing in the street outside the ground, they're not going anywhere and are waiting for the Millwall fans to come out to get on their coaches. From now on my timings are vague!! We are deployed to form a running line to clear the fans back, we are taking a lot of verbals now, the sound level is increasing and it takes about a PSU to cover the road. Fans are pushing forward and we all draw batons, we get an objective and move forward. It's getting difficult to hear commands and I have to grab my colleague to the right to avoid being "run-over" by a horse. Mounted are advancing to assist, we reform as we are trained but me and X (name not specified as I haven't got permission off them) have become detached from our serial, we are now mixed with a regular OSU serial. I can't see my team, they'll have advanced too. When you're in this situation everyone looks the same, the only identification is our high vis stabbies (only the OSU have them) everyone else has high vis jackets and the stickers on the back of our NATO helmets. Anyway the sgt taps us on the back, he know's we're with him now and we know it too. I recognise him from our training days but I don't know his name. Anyway he sets an objective and we all advance, we start taking missiles, mainly snowballs but they have stones in them, some bottles too. I put my visor down but I steam up instantly, I put it up a few clicks and it clears a bit so at least I can see!! Some of the missiles are car wing mirrors from an adjacent car dealers. We move across to the McDonalds which is near the ground, we take missiles and a lot of people are coming towards us, now I can tell why, mounted are clearing it's car park from the rear towards us. I help a few fans over the fence and manage to clear them away. We reform and the majority of the rowdy crowd are moving up Elland Road towards the motorway bridge. We clear the McD's and have to check behind the VW garage for any stragglers. I'm still with the regs serial, we hear that the units that have got to the motorway bridge are taking heavy missiles and they need more assistance.... oh dear. Sgt sets the objective and it's about a 600yd run to assist. We're overtaken by some carriers and a dog van or two. It's difficult as there are loads of parked cars and "genuine" fans. I get to the bottom of the footbridge that goes over the motorway into a housing estate towards town. I'm not cold now. We find our serial, they went another way but we all ended up in the same place. We take some refuge behing a van. On the bridge there are about 20 fans with more on the foot ramp on the other side, maybe 80-100. Three dogs are making progress against them and a PSU goes up the steps to foce them back. There's a bit of too-ing and fro-ing here but we're directed to advance too and we take the bridge. We all run down the ramp at the far end and take some ground - about 20yds - at the bottom of the ramp and form a cordon. The serials in front of us have dispersed the group into smaller groups and are now making their way through the back-to-backs. We have a bit of time to chat now, I ask where Y is? (Y is another team member) I am told he took a missile to the neck and got a prisoner at the ground. Z is also missing, I am told he too has a prisoner. I hear on the radio that prisoner transport is full and we have to take our own prisoners to the Bridewell. I hear on the radio the other serials are pushing the groups through the estate and that they are doing sporadic damage to property, cars, bins, etc. We are stood down from the bridge and we need to get back to the other lads (Y and Z), we reform and march (or sort of amble in an organised fashion) back to the ground and our van. Y has a s5 prisoner and Z has "inhereted" a prisoner off mounted!! Y is OK but has a red mark on his neck, the missile was a coin in a snowball! We van up and all comment that it doesn't feel cold anymore. 2330 - at the Bridewell now, funny thing really, we're supposed to have designated custody staff but they're on go-slow!! I get to stay with the van and the others go in. Our sgt goes in as well as they are bing funny about our "inhereted" prisoner she manages to clear it all up but I'm still on my own in the van. Custody are a law unto themselves so I make myself a coffee and sit back for the wait. I hear the designated football channel shut down and revert back to the city channel. I listen to the usual night time calls and remember how it used to be, it must be at least 5 years since I went to a domestic or a burglary.... I bet they do things differently now! 0100 - Hooray!!! We have now lodged our 2 prisoners and do the necessary paperwork!! Drive back to our base and chat about hw we did and how we managed to get split up!! 0130 - All safe and I go home. 0200 - home now but too wound up to go to sleep I surf through SKY channels and end up on the news channel with a nice cold beer. My wife and son are upstairs in bed so I keep the volume down!! An exciting one, not unusual for football but Millwall fans must get sick and tired of this "label" I wonder how the Met cope with several matches at once.... we must have had at least 6 PSUs on tonight!! So as you can see often we are doing nothing but waiting and others it's full on!!! I read in the paper the next day there were 12 lock ups for various things - all Leeds fans. Don't get this football thing though, wrong shaped ball for me. Andy Below is the Yorkshire Post version: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/leeds/Twelv...eeds.4963497.jp