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Well what a day it has been.I have had an awful lot of my beliefs challenged today. First of all the horrific events in London, and then rather less dramatic the Dispatches programme on C4 tonight.London - I have made no secret of my dislike of the increasingly draconian Anti Terror legislation that has been appearing recently, yet todays events brings home what it is all about. Saving lives. I cannot adequately express the deep loathing i feel towards those responsible for the attacks. Yet some small part of me also feels some resentment towards our Government for getting us so closely involved with the US in Iraq etc, and so making us that bit more attractive to the terrorist fanatics of the world. I just hope that any response is proportionate and reasonable. "Trying to find reasonable solutions to deal with unreasonable people" was one quote that has stuck in my mind all day.C4 Dispatches - All about an undercover supply teacher..she went into some of the worst schools in the country and we saw some truly shocking behaviour. Well, shocking to me anyway. I honestly did not realise exactly what some of our teachers are up against. The worst school by far was Highbury Grove....where one senior teacher wonders if the schools lack of clearly defined boundaries of what is and isn't acceptable is a contributing factor to the appalling behaviour within the school. I found myself thinking "Well DUH!!" The final school was one of the most improved in the country, and not far from Highbury Grove. They have a strict clearly defined set of acceptable boundaries, and pretty much a zero tolerance policy towards misbehaviour. The difference is remarkable, even taking into account the fact that the school is a Catholic All Boys school.I am now wondering if maybe that is what is lacking in many many schools/homes...a clearly defined idea of what is and isn't acceptable? All in all, today has left me with a distinct sense of unease, in the respect that i find myself wondering if some of my attitudes and beliefs are "too soft", and whether things would generally improve in society if a tougher stance was taken?Can't say i am going to convert into a Mail reading right of centre'ist just yet....but i certainly am having to re-evaluate what i do think about certain things..... :p

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It gives me (for one) no real pleasure to see these comments, despite our frequent heated arguments in the past regarding 'soft liberalish' approach posts containing nothing more than cut-and-paste comments from said social commentators and academics, rather than any solutions from the poster himself.

We've been saying what you are now turning over in your mind for so long now. Yet we have always been branded as the ones in the wrong, the uptight ones, the Dail Mail right-leaning hang 'em and flog 'em brigade which is far from the truth which perhaps Boromir, is finally dawning on you. We want to see a just and fair society as much as anyone, this isn't going to be achieved by what is happening in society which you have just seen for yourself.

How many arguments have we put to you for firm treatment, and for society, through its police and other bodies, to say no, this behaviour is unacceptable and for which you will now be punished - to which we have just been treated to more cut-and-paste articles from child (and other) psychologists with no real rational behind your own reasoning?

Nonetheless, Boromir, a fascinating Blog and one that has genuinely interested me.

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