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End of first weeks training summary 24/11/12



I thought I'd provide an entry on what I've covered in training throughout my first week so people can understand what training we actually do as CPO's.

Day 1: Taught by Police Sgt.

We used this day as an introduction to the role and the people we'll train with. We covered each others background and interests and then looked into the structure of Nottinghamshire Police and Nottingham City Council. We toured the station and met the different departments that we will be talking to for help of things we attend on the streets and also have the opportunity to shadow and work with them on our shifts.

Day 2: Taught by external security.

Day two was ran by a external security company with more experience than i can think about! We were introduced to basic skills of what we will learn and a basic lesson on the signing on and off and the Police radio system.

Day 3: Taught by external security.

This was a day based around radio work, we used the radios and practiced using them to report incidents whilst they are happening. The afternoon was a foot patrol role play in a local area to get us used to what we will be doing most of our time on duty. We managed to borrow a Community centre as shelter as the weather was terrible! We took it in turns, 4 people at a time to do the role play patrols whilst the rest waiting indoors. This centre was open that day to people with special needs, and so we managed to spend 2 hours talking to them about our roles, what we can do for them and letting them try on our hats etc. This was great, and as a result we were offered shelter and hot drinks when ever we were in the area which means we had established a great link within in the community for those of us who are to be based around there. (I think by talking to the people who had special needs and getting involved whilst we were actually killing time for our training, we gave them an idea of how we are working with them and we all left with smiles on our faces because of the time we spent there...i think this was more effective than our role play!)

Day 4: Taught by external security and Police Sgt.

This was with the external company again and we covered basic uniform care, patrol skills, and basic stuff we need whilst out there. The afternoon was spent back at the station learning how to use the computer systems and the different resources available... this was brilliant to myself that was a member of the public at the start of the week to learn how many resources police and ourselfs have!

Day 5: Taught by external security.

This was a day of self defence by the external company as they do close protection for celebs and Royal family on occasions. They covered basic Police stuff as well as more advanced and effective ways to take away the threat immediately as we don't have ASP's or CS to protect ourselfs.

Overall thought on training: Brilliant! We are very underestimated in what we are trained by the public because we are not police.. if anything we're more trained than police in self defence etc because of us always coming across things on patrol! Also found out our job is part of the current legislation in parliament and so we have better funding than Police, which is great...but also think Police are being let down as they are after all the first response to the incidents! Safe to say we all are in pain today from the Self defence training and we are thankful of a weekend off!

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Furthermore to the entry on Day 5:Self defence.

We also tried the moves out on each other, both male and female to establish the instinct into how we needed to vary the pressure/ speed to the person's size, strength and gender. This also proved great team building as we all bonded and has a great laugh as we were getting so close and personal to people we wouldn't normally have!

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