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  1. Have done :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone starting soon with BTP? Thought it might be good to reach out and see if anyone is in the same boat :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Would love to work in Glasgow but Perth is my first choice due to my current circumstances. Aye everyone I spoke to said the same as well! Bigger stations with more officers though so will prob take on the bulk of the new intake. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Dunno how they will so it but I'm sure we will get there :-) I've put down for Perth. What about you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well it was Tayside followed by PolisScot! ... Here's hoping - the last bit before its all done. Think they have a date everything has to be done by then they will start reviewing postings and college dates. Seemed to be a lot of people at the fitness test ... Must be a pool system Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi Adam, same boat as you mate minus the medical - got that in 2 weeks time. Will be interested in the replies to this post. I have vetting from a HO force as well so it's all a waiting game. Ross Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Well done doc4eva! Sure you will enjoy it :-) JuneE, there is a good thread on ukpoliceonline BTP forum regarding the new student officer applicants (Scotland) if you are interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. RM88

    BTP Scotland Telephone Interview

    Hello all! I am also an applicant for Student Officer 2016 intake. Passed shortlisting as well and the telephone interview came as a bit of a surprise. Got mine tomorrow. Unfortunately due to work i was unable to attend the recruitment event last month so feel like I am a bit on the back foot. Good luck :-)
  9. RM88


    I did not say anything about buying them in a shop. As what Model2003 said try them on then order them online. Seems like the common sense response to me. No point ordering them online just to send them back. I would personally wait a bit your into the training before buying them. I have not found army surplus stores to be the best. I would look in the likes of Slaters or even Sports World in the Overgate where I got my new pair (Reasonable price too).
  10. RM88


    Go to the shop and try them on.
  11. RM88

    Civi Ride along?

    I have known Street Crime UK etc go out with Tayside before so I don't see why not. After all it is a project for another emergency service. I would contact the Inspector of the Crime Reduction Unit and explain what you propose to do as it is a bit more than a civvy ride along. Unfortunately none of us are qualified to give a definitive answer. Best of luck with your project.
  12. RM88


    Think it is best to speak to recruiting and ask. If it has been paid then I don't seeing it being as much of a problem for you, but you will need to check as only a recruitment officer can give you a difinative answer. Best of luck Ross
  13. RM88

    First shift

    Afternoon special peeps, how did your first shift go? Where are you going all planning to work from. I was Lochee on Friday (For the change) and found it difficult to get a radio due to the amount of Specials out!
  14. RM88

    First shift

    Wouldnt worry too much, there will be loads of cops and stewards there. If I remember correctly it is Tanadice street rather than the Sandeman Street side of the stadium.
  15. RM88

    First shift

    Phone up the station and let them know when you want to go out is the easist way to do things. Ross
  16. RM88


    Personally I think today went really well, I was quite surprised personally by how confident everyone was whilst dealing with us kicking off! Sorry for those who were on the recieving end of my verbal battering! Ive just been counting the bruises I have recieved from your lot quelling my disturbance! Ross
  17. RM88

    Finaly application away:)

    From the email we got sent regarding it there was no mention of Standard entrence tests (SETs) being introduced. The new elements include a fitness test, critical thinking test and a group exersise. I think the fitness test is over due as you will be running at somepoint no doubt!
  18. RM88


    Hahaha yeah finished at 0330 which was a nice bonus - you were looking half dead when you left 2 lol ... I'm sure Darren has some sort of plan to where you are going to be placed esp with the new boundary changes of sections. Let us know where you are going to be
  19. RM88


    That was a rodger! Im sure you noticed
  20. RM88


    Well stu! Im sure there was good points from each of the senaros! Yes I did steal one of your quotes "legs as ..." but "Meh poor wee lamb" got included in there 2 lol. Think Nicole gets a rough time with people being domestic towards her Currently and hopefully be remaining at the CCPO. Well now there is 4 sections to choose from, Section 1 is the City Centre Police Office along with Baluniefield and is both now a substation of Maryfield. Im unsure of how this will work for new specials. Think you may pitch up at the main section station such as Maryfield and then get placed with some1 who is needing a double up. There is only 4 beats down the City Centre now. Think you need 2 check what to do, but im sure Darren will keep you right with your first shift.
  21. RM88


    Yup, I was the one being domestic - think Nicole was more violent and breachy on average but I got the jail more often!! Each group got a different but similar senaero, however each one involved a good deal of shouting! I was told the delivery guy at baluniefield was wondering what was going on with us roaring our heads off at each other lol. It was the same set up as the past few years and probs is the best part of the training apart from OST!
  22. RM88

    2nd intake of the year ?

    Rodger - will do
  23. RM88

    2nd intake of the year ?

    It is strongly advised that you speak to a police officer before your interview - its good for showing initiative and helps confirm with the interviewers that you know what you are applying for. If from Dundee it is best to go to one of the sub-stations to speak to an officer like the CCPO, Lochee, Maryfield etc. PM me if you want contact info. The interview shouldnt be anything to worry about too much, as long as you are right to become a Special Constable and you know what you are applying for. Sure you will be fine! Best thing ive ever signed up to do - always vaired, dont know what is going to happen next and still very exciting (sometimes scary -but exciting and rarely boring!)
  24. Best of luck! You will have a great time. Think it is shocking however thats me a year today since I started!
  25. RM88

    Tayside uniform

    It will most likely be near the end of your training but you will be given guidence on this from Peter. We were told on our intake that you are not a police officer until you have been sworn in therefore you will not get the uniform until near the end, which makes a lot of sense! It consists of a lot including a couple pairs of trousers and t-shirts etc which is good. I remember the excitement but at this stage uniform should be the last thing on your mind! I would love to do the training again, it was great! Good luck