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House of Commons

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Just back from another interesting trip - House of Commons this time and although I've dropped off and picked up a number of times outside, this was my first trip inside.

We arrived in plenty of time so he insisted we grab some 'fresh air?!' and exercise while killing some time on the Embankment; we took a nice 'Spooks Stroll' down past MI6, over Vauxhall bridge and back up Millbank past Thames House towards Parliament before settling in Victoria Tower Gardens to watch the boats pass.

After fighting through all the Japanese tourists outside the Cromwell Green entrance and getting photographed by them as we walked down the long stainless ramp I was surprised by how many security guys they could squeeze into such a small security station. After getting our mugshots badged and passing through security, we settled in the 'coffee shop', an impressive space under a beautiful old vaulted ceiling.

We then killed some time looking over the Westminster Hall, St Stephen's Hall and Central Lobby before making our way to the Committee Rooms (and it was nice to see them supporting British Industry, Dyson Airblade dryers in the Gents :) )

I caught up with a few guys I've not seen in a while, while the meeting was underway, and was introduced to a few new guys too – networking is an essential skill in CP, it's never what you know but who you know and our bosses have a tendency to want things done, access arranged or needs met in an instant, the best way to achieve this is through local contacts and favours.

The meeting went well by the look on everyone’s faces and we stopped off for a 'House of Commons' Scarf for Mrs Boss at the massively overpriced gift stand of St Stephen's Hall (he can afford it though I guess)

And then we were off home again – quick visit but glad I went, it's a hugely impressive building in the flesh.

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