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W200 - Exam

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Don't know why it takes me nearly a month to remember to post in here, must be old age (oy! stop laughing at the back).

Well after cramming the last two modules into a week of study I was finally ready for the exam. Got there in plenty of time so was stood outside freezing my nips off chatting to some of the people off my tutorial group (only a few of us, the rest were taking exams at different centres) and trying not to run back to my car to have a last minute read of my revision cards (revision cards, quite possibly the best invention ever).

Went in, sat down, eventually got the exam sheet, waited a bit longer (itching to open the paper) and then it started. Noticed a few empty seats (would you miss the exam if you paid a sizeable amount for the course?)

3 hours, 4 questions, can't remember a thing about it now except I'm reasonably certain I've done OK. Unless I've missed something completely obvious on all of the questions I don't imagine I'll fail, just a case of waiting to see how good, or bad, the result is.

The 20 points I dropped on TMA 6 will hurt the final result, best I can get now is a Grade 2. Unless they lower the boundaries (does happen occassionally, depending on the average of everyone on the course) in which case it's feasible I might scrape a Grade 1...

Well according to the OU website I should get my results on the 16th of December. Here's hoping...

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