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    I don't see any political attacks, merely opinions on the current state of the police service. Burnsy and BobCat are right, we have been historically slow to change and there are many areas that we could change. This does NOT mean that we should have our budgets slashed nor that we do not have the best service in the world (no one has stated or even implied that?), it merely means that we could do it better. If anything it's a criticism of the current funding situation - to affect any effective change we need more money invested, not less - I think that's the biggest failing of Direct Entry, being introduced when the government has unfortunately linked "change" to "cuts." Those who have come in will be faced with people digging in as well as lack of budgets to affect any change.
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    I admire him for actually going back as a Special, from his background (as a previous Special and regular officer), policing is a vocation to him. He is an experienced officer and he will make a difference to the Special Constabulary.
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    Was based in Lambeth. Not long left to join as PC. I can categorically tell you, Lambeth is THE best borough in the met to be a special, hands down. The amount of opportunities available to you are amazing. The SLT there are excellent, always someone available to help you out. They have a weekly drop-in session every wednesday, where Sgt's and Insp's will be available to chat/help with anything and everything. The social aspect of the borough is brilliant, they have two officers who are dedicated to to arranging some decent social events. There's also sports clubs. As for shifts, There are Friday/Saturday night shifts in one of the busiest night time economy areas in London. Trust me when I says these are GREAT fun! Lambeth's Regular SLT have practically given Lambeth MSC that zone to police, unless assistance is requested, you'll barely ever see a regular officer there, as it's policed so well by the MSC and it's now expected of them. Response shifts will be available to you as soon as you hit SOROC (infact they will be expected of you, and you will have to complete a certain number in Lambeth in order to become IPS). There are also daily attachments with the Case Progression Unit, for anybody that want's to look into the investigation side of Policing. There are also daily attachments with Lambeth's Domestic Violence team. As well as the daily attachments, there's always loads of other operations popping up, Lambeth MSC are in quite high demand, and regular skippers are always requesting the extra man power to carry out operations and staff up teams. I started out in a different borough and transferred over and it was definitely the right choice. People will tell you it's a dangerous borough, that's because it is, but there's a great team of people there and lets be honest, we join the job for some fun! EDIT: PM me for more details if you want
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    Their latest update: We apologise for the ‘Ring’ puns today, it’s difficult to break the hobbit. Epic!
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    One of the reasons that some British officers give when emigrating to police in Canada, Australia and New Zealand is that they are sick of policing the drinking culture here and being empowered to wet nurse idiocy and save people from their own behaviour. The "lack of intervention and care" could very well be the culture shock of Britons used to social workers in uniform, meeting actual police "forces" whose job is to keep order and do not have the vaguaries of a "public confidence" political agenda. Personally I think there is a happy medium to be had and we generally achieve it, but we have certainly got distracted.