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  1. GDM

    April intake

    It's all about the Chocomilk.
  2. GDM

    January Starters

    Had the uniform fitting early November (hope it will still fit after Xmas!) Cracking on with the pre-reads. How's it going with you? Geoff.
  3. GDM

    January Starters

    Me too. Start on the 14th.
  4. Hi, I start my Specials training at Hutton on 14th Jan and was wondering if anybody who has completed their training recently could answer a couple of questions I have? 1: Do we get the uniform on the first weekend? If so, will it just be the first Saturday when we're in our own clothes and then the uniform after that? 2: Assuming everything goes well - when it comes to the attestation: is it at Hutton? Is it on a weekend or a weekday? Are family invited? 3: Again, assuming everything goes well - when do we find out where we are based? Thanks, Geoff.
  5. Congrats for the 14th! I'll hopefully be on one of the B weekends in March. We've a holiday booked in Feb and recruitment have said that the weekend that I miss, I can make up for on a B weekend.
  6. Definitely! Start of a new year and potentially, start of a new career. Interesting times. You?
  7. Yeah, had it done early November. Just going through the pre-reads now. Can't wait to start!